Date: 04 Nov 2010


HELPING WORLD’S BIGGEST KILLER MACHINE CALLED PAKISTAN. /////////// ISLAMIC PAKISTAN, born through caesarean operation of (Mother) India in pools of blood, two million “INFIDELS” slaughtered and 15 million forced out of country to make room for moron "Mohammeds" to give them homes, farms, fields, shops, factories, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, all once owned, managed and run by Infidels up to 1947, the year the world, even India, has conveniently forgotten. ////////// Instead of doing vigorous family planning, i.e., CONTROLLING numbers like the CHINESE, the Pakistanis have been competing with the “pigs and rabbits” to produce and produce and produce, enjoying the Allah-given permission to have one, two, three, even four wives EACH, not content with one like the rest of us. //////////// The result is teaming millions, overcrowding, burden on resources, housing and jobs, neglect of education, especially of girls’, neglect of industry, neglect of law & order, fraud in taxation system, and finally, neglect of river dams and reservoirs in order to control floods. ////////// With regard to MISCHEIF on global scale, Pakistan was No. 1 in ethnic cleansing in 1947, and now NO. 1 in export of SUICIDE BOMBERS to the west. The four bombers who wrecked underground trains and a bus in London on July 7, 2005, were all “proud” Pakistanis. ////////// The British Home Minister has warned us of the Pakistanis, born and “educated” in Britain, going off to Somalia, Afghanistan and even Pakistan to train as Jehadis to kill the NATO soldiers in Afghanistan and come back to launch murderous attacks in England and America. //////////// When the Red Cross sent me a letter appealing for aid for the Pakistani flood victims, my spontaneous reaction was, “NO WAY!” ///////////// Yes, NO WAY, will I send a penny knowing fully well that today's 20 million displaced destitute MOHAMMEDS match exactly the number of Infidels the Pakistanis KILLED or FORCED out of their homes, in 1947. //////// In the illegally occupied homes of those law abiding, hard working and honest Infidels (KAFIRS) they have been reading the Koran, “Written in Arabia by the Arabs, for the Arabs!”, doing the “namaz” and wishing us all DEAD. /////////// Within weeks of Partition they set fire to our beautiful country, creating millions of widows, some as young as 19 or 20, orphans, including new born babies and infants, and refugees, including the old, the infirm and the sick, out of the once happy families. They all cursed Mohammed and his Islam as long as they lived. /////////// We were proud natives of India and our own ancient civilisation and religion did not resemble the rough and crude ideological cactus from Arabia called “Islam” even remotely. ////////// By the way, when the floods were at their worst the President of Pakistan was enjoying five star life style in France and later in England, inspecting his expensive mansions and meeting his stooges living abroad who waited for crumbs from the modern day Sultan. ////////// Back home in Pakistan even those NOT affected by floods are crying due to corruption of rulers, red tape from top to bottom, shortages of food, medicines, electricity, clean water and ceaseless waves of murder and assassinations from Karachi to Peshawar and the abduction, rape and forced marriages of very young girls with old men who wish to outdo their Prophet in the number of wives they can have for sexual gratification and reproduction. ////////// The Canadian writer (below) has mentioned the huge and expensive arsenal at the disposal of Pakistan. Against whom? Neither India nor Afghanistan, nor even China or Russia, have any intention of invading Pakistan in order to feed the starving homeless millions. ////////// The truth is that it is Pakistan who wishes to invade Kashmir and destabilise Afghanistan while helping Iran to annihilate Israel. ////////// There is a State in India, one of the twenty-nine, called "UTTER PRADESH" or UP... It has a population of some 180,000,000. That is MORE than the population of Pakistan. If it were a separate country, Uttar Pradesh would be the world's fifth most populous nation, next only to China, India, the United States of America and Indonesia. ////////// Now ask anyone, “Has someone from U.P. ever launched an attack on neighbouring Nepal or Bihar, trained JEHADIS or sent SUICIDE BOMBERS to New Delhi, London or America to kill and destroy? Has any female student from there tried to kill a British Member of Parliament while he was seeing his constituents in his surgery? /////////// Are the American drones dropping bombs on centres of mischief there? Are NATO forces viewing the prospect of landing in U.P. to tame the wild JEHADIS? /////////// U.P., too, has the mighty Ganges and Jamuna rivers and scores of other rivers flowing through it. Ever heard of the kind of great biblical floods that have displaced TWENTY MILLION in Pakistan? Every penny that was to have been spent to build dams, schools and factories in the last 63 years, has gone into the pockets of her rulers. /////////// We say, “Vacate your aggression and DISSOLVE your Pakistan first. There should be NO Pakistan in 2011 as there was NONE in 1941. Then apologize to all the victims of ISLAMIC violence in India since 712 AD. ////////// “NOT A PENNY, unless you send ISLAM & KORAN back to Arabia and promise to treat the Infidels as YOU would wish to be treated by the Infidels. Sounds reasonable and logical? Then DO it, Mohammed.” ////////// 4 Nov 10 ///////// ======== ////////// A Canadians' Perspective By Patrice Lagacé ////////// La Presse /////////// Montréal ///////// Before talking about the disaster in Pakistan, I would like to tell you about this marvelous “killing machine” called F-16. You know what an F-16 is, don’t you? Well, it’s one of the most popular fighter planes in the world. ////////// They cost approximately $40 million each. And of course, during its lifetime, it will have cost one and half the purchase price for maintenance, repairs