Date: 26 Nov 2010


Gandhi and Nehru are DEAD like HITLER. We cannot adhere to their stupidity, treachery, defeat and SURRENDER. They grew up as slaves in British COOLIE COLONY called India. We have grown up in freedom. They were SCARED to speak the truth or lay down a single CONDITON for Partition. We are not such "rubbish" or smashed. They had NO self respect, self esteem, nor even Patriotism. How can WE join their company? They suddenly threw the country DOWN to MINUS 10. We cannot begin from level MINUS 10 (India minus five provinces and North Kashmir). We must begin from level 0 (the start, i.e., Akhand Bharat). We have to stick to original AKHAND BHARAT. Our first condition must be DISSOLUTION of Pakistan that has NO legal, moral, secular or democratic basis. OR, complete transfer of population. ALL MUSLIMS OUT! Hindu nation became second class after surrendering Lahore unconditionally, and third class after losing North Kashmir , and fourth class for RETAINING the ENEMY in Bharat, too. To negotiate with the enemy we need to look POWERFUL and more than equal. These are basis of all international negotiations. But in OUR case the Hindu rabbit is looking up to the Muslim wolf. Why should this be so? So first, we must make ourselves look like TIGERS to the enemy. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindu nation ought to be first class before we begin to negotiate with second rate Pakistanis. If this is not done the negotiations will go on for next 600 years till Hindustan evaporates like Sindh and East Bengal. At this time the advantage is with the enemy. With SONIA & Italy on top the Hindu nation is hiding in the corner.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The struggle will be long but it is worth it since our stock is DECREASING- sometimes suddenly as in 1947 and sometimes gradually as SINCE 1947, \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The new generation of Indians is now in middle age and ought to really take a 180 degree turn, not to act on old premise but the new one that is Truth, logic, democracy and Secularism. If we do not do so then the future will be bleak.\\\\\\\\\\\ The new premise is PAKISTAN IS AN ILLEGITIMATE STATE born without Referendum and for not taking all the Muslims away from India after break up. These are the TWO conditions that must be met before any Indian talks to any MUSLIM, the Separatist, the Intolerant and the "BEAST" from Arabia. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We must not send Hindus for negotiation who ACCEPT partition, leave aside the rule of "wolves" over North Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ========== ANOTHER IDEA FOR PEACE IN SOUTH ASIA: \\\\\\\\\\\ 1) It just boggles my mind to think why would you support in such a brazen way Kashmiri militants and extremists, unless you have some vested interest in it ? You are continuing with this utter folly ! \\\\\\\\\\\ 2) After all these decades of the suffering of 4 lakhs of Hindu pandits, driven out of their homeland, - yet no word from you or Kavita Srivastava ! If you and Kavita-ji were to be hounded out of your residence permanently by Kashmiri Pandits, - would that not be right ? 3)yes certainly talks should begin, but on what issues : a) let Azad Kashmir as per earlier resolutions be vacated and handed over to India so that 4 laks of Hindu Pandit smay be resettled.\\\\\\\\\\\\ b) Let Pakistan pay for the wars that it started with India . India only defended itself. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ c) The population of Hindus in Pakistan during partition was 24%, it is now 1% so what has happened to all those Hindus? In Bangladesh it was 30%, now it is 7% let Pakistan answer and make amends for it. \\\\\\\\\\\\ d) All the expense for terrorism who is going to bare? Let Pakistan pay for it. \\\\\\\\\\\ Do Hindus have human rights or only your blessed Muslims ? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000