Date: 01 Dec 2010


A Muslim girl was killed by Muslims in Moradabad district of UP for having love affairs with a Hindu boy. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ What's the rule of law in Muslim countries? This brutal sect of Islamism will destroy the world unless forcefully checked.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslim girl killed for love affair with Hindu\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Islamic law forbids a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man. And even murder is preferable to that. "Muslim girl killed for love affair with Hindu," from Indo-Asian News Service, November 25 (thanks to S.): A Muslim man has been arrested for killing his teenaged daughter who was in love with a Hindu youth from the same village, police said on Thursday. Mushtakeem, a resident of Mawaithakuran village, strangled his 18-year-old daughter Rehana Parveen after she insisted on marrying her lover Bhoora Prajapati, 21, police said. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ >Mushtakeem was arrested late on Wednesday after Parveen's body was recovered >from their home. The village is in Moradabad district, some 300 km from Lucknow. >According to police, Prajapati and Parveen used to meet regularly in the fields >on the outskirts of the village. But as Parveen had not been coming for the last >few days, Prajapati approached police suspecting the girl could be in trouble. >Police raided Mushtakeem's house and recovered his daughter's body from a locked >room.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ >"Preliminary investigations indicate it's a case of honour killing. The father >has confessed to the crime," police inspector Ravi Kumar told reporters on >Thursday.\\\\\\\\\\\\ >"The father told us he committed the crime as he thought his daughter's marriage >with the youth of a different community would bring a bad name to the family," >he added....\\\\\\\\\\ But murder wouldn't, you see.\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\22 Comments \\\\\\\\\\\\ Too bad these murderers feel no shame when committing an honor killing, and within their community they will only gain standing. I wonder if there's any punishment that would be sufficiently deterring, something that would bring shame upon them, that seems to be the only thing they understand. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Not surprised. However, since this place is near Lucknow I wanted to share what I saw there that totally shocked me. I was visitng a cousin who was studying at one of the convent catholic schools in Lucknow.\\\\\\\\\ She decided to take me on a tour of the city and boy was I shocked. Lucknow is a heavily muslim city and there were so many signs up on Mosques and other places clearly written in english: "NO NON-MUSLIMS ALLOWED"\\\\\\\\\\ Yup, it was in India and not Pakistan, not that I would ever go to Pakistan for tourism.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Horrible ugly monster, was he another misunderstander of the religion of peaces. No human soul could do such an ugly thing to a heart full of love. People like this defy the true morality of the human spirit and its God given soul, religious or not. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Islam is a plague on the world. \\\\\\\\\\\ There is no love in Islam... \\\\\\\\\\Even the old pater familias rules in the Roman Empire had limits, and were further curtailed under Hadrian. This is sick beyond belief. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In Holland the Health Services and the Police are working on a policy and strategy against honour-killings and a very interesting TV-documentary about it was made and shown on TV a couple of weeks ago. Health Services and Police must have watched it. And 4 interviewed girls said that their lives were in danger because of threats of honour killing. But what aggravates me beyond measure is that still some kind of domestic violence expert plainly said that it had nothing to do with Islam in that programme. Since then I saw the same opinion a few times more in newspapers. First from some police expert who said it. And this week an Ethiopian delegation was visiting Holland in relation to this time specifically marriage-coercion and childmarriages. The Ethiopians said that both Christians and Muslims committed marriage-coercion. Therefore, the conclusion of the experts that it had nothing to with Islam. And I know that in the health services dealing with this problem of domestic violence, marriage-coercion and honour-killing or threats thereof, many MUSLIMS, especially Muslima's, many with headscarves too, are employed. It puzzles me enormously, knowing what I/ we know about Islamic most important guiding texts, and also the lectures of high Islamic theologians and leaders, especially those in Islamic countries. It seems to me that although honour killings, marriage-coercion, childmarriages etc are indeed done by some Muslims, that still is a far cry from concluding that "Islam has nothing to do with it". But yes, that's the official line of politicians, police and health service-experts. But from traeh we got the figures about honor-killing, telling us that 91 % of all honour killings worldwide happen nowadays in Islamic circles. I can believe Muslima's trying to combat and prevent honour killing genuinely are well-intentioned, but I do think that their version of Islam is just about Cherry-picking good parts of Islam and ignoring ugly parts. I believe both the so-called "extremists/ fundamentalist/ radical" Muslims and the Critical Islam Experts and many of their readers, like here on Jihad Watch do understand the real Islam, the one that was meant by Muhammad, definitely better than these "soft Muslims". Or alternatively, that the Islamic most important guiding texts, without a very clear interpretation that constitutes an acceptable version of Islam, if that is possible at all, That that should be seen as by far too unclear, ambiguous, multi-interpretable to be accepted and respected in democratic societies. and clinging to it in Democratic Nations should in future have appropriate consequences. Immigrating into Democratic Nations with this unaltered belief should be categorically denied. 000000000