Date: 31 Oct 2010


In a message dated 31/10/2010 23:37:43 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxx.com writes: 2.7 billion USD, no big deal !! but do add's up in Daud financial assets... /////////// anyways a far bigger threat is islamic banking in india, then 2.7 billion USD that can be curbed with proper economical policies.. ////////// anyways what is Manmohan, the economist is doing for that ? allowing the banking system that funded partition and civil wars in many countries, including India's very own partition ... ////////////// sorry dude, but must say that there is something more evil going on india, tolerated under tag 'multiculturalism', when all know that multiculturalism has failed back duirng pagan reich, and is again failing all over... ////////// one civil law for all, is that so much difficult to recite by nationalist lobby in india ? But no, they want to create Rama Rajya.. /////////// http://news.rediff.com/slide-show/2010/oct/26/slide-show-1-fake-money-worth-rs-120000000000000-in-india.htm ///////////// Please see the above link and view it and read it. ///////////// India is in great danger of loosing its independence. Muslims are buying all property in India with fake money. /////////// I have talked to my relatives who own businesses and they tell me that fake money is a routine problem and very annoying. With no help from govt. people either pass it on or accept the loss. /////////// This is the main reason that inflation particularly in property area is very very high and nowhere you can support it with income even of professional of India. ////////// If you are investing in India, a day may come when your stock can become worthless not because the company fails but because the value of currency would go down so much. /////////// Pakistan has been pumping fake money in India for last 30 years - this is another form of warfare they have mastered beside terrorism. They take money from US and buy arms and give it to Taliban and Al Qaida and kill American solders.///////////// There wont be end of terrorism without end of Pakistan. //////////// Be prepared to fight. /////// 000000000