Date: 29 Oct 2010


Wed, 27 Oct 2010 //////////////// . . . . RAUL VINCI == RAHUL GANDHI . . .////////////// . On 11 Aug, Dr. Subramanian Swami issued a press note, which was not published in any of the Indian media. His statement makes interesting reading:////////////// "While abroad recently I was informed by my reliable sources that of the Rs 40000 crores spent to date on Commonwealth Games preparation about Rs 15000 crores have gone as bribes under cover of payments to consultants and contractors. The recipient of the largest share of the bribe delivered in London is Rahul Gandhi. In London Mr Gandhi is known under an alias as Raul Vinci. The Indian High Commission employee in London who has denied his letter of recommendation now, acts as a valet for Mr Gandhi whenever he visits London, which is at least once a month. Mr Gandhi is accompanied by his undeclared wife, Colombian girl Veronique." ////////////// 000000000