Date: 04 Dec 2010


Subject: Cost of Sorry -Singhvi=Rs 1,76,000 crores-!Barka when Refused 2help a raped Hindu women by 5 italians;Sonias Hare of Hinduism-Veerappan shot but CVC is scot Free?wiki leaks-Putin Mafia \\\\\\\\\\\\ \ Dear Countrymen-Letters to the Editor-PCCouncil-CII-NHRC-Minorities Commission \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SINGHVI SAYS SORRY AND HE ESCAPES RESPONSIBILITY- WHAT A COSTLY SORRY VALUE- Rs 1,76,000 crores!!!!!-These are the Shameless People who Constitute CIVIL SOCIETY. There are leaks that cladestine visits are made by the Italian Family to Pakistan-Under investigation. READ BELOW TWO ARTICLES (1) & (2).\\\\\\\\\\\\ DUE TO THE PROTECTION OF THE CHURCH AND VATICAN PLUS THE ITALIANS THOMAS IS NOT RESIGNING -IF HE RESIGNS IN ADDITION TO OTHERS- HE MAY NOT BE GRILLED FOR HIS ROLE IN 2G- So where is the RECUSE? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Barkha problem started when she did not Help a RAPED VICTIM - HINDU WOMEN WHO CAME TO HER HELP instead Protected the CHRISTIAN ROMAN CATHOLIC ITALIAN BOYS. She shud know the Pain and now she stands the MOST DISCREDITED WOMEN IN THE COUNTRY. Even Prostitutes are respected. \\\\\\\\\\\\ THE AMOUNT DUE TO THE NATION BY CONGRESS and DRAVIDIANS = Rs 76000 crores + Rs 1,76,000 crores+ $1.5US Trillion Dollars+ US 220 BILLION DOLLARS-Kick Backs+ BOFORS+ POK+ CHINESE OCCUPIED TERRITORY- TELL THE SO CALLED YOUTH TO GET THIS BACK AND THEN ENTER POLITICS!!!! \\\\\\\\\\\ (1)- Sonia’s contempt for Hindu Swamijis \\\\\\\\\\\\\ TTD cancel it’s own Dharma Sadassu; Hindu Temple cannot have meeting with Hindu Leaders; Sonia’s contempt for Hindu Swamijis. \\\\\\\\\\\ "Hatred is the vice of narrow souls; they feed it with all their littleness, and make it the pretext of base tyrannies." Honore De Balzac. \\\\\\\\ The hatred of Sonia Gandhi, the President of Congress Party, for Hinduism, it’s leaders, Sadhus, Swamiji’s and Peethadhipathis as well as Hindu Temples is obvious, visible, rampant, widespread, compulsive, neurotic, uncontrollable and epidemic. Her contempt for Hinduism is unmatched, her commitment to destroy Hindu Temples is unparalleled, her hatred for VHP, BJP and RSS is unsurpassed, her disdain for Hindu leaders and Acharyas is unparalleled, her zeal to taint Hindus as Saffron terrorists is overpowering, and her passion to destroy Hinduism is overwhelming. But her fanaticism to implant Christianity, her unbridled fervor to convert India into a Christian land, her mindless obsession to destroy Hindu way of life, her blind support in “planting the cross” over Bharath as suggested by the Pope in 1999, her open invitations to all Christians in foreign countries to pour money to convert gullible Hindus, her selfish determination to use Hindu Temple money to propagate Christianity, and her deliberate mania to replace the Hindu symbols with Christian symbols, will continue to undermine Hinduism. In fact her sole and exclusive mission is to pull out the roots of Hinduism from Bharath.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A born Christian, she wields complete, absolute control over the leaders of Congress Party. She will entice them, blackmail them, use them, and dump them. Although as many as 70 percent of Congress MLAs and MPs are Hindus, they cannot call themselves Hindus. They will be branded “Hindu fundamentalists.” Congress Party made them feel so little, so pride less, so insensitive to their religion, they act as robots; no independence, no pride, no thinking, no personality, no values, no ethics, no morals left any more among Hindu congress leaders and the government officials who work for them. Congress leaders play the role of eunuchs in front of her because they cannot look like effective, efficient, dynamic, forceful and powerful. They have to look meek, obedient, ignorant, submissive, docile and slavish. They have to look castrated. Government officials who work in these “so called” secular governments are no different. They cannot question, they cannot challenge, they cannot protest and they cannot disobey the orders. Like brain dead people they do not think, they do not express, and they do not defy. They act like robots; they refuse to understand the role, the goal and the mission of Hindu Temples; they simply rubber stamp the orders from the government; they are silent partners and witnesses to implement government orders that undermine the very existence of Hindu Temples they work for. Some of them who are working in the Hindu Temples may apply Tilak on their forehead, wear classical Hindu clothes, but they fail to challenge the policies of the secular governments that are at odds with the mission of these Temples.