Date: 24 Nov 2010


In a message dated 24/11/2010 19:06:20 GMT Standard Time, writes: We thank JP's firm stand. Today it is youth who are bearing the most burden and Lok Satta should be congratulated for seizing this opportunity to invigorate the youth and not allowing the issue to obfuscated with other issues. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ While all parties are engaging in shameful corruption, let us have clarity that the corruption was started by Congress Party under Nehru family, particularly Indira Gandhi onwards. Starting from Nehru iron grip on power and fostering his daughter, India ended up with an oligarchy within Indian democracy that is today eating away at the vitals of the country and forcing half of the 1.2 billion people living in poverty. Indira Gandhi made whole country and its institutions bent and twisted for the sake of one family rule. In 2001, Swiss magazine Sweizer Illustrie published how Rajiv Gandhi had 2 billion dollars in Swiss banks (see proof below). They were in the pay roll of KGB. However, all this has taken a dangerous trend under Sonia Gandhi whose actions have been recorded from the time she entered India (detailed proof given). The shamelessness she is pursuing to amass wealth and ensure that the wealth can be used to buy MPs even if they lose elections to install her son Rahul as next PM is costing every Indian and India's institution dearly. While British ruled India with only about 100,000 for 200 years, India is today is ruled by 10 or 15 odd families, starting with the queen of corruption Sonia Gandhi and her family. The article, 'Greedy Sonia' from India First Foundation with detailed proof shows how from the time she entered India, she has been engaging in looting the country ( ). She has scant respect for India or India's institutions as will be seen from evidence given below. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The nexus between Congress party, the media and the industry has created a vicious cycle of unending looting. It is estimated there is 1.4 trillion looted away in several foreign secret banks and these people looted in 60 years what British took 200 years to loot. What is this amount? It means every one of 1.2 billion people if brought back to India, will get more than one lakh rupees for every boy, girl, man and woman. It would mean wiping out India's poverty and putting India on par with much developed countries. The corruption and compromising of best institutions of the country (even military is not being spared) for sake of one family rule that has reduced India to a banana republic. Today India's corruption ranks same as war torn African country Rwanda by Transparency International. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Who is Sonia Gandhi? With iron grip over media, no open debate on her and her actions is being allowed in country. This can happen only in India divided by people based on caste, region, religion. In 2007, when Sonia Gandhi addressed United Nations on Mahatma Gandhi international day many NRI's have challenged on suitability of Sonia Gandhi to speak on behalf of Mahatma Gandhi and took out a full page Ad on the wisdom of the decision and exposing the actions of Sonia. The result is Sonia Congress (INOC) filed multiple 100 million dollar suits which were successfully challenged by US courts (see the Ad below). \\\\\\\\\\ Sonia Gandhi has not even done high school. She is au-pair who went from Italy as nanny to UK and met Rajiv Gandhi when she was doing escort services. Since she has married and entered India she was involved in many many nefarious deals in the country. All this data was recorded with documentation at Look under 'Documents and Proof' and 'Truth about Sonia' section on the webpage. The Indian Express article in 1999, 'Sonia in Politics, a National Diaster' rings so true today. (see link ). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is time for 'Sonia, Quit India' movement as well as get back all the money she and others including other political parties, industrialists have looted. It is time NRI's understand the real source of the problem and address it, like Peru did with Fujimori when he fled from that country after his corruption scandals are exposed. Indians need to send this woman out of the country who and her children still believed to be holding Italian passports. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ NY Times Full page Ad in 2007 that invited 100 million dollar lawsuit \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Rahul gandhi 2 billion dollar in Swiss banks in 2001 (unearthed by Dr. Swamy) \\\\\\\\\\\\\ KGB Payments to Gandhi Family (courtesy of Dr. Swamy), from State within State by Yevgenia Albats \\\\\\\\\\ Sonia involved in smuggling of artifacts from India \\\\\\\\\\\ Sonia lying about her education \\\\\\\\\\ Rahul Gandhi detention by FBI with large amount of cash and girlfriend at Boston airport \\\\\\\\\\\ Sonia and Quadrottchi, Is sonia saving herself? (Indian Express, 1999) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 5:28 AM, XXXXXXXXX\\\.com> wrote: Media Release \\\\\\ (Hyderabad, 24/11/2010) \\\\\\\\\\ A novel avalanche to hit PMO On 2-G spectrum scam \\\\\\\\\\ Demanding immediate cancellation of the 2-G spectrum allocations, recovery of the Himalayan loss the exchequer has suffered and institution of a strong anti corruption commission, students and youth will be flooding the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) with post cards, e-mails, faxes and one- rupee money orders beginning November 26. \\\\\\\\\\ Announcing the action plan at a media conference here today, Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan called upon the youth and students to transcend party affiliations and raise their voice against corruption, which undermined their hopes for a better future. \\\\\\\\\\\ Dr. JP said India has earned the dubious distinction of recording the biggest scam in world history in one Government wing in one year. Going by the Comptroller and Auditor General’s report, the loss sustained by the exchequer could be as large as Rs. 1,76,000 crore. Had the Government earned such colossal revenue, it would have been sufficient to build 5 million classrooms or 20 million homes or add 8 million hospital beds. \\\\\\\\\\\ Dr. JP regretted that all mainstream political parties focused on peripheral issues like appointment of a Joint Parliamentary Committee instead of pondering how the loss caused by collusive corruption could be recouped. They were guilty of obfuscating the issue by pitting tainted Telecommunications Minister Mr. A. Raja against scam-ridden Karnataka Chief Minister B. S. Yedyurappa, and indulging in mutual mud-slinging. \\\\\\\\\\\ Dr. JP pointed out that the Indian exchequer had been robbed in broad daylight with politicians and bureaucrats resorting to dubious, opaque and illegal means to reward a select band of rapacious operators. By canceling the tainted licenses and disgorging the beneficiaries of their windfall gains, the Government should send a strong message that those who cheat the Government would not merely lose their social standing but also go bankrupt. \\\\\\\\\\ Dr. JP announced that Lok Satta, along with a number of highly credible individuals would be filing a petition in the Supreme Court on November 29 seeking cancellation of 2-G spectrum licenses. He released a poster titled National Camapgtin against Corruption as also a pamphlet on the 2-G spectrum scam. \\\\\\\\\\\ Party General Secretary Katari Srinivasa Rao announced the campagin would be continued until December 9, World Anti Corruption Day. Dr. JP himself would send a money order to the Prime Minister listing the three demands on the scam on November 26. A public walk and a meeting would be organized at Visakhapatnam as a culmination. \\\\\\\\\\ Replying to questions, Dr. JP said that the Bihar verdict, as the earlier ones in Gujarat, Delhi, MP and Chattisgarh, demonstrates that people would vote back a party to power if it provides relatively better governance. He appealed to the State Government and the agitating employees to enter into a dialogue and sort out their problems. He condemned attacks on ‘Sakshi’ offices as unwarranted in a democracy. \\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. D. V. V. S. Varma, Working President and Yuva Satta and Vidyarthi Satta leaders D. Ramu, P. Sivaji, Naveen Kumar Sarma and Mangala took part in the media meet. \\\\\\\\\\\\ For Lok Satta Party 000000000