Date: 26 Nov 2010


In a message dated 26/11/2010 15:12:50 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxcom writes: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Dr Swamy today wrote that, 36000 Crores rupees have gone to two sisters of sonia Maino from cwg. HE WROTE TO PM. \\\\\\\\\\\ ====================== Very good news item. But it has FAILED to open the nation's eyes. \\\\\\\\\\\ This national LOOT has been going on right from the day our ENEMIES occupied India after the departure of the British. \\\\\\\\\\ And the British also did not add to country's wealth but made her pauper when they left in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ Even before that our Hindu nation allowed the SAVAGES with their (barbarian SHARIA LAW) from Turkey, Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan FREE HAND to loot and destroy our temples, abduct and rape our girls and occupy our LANDS. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Where are the NATIVES? WHERE ARE THE HINDUS? Why does the nation have to give a free ride to the ITALIANS now? \\\\\\\\\\ All the countries in the world CONSOLIDATE their assets while Bharat has allowed her assets to be scattered across the world. The end result is POORER and WEAKER Bharat by the hour. \\\\\\\\\\\ We must now look into the FUTURE. On what basis to do so? On the basis of past? Then slavery is in store again. \\\\\\\\\\\\ On the basis of UNITY, ORGANISATION, MOVITATION and PATRIOTISM? Then who will inculcate these qualities? THE ENEMY who are the rulers? Or the natives who are the servile ignorant masses? \\\\\\\\\\\\ The only effective NATIVE force at present is the ARMY. Should they, too, watch and let the loot carry on? Should they not know that if the civil side collapses the army disappears, too. Where is the INDIAN army in Lahore and Dhaka now?\\\\\\\\\\\ There was ONE "chor" then. NOW THERE ARE MILLIONS. And there WILL BE billions if the rot is not checked. Baboos will not do it. Baboos ARE THE ROT. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 26 Nov 10 000000000