Date: 28 Nov 2010


The current congress party is actually no more a political party.It is governed currently by non hindus-christian,Sikhs and muslims.The shameless Hindus of India fight with each other for power,sleaze and money.The result is that congress is an anti Hindu and a non Hindu ruled party working against interest of the nation.It is being headed by a christian ,foreign born,half educated housewife turned politician.Nothing can be more shameful for Indian people who dream that they are going to be super power.The truth is India is a rotten and most corrupt society today in the world full of in-virtuous self annihilating and boneless corrupt Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\ Systematically Hindus have been killed ,threatened and raped in kashmir by separatist fanatic muslims backed by Pakistan and survivors have fled kashmir-the pundits. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Even then GOI is soft pedalling the issue instead of start shooting down the separatist and jihadi bastards in kashmir and those who support them like Arundhati.There is no other solution. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ This traitor party of India is stooge of western white skinned masters and a mafia out to loot and plunder the country.A puppet like MM Singh has been appointed to fool half educated and foolish educated Indians through media making him great expert and honest man. \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is time all right thinking citizens including Hindus ,muslims and Christians come together and admit the fact that congress is an international mafia outfit ruled by foreigners and work to spread the message and finish this party completely in all coming elections. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Not only they have to be thrown out of power but their ill gotten wealth seized and restored to national exchequer and they be sent to jail for rest of life. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is matter of shame that this party failed to hang Kasab so far and is dilly dallying in Kashmir knowing fully that it is a war against country by fanatic jihad muslims backed by Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iran and Saudi Arabia. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ According to some knowledgeable researchers congress goons have collected more than Rs 2 lac crores in last 7 years since this fraudulent expert and masked man MM Singh was put on POM seat as a puppet.Most of this money has left Indian shores. 000000000