Date: 26 Nov 2010


Widespread anger after shock BBC Panorama investigation. Islamic groups with 40 weekend schools teaching Sharia law to children as young as six. \\\\\\\\ You may have seen the recent BBC Panorama investigation which uncovered disturbing evidence which showed that thousands of Muslim children, as young as six, attend around 40 “weekend schools” which are held by extremist preachers and fundamentalist Islamic groups. \\\\\\ Panorama revealed that these “schools” also teach Sharia law as the norm, with the intention of crafting an entire generation of colonisers into supporting the total Islamic takeover of Britain. \\\\\\\\\\ The schools – which offer the extremist Saudi National Curriculum – are run under the umbrella of the “Saudi Students Clubs and Schools in the UK and Ireland.” \\\\\\\\\ This Sharia school network instills pure hatred into thousands of Muslim children. \\\\\\\\ They are taught that brutal Sharia law punishments are normal and ordered from Allah, as outlined in the Saudi Arabian-provided textbooks they use. The punishments taught at these schools include medieval and worse punishments such as hacking off criminals’ hands and feet, the death penalty for homosexuals. \\\\\\\\\\ Incredibly, the lessons also include debates on how homosexuals should be murdered, with the “options” on offer being burning, throwing them off a cliff or stoning. \\\\\\\\ In addition, these schools teach a violent hatred of Jews. A text-book for six-year-olds asks them to answer what happens to a dead person who is not a Muslim. \\\\\\\\\ The answer which is required from the “pupil” is that such a person is condemned to “hellfire.” \\\\\\\ That is what they think of us, of you. You are to burn in hellfire for eternity. \\\\\\\\\\ These Islamists despise you and your country, your traditions, your way of life, your democracy, your freedom – and the fact that you are not a Muslim. \\\\\\\\\\\ These people want to create a Saudi-style state in Britain. They want Sharia law, complete with barbaric punishments straight from the Dark Ages. \\\\\\\\\ Watch the video (at the link below) and see what is happening to people in other countries who live under Sharia law, right now. Do you think it is right that Muslim children here should be taught that these values? \\\\\\\\\\ A Saudi brought-up under their curriculum told Panorama that he was "taught to hate everyone else." \\\\\\\\\\ The fanatics don't care about Human Rights. They don't care about our tolerant Western democratic values.\\\\\\\\\\\ They want to impose their brutal laws upon us and utterly colonise Britain for Islam. \\\\\\\\\\\ These people view themselves in a state of permanent war with us. They are religious, ideological zealots, who view anyone who doesn't subscribe to their lunatic notions as an enemy. \\\\\\\\\\\ We've all seen how they disrespect our soldiers, burn our symbols like the poppy and have made “no-go” areas for non-Muslims in many areas of our country which they have already occupied. \\\\\\\\\\\ Watch the video below, and be aware of the human rights abuses which abound in many strict Muslim countries.\\\\\\\\\\ Be aware that evil people are working hard, day and night, to impose this wicked system here. \\\\\\\\\ Only the British National Party has dared to raise this issue. \\\\\\\\\ Only the British National Party has opposed this colonisation of our land. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Only the British National Party has decided to stand and fight. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The British National Party is you. Thank God that you exist and have joined with other British patriots in fighting for our identity, rights and freedom. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\It is illegal to even build a Christian Church or preach Christianity in Saudi Arabia. Yet the Saudis use their oil money to build mosques and push Islam in our country. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We don't have the oil money which the Saudis have. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our communal fight is solely financed by ordinary British people who want to prevent the Islamic colonisation of Britain, and who want to keep Britain British. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our fight relies on the generosity of people like you. \\\\\\\\\\ Our people know that even though the situation is bad, it would be far, far worse had the British National Party’s activists not been there to provide a bedrock of opposition to the takeover of our beloved homeland.\\\\\\\\\\\ It is solely down to the honesty and courage of British National Party activists, in all parts of this land, that we have been able to make a stand for Britain, for you, me, and all our all our people.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They have dared to say what you, and everyone else thinks. \\\\\\\\\\\ Our, and your, struggle against this wicked alien ideology is a struggle for decency, democracy, human rights and humanity itself.\\\\\\\\\\\\ The activists need your help to defeat the extremists and fanatics. Please give us the strength to carry on the fight.\\\\\\ Please give us the tools we need to do the job. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ P.S. Latest reports have revealed that many Muslims in Britain are actively fighting on the side of the Taliban for a few months of each year, and then “returning” to Britain to earn money to finance the next Jihad. This is treason! The Islamist fanatics are a fifth-column working to destroy your nation from within. Please help us to get the truth out to our people and mobilise them for the life and death struggle which awaits all of us! Please send a donation today. 000000000