and windshield washer – you wouldn’t believe the insane price of each can of windshield washer that these toys use. ///////////// So, coming back to the disaster in Pakistan. Terrible! If we weren’t talking about a muslim country, we could refer to the flooding as being of biblical proportions: 20,000,000 disaster victims. Just appalling. /////////////// Over the last two or three days we’ve been hearing voices accusing the West - Canada and United States - of a lack of generosity towards a very seriously afflicted Pakistan. ////////// People are being told off in Canada, France and Great-Britain. ////////// In yesterdays' La Presse, my colleague, Marie-Claude Malboeuf, mentioned that a humanitarian coalition had barely collected $200,000 for Pakistan whereas, during the same period of time, a phenomenal sum of $3,600,000 was collected for Haitians after the earthquake that devastated their country. ///////// The NGO (non-governmental organizations) are “stamping their feet.” They are getting impatient. They are clamoring of catastrophe and cholera. The most tragic thing is that they are probably right. /////////// Internationally, the UNO has collected only 40% of the 460 million dollars needed for urgent aid. Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister of England, has berated the international community for its stinginess: “The reaction of the international community is deplorable.” ////////// But I’m extrapolating. I was talking about the F-16. Quite recently, a country acquired a brand new fleet of twenty or so of these fantastic killers in the air. /////////// Which country was this now? ////////// Yep, PAKISTAN. //////////// Before going any further, I’m warning you: the writer of this article is a naïve journalist. A naïve journalist who admits it candidly and who wants to know: If Pakistan had $1.4 billion to acquire fighter planes from Lockheed very recently, why doesn’t Pakistan have $460 million to help its own “drenched” citizens? //////////// I apologize to the Red Cross, to CARE, to Oxfam and other non-governmental organizations, but I, for one, will not give one red penny towards the humanitarian relief in Pakistan. /////////// I will NOT give a penny to help Pakistan because Pakistan never had any problem buying military equipment or getting financial help to buy some. /////////////// I don’t mind helping Haiti, a small country that has nothing except corrupted rulers. I don’t mind giving for help to Africa; it’s the least I can do. //////////// I will not give to Pakistan as I will not give to the New Orleans fishermen who have lost their source of income since the oil disaster caused by BP in the Gulf of Mexico. ///////////// Zachary Richard, a Cajun singer from New Orleans, is going to produce, with the help of many Quebecois singers, a CD of which the profits will be given to the New Orleans fishermen. Then, they’re planning a charity concert. Concerts are very nice. Musical charity is very nice too. And I do sympathize with the New Orleans fishermen. /////////// But here again, it’s your naïve journalist who is talking. I wonder why I should give one penny to the inhabitants of the richest country in the history of humanity, whose source of income was annihilated by a giga-multinational company with a market valuation of $120 billion US, and belonging to one of the most lucrative industries – energy – on this planet. ////////////// It seems to me that the United States of America, that BP, that the energy industry have enough money to compensate the New Orleans fishermen and their families and the offspring of their families until 2060, at least. /////////// But let’s come back to PAKISTAN. On July 19th, the New York Times published a condemning article on the tax system of Pakistan. ////////// A banana republic tax system, where the rich concocted a way to avoid paying taxes. /////////// I’m not talking about not paying a little income tax… I’m talking about total tax evasion. I’m talking about a country where 10 million people should be paying taxes, but only 2.5 million do. And all of this is legal. The rich managed to come up with a plan which dispenses them from paying taxes. ////////// The New York Times mentioned that average worth of Pakistani parliamentarians is $900,000. Nawaz Sharif, the Opposition leader, and a millionaire hasn’t, for his part, paid any income taxes in 2005, 2006 and 2007. //////////// “This system favours elitists, (a system by elitists for elitists)," says Riyaz Hussein Naqvi, a Pakistani retired public servant who worked as a tax collector for 38 years. "It is a distorted system in which the poor pays for the rich.”//////////// What The Times did not mention but which you probably already know – I know that you read the international news in dailies with great interest – is that Pakistan already has nuclear arms. In fact, it owns countless nuclear missiles. ////////// So, if I recap all this… //////////// Pakistan is an oligarchy (a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes) which exempts the rich from paying income tax. Pakistan has money to buy F-16s. Pakistan has money to keep an atomic arsenal capable of destroying half the planet! ///////// I am not that naïve after all… Pakistan has the means to help its own people. ////////// Note from Pierre (the fellow who sends this article around): /////////// If I remember well, on September 11th 2001, when the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed by terrorists; yes, I do remember very well having seen live television coverage showing adults and children from Iran, Jordan, Pakistan and other muslim countries, dancing in the streets and having a whale of a time because the United States had been touched right in the heart. They were elated because thousands of Americans were killed. ////////// Well, now that they’re in deep sh.., they ask for our help! And what will they do to us in five years, in ten years? //////////// NO, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.////////// __________________ 000000000