Date: 19 Nov 2010


Sir,\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ I congratulate Dawn Turner ("Bromsgrove Standard", Nov 17, 2010) for representing the deep hurt of this nation due to the insult inflicted by some deranged Muslims to the millions of soliders, not only British, who fought and died in all wars for our liberties. \\\\\\\\ Among them were countless Indians. On Thursday 11th. inst., I was at YPRES to pay my personal respect to their memory and laid a poppy & cross at the war cemetary there. \\\\\\\\\ I read the names of many brave SIKH soldiers of the Indian Army who are immortalised by the plaques bearing their names and regiments. \\\\\\\\\\ We hope the British public opinion is strong enough to ensure the return of such demented persons to their countries of origin. \\\\\\\\\\ 19 Nov 10\\\\\\\\\\\ ================== 000000000