Date: 29 Oct 2010


ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION BUT A MURDEROOUS IDEOLOGY. //////////// The Muslims, professing Islam would NEVER have destroyed a church or a temple and had they been followers of a RELIGION they would never have demanded separate country out of India to be made an ISLAMIC Republic (Pakistan) and having got their wish fulfilled, they would never have MASSACRED two million non Muslims and forced 15 million out of their homes.////////// One can judge for himself whether Islam is a religion that has PEACE as its biggest element or SEPARATIST, INTOLERANT, AGGRESSIVE AND SAVAGE Ideology. /////////// ======== In a message dated 29/10/2010 03:57:24 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXX writes: October 19, 2010 U.S. affirms Islam is a religion; Murfreesboro mosque can proceed Justice Department responds to lawsuit against project 000000000