Date: 09 Nov 2010


VALUABLE COMMENT ON OBAMA'S REJECTION OF MANDIR OR GURDWARA WHILE IN INDIA. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ CORDOBAMAHUMAYUTOMB - CORDOBA MA HUMAYU TOMB\\\\\\\\\\ Mr Presidentís Visit to India reminds me of many things at a glance. And I meant to connect the dots now that he has exited Land of Rishies and Avatars. Cordoba Ma Humayu Tomb - in Gujarati means Humayu Tomb in Cordoba, itís a new abbreviation I made from CORDoba OBAma HUsain and HUmayu Tomb, for the Presidents only visit to Humayu Tomb which no other foreign dignitaries ever made. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Cordoba was captured by Muslim army in 711 and was made the Caliphate of Damascus by 716. A giant mosque, known to Muslims as Great Mosque of Cordoba, has a significance of Victory over Christians in Europe. The mosque name near ground zero of 9/11 attack at world trade center, was carefully chosen to represent the same sign of victory over America, yet another Christian nation as per Islamic Countries. Mr. President is supporting this Cordoba initiative in New York, and there is an uproar in America about that as we all know. Perhaps this would not have been an issue if the name chosen was different, but the choice of name is significant of the future developments in that place and hence it was inappropriate. \\\\\\\\\\\ Humayu, on other end was the first invader in India who had the dream to rule India from Delhi, and was not a looter as other Muslim Invaders. Humayu Tomb in Land of Rishies has the same or similar significance in India as a victory sign over Hindus. Or at least this realization dawned upon me when President selected this site from all the other glorious sites in India. Humayu family which ruled different parts of India for over 500 years, converting millions of Hindus to Islam and enslaved millions of women as slaves or Kanij for their carnal desires over 100s of years and still are doing so in many parts of India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. Presidentís last visit to India is significant in the sense of his visit of Humayu Tomb. I do not remember, any foreign dignitaries who has visited this monument and paid respect in terms of admiration. Taj Mahal, being one of the wonders of the world, and so called Symbol of Love, is definitely visited by many. But Humayu Tomb ? What was the message Mr. President was trying to convey? In the parliamentary speech he spoke at length of Indian History and her contributions to the world. The Speech Writer and his personal Advisors of Indian History must have made him aware of Humayu and his vision which brought forth 500 years of Islamic rule to India. It was but natural for Obama and his Islamic decent to pay homage to the first Muslim Invader of India. Here in India, there is no Soudi King that he can bow to and he never ducks to the Queens and Kings of other countries. India an 85% Hindu country, and He did not choose to visit any of the great temples, but chose to visit only the Islamic Monuments gives rise to many disturbing questions. Was he trying to tell the Muslims of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan to have the vision of Humayu? And not fight for small territories like Kashmir ? Was he trying to remind them of their glorious past? In Indonesia if he can go and visit a mosque, why not a Hindu/Sikh/Jain/Buddhist temple in India? What is cooking in his blatant rejection of Golden Temple, when the PM of India himself is a Sikh. He owes his Presidency to Mahatma Gandhi, but never thought of visiting Ahmadabad or Porbandar? Were they just sweet words for gullible Hindus? Since if he meant it then it would have shown in his action. Even American Media, criticized his inability to condemn Jihad. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Politicians who were drooling over the mesmerizing presence of the President of the Most Powerful Country on Earth, must dissect his every action and inaction. Mr. Obama is a great speaker and he would not lie when he speaks or acts but definitely fool you in many words. Somewhere in his speech he would leave a sentence or two about what he intends to do. Just like in America, all through his presidential election he was very clear in what he wanted to do if he gets elected. People did not realize and now they are criticizing him for not doing anything regarding the CHANGE he so much spoke about. I do not blame him a bit, since everything he does today, whether we like it or not, he never kept Americans in dark about his agenda. They just chose to overlook his association with like of Jermiah Wright, Mr. Khan of Islamic Nation, Mr Bomber, and his friendship with the Don of Chicago who helped him buy the backyard of his house. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The message is clear in his visit of India, he wants to promote Muslims in India and gives two hoots to the foolish hindus, who can be bought by a small keychain of Hanuman or saying Bahut Dhanyvaad, or Jai Hind. In Delhi he could have visited the glorious Swaminaryan Mandir, and earned a large vote bank here in America. But he bothered less, the agenda was clear - boost the Nation of Islam and tell Muslims that he cares for them more then anyone else. After all what brothers are for? Humayu Tomb is now a new Victory Symbol over Hindus by Islamic Forces and a new history is already written by his visit. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000