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Here is an example of Sonia Gandhi’s unyielding power over the state government, the Hindu Temples and the employees of the state government including the employees of all the Temples controlled by the Central and state governments. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ TTD Plans to hold Dharma Sadassu was cancelled – Sonia’s Supersonic Power. On behalf of TTD in Andhra Pradesh, Sri PVRK Prasad conducted two Sanatana Dharma Prachara Sadas (known as Dharma sadassu) in 2006 and 2007. Sadassus (gatherings) are conducted to discuss spiritual, religious, ethical and moral aspects of Sanatana Dharma; to make the Endowment officials responsible to protect, propagate and preserve Sanatana Dharma; to discuss about the effective use of Temple money for preservation of our religion, to discuss the plans to deter the well laid out plan to convert Hindus and how to deter them, to discuss the much needed facilities for Hindu pilgrims to the Temples, etc. As many as 60 Acharyas, Swamijis, Peethadhiapthis and Hindu Leaders participated and provided valuable suggestions to TTD and the government for the survival and revival of Sanatana Dharma.\\\\\\\\\\\ Sri Adikeasavulu Naidu, the liquor baron with no basic understanding of Hinduism and has little appreciation for the heritage of the Temples, was a appointed as Chairman Of TTD which is the most sacred, sacrosanct and holy place for all Hindus. His servitude and subjugation to the then Chief Minister was total to the extent of belittling the pilgrims and denigrating the age-old cultural heritage. During those two years, Dharma Sadassu was planned, Hindi saints were invited, and agenda was sent to them. Here comes the Chairman Adikesavulu who cancelled the Dharma Sadassu for both the years. Let us all remember that he was supposed to have been appointed to preserve, manage, and meet the needs of Hindu pilgrims. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Proposed Agenda for Dharma Sadassu\\\\\\\\\\ In October 2010, 68 Hindu saints were invited to attend the Sanatana Dharma Prachara Sadas to be held in Tirupathi on November 29 and 30. The proposed agenda was extensive and inclusive of many issues facing the Hindus. The agenda covers wide range of areas in six different sessions. They are as follows:\\\\\\\\\\ 1) How to make each Temple a Dharmic Center? How to involve temple personnel to get involved in dharmic activities; role of Board and Endowment Department in achieving the objectives; How to involve local Hindus to execute dharmic activities; etc 2) How to protect the vulnerable Hindus from being targets of conversions; how to protect SC/ ST/ Fisherman form the conversions tactics; train a cadre of archakas to prevent conversions; role of Swamijis in arresting the conversions; etc 3) How to counter the negative propaganda of other faiths; create a cell to monitor and collect propaganda material; prepare materials to counter the allegations and misinterpretations by other faiths; Counter media bias; etc 4) Discuss the objectives and the present status of Dharmic Parishad of Andhra Pradesh; earmarking temple resources toward dharma prachara; efforts be made to see that the Government accepts the recommendations; etc 5) Identify the issues related to the dharmic activities at different levels: state level, district level, and mandal level. 6) Suggest and improve the dharma prachara schemes already undertaken by TTD – TV channel, Kalyanamasthu, Dalith Govindam; Bhajan Mandals, Annamayya Projects, Dasa Sahitya project, Veda Rakshana, Sashtra Rakshana, etc. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Why did TTD cancel the Dharma Sadassu? \\\\\\\\\\ Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samith, T T D Parirakshana Samithi and a number of Hindus concerned about the cancellation of the Dharma Sadassu have talked to some of the officials who were planning to organize the meeting and also some of the Hindu leaders who expressed their dismay over the cancellation.\\\\\\\\ It appears that Adikesavulu Naidu, who wanted to be re-appointed as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of TTD for another two year period, approached Sri Veerappa Moily to cancel the meeting for a number of reasons. Moily, in charge of Andhra Pradesh Congress Party and Ahmed Patel, General Secretary of AICC, complained to Sonia Gandhi about this Dharmacharya Conference. Sