Date: 04 Dec 2010


SEE THE VIDEO CLIP (BELOW) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Very true and inspiring! They have discovered the menace of Islam in Austria even without losing an inch of territory to Mohammed of Mecca. \\\\\\\\\\\\ What a contrast with the INDIAN rotten "sons of jackals, goats and BITCHES", all trembling with fear at the thought of surrendering Delhi, too, to the followers of Mohammed of Mecca. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The shameless (INDIAN) "rats" are seeing the MUSLIMS all around and even ON TOP of them while their FELLOW HINDUS are extinct in Lahore, Karachi, East Bengal and North Kashmir as a result of the Islamic attack and Hindu Holocaust of 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ Let us send this video clip to each and everyone of these "rats" in the Parliament in New Delhi. Unwittingly they are making sure that DELHI is LOST, too, in the same way as LAHORE went to Savage Islam.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please give it widest publicity.\\\\\\\\ ========== Austrian MP's Anger at Turkish Ambassador - Priceless!\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thank God for this Austrian MP! He speaks for all of us!\\\\\\\\\\\ Austrian MP Ewald Stadler adresses Turkish Ambassador \\\\\\\\\\\\ =================================================== 000000000