Date: 30 Oct 2010


http://www.dnaindia.com/opinion/comment_mr-obama-do-you-have-real-business-to-talk-with-us_1457914#comments /////////////// Third, we should insist on the need to split Pakistan into many more countries in the interests of world peace. ------------------- A good point. /////////// Pakistan right now is indeed a threat to world peace. She is most unstable country with violent blood stained roots at birth through caesarian operation of 1947 when she was taken out of BODY of India covered in blood of two million innocent citizens who were massacred as if to curse the newborn state at its very birth. ////////// Nearly half of her infancy (63 years) she has been driven by stick and gun of military rulers. The democracy today is on very shaky grounds. A country with Constitution based on Koran cannot be secular or a democracy. Every day the tally of murders and assassinations is reaching world record. Giving independence to its components is one good suggestion. /////////// This is the best way out for the artificially patched up mosaic of Pakistan. Her provinces speak different languages, have different historical background, cultural and social customs, and if Islam & Koran join them then we saw how East Pakistran kicked that bogus union based on Islam & Koran, and went her own separate way. ////////// What have the Baloch got in common with the Punjabis and what have the Sindhis got in common with the Pathans of NORTH WEST and Waziristan? ////////// All of them will get busy in their OWN affairs instead of exporting terrorism from one province to another and all being driven by the stick of ONE dictator or some feudal lords whose wealth is invested abroad along with big mansions. ////////// These Pakistani rulers are like those feudal lords who used to live in Europe in the 15th Century AD.//////////// It is most likely that one of them will soon cast off the suffocating "dog collar" of Islam and call itself PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC. ///////////// So how about Secular Republic of Sindh, Democratic Republic of Balochistan, People's Progressive Republic of Punjab and Sunni Republic of NWFP (now Pakhtoon Khwa)? //////////////// Then one or two could develop bilateral relations with Bharat and benefit from free trade and tourist traffic. ///////////// But they are "welcome" to turn away from reason, logic, common sense and sanity and go on killing themselves, starting with the Hindus, then the Sikhs, then the Christians, then the Jews, then the Shia, then the Sunnis, then the intellectuals, then the writers and thinkers, then the eunuchs, then the atheists, then the female teachers and midwives, then the homo-sexuals, then the imbecile, and so on, till none is left alive like Hitler's NAZIS. //////// 30 Oct 10 =============///////// 000000000