Date: 31 Oct 2010


In a message dated 31/10/2010 15:31:55 GMT Standard Time, writes: I just hope Arundhati sees it too. //////////// I read little about her today. She is a appeaser and peace loving(=Coward). She is a shameful person. She also criticized US for attaching Afghanistan. //////////////// I heard someone predicting India will split in 10-15 years. This makes me wonder about that. I think there are lot silent associates (indians) of this women who probably will agree to let go Kashmir for so called peace. Once that happens there will be no end and these people will be emboldened.////////// God Bless Indians. /////////////// ------------------------------------------------------------ But God neither blessed India in 1947 nor will He bless India now. God is not on the side of COWARDS and the CONFUSED. //////////// You are right! To many Indians it will not matter if Kashmir goes./////////////// It did not matter IN THE LEAST when Lahore, Nankana Sahib and entire East Bengal went. /////////// Such INDIANS are worse than rotting apples that are not given even to the animals to eat. Such Indians are as many on earth as there are stars in the sky. How many Indians think of PARTITION while celebrating "Independence"? /////////////// Those who are supposed to be DEFENDERS of this India are in fact the TARGET of this government of "ITALY, DYNASTY AND ISLAM" that is ruling Hindusthan (Partitioned Indian Secular State). /////////// Arundhati is a "child of turmoil" whose entire EDUCATION was during Congress Raj. What about the grandparents and the entire Cabinet of "midgets" and the Supreme Commander who walk a mile BEHIND the Italian born import of BOFORS CHOR in order to show respect & loyalty? ///////////// 1 Nov 10////////// ====== 000000000