Date: 05 Nov 2010


LIGHT (DIWALI) IN BHARAT, BOMB BLAST IN PAKISTAN////////////// "THE BLANKET (ISLAM) WON'T LET GO OF ME. I CAN'T GET RID OF ISLAM! ///////////////// The noble KAFIR who was born in what is now Pakistan cannot detach himself from the soil where he grew up and from where he was separated by brutal force. His reflections on those he had to say, "good bye" to, are embedded deep in his thoughts and writings. He feels anger over the treachery and brutality of attack by Muslim fellow citizens but at the same time pity for the people there whose ancestors had Islam thrust on them after India was enslaved by Muslims. He compares the freedoms of thought and action and women's status in India with the violence and frustrations in Pakistan. What is the way to sanity for the Pakistanis? It makes him sad to see them trapped in the Islamic cage for ever. Can they liberate themselves? Nations struggle to free themselves from POLITICAL bondage but they do not struggle to cast off the chains of Islamic slavery. ISLAM will NOT let go of them even if they felt disgust in it. /////////////// We all know the story of the drowning man who saw a black blanket afloat on water. He grabbed it to save his life. It turned out to be a bear.//////////// INDIAN MUSLIMS saw ISLAM from Arabia as their saviour and attacked their own land of birth, Hindusthan, to take out PAKISTAN. But it turned out to be a KILLER MACHINE. ////////////// WHO IS KEEPING A TALLY OF THE MUSLIMS (yes, MUSLIMS) KILLED, MASSACRED, ABDUCTED, BEHEADED. MAIMED OR RAPED BY FELLOW MUSLIMS (yes, MUSLIMS) IN THE MOHAMMED'S VERY OWN ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN? ///////////// Today, Friday, 5 November 2010, a suicide bomber, A VERY "GOOD" MUSLIM who wants democracy to be introduced in Islamabad and MECCA, killed 50 (FIFTY) and wounded 100 in a packed mosque in North West Pakistan. Among the DEAD and the MAIMED was not one Kafir and not one female. Kafirs and females have lucky escape from all these deadly blasts in mosques. ////////////// "MAY ALLAH GIVE YOU MORE ISLAM, MORE ISLAM AND EVEN MORE ISLAM TILL YOU ALL DIE. /////////////// "Upon you and your MECCA and MEDINA in Saudi Arabia, and KARBALA in Irak, there are the CURSES OF MILLIONS upon millions of innocent KAFIRS killed or displaced from their own homes in PAKISTAN in 1947." ////////////// Cowardly Hindusthan under the BOOT OF "ITALY & ISLAM" may not dare to remember but the VICTIMS cannot forget the "BEASTS IN ISLAMIC FORM" so long as they live. //////////////// In the neighboring States of GUJARAT, RAJASTHAN and EAST PUNJAB that did not go under the ISLAMIC sledge hammer there is freedom and peace. ///////////////// Mandirs and gurdwaras are full of singing congregations including women and children. //////////////// "YOU CURSED PAKISTANIS (former INDIANS), YOU CANNOT JOIN THEM UNLESS YOUR EYES OPEN." //////////////// Diwali Day (5 Nov) 2010 ============================ 000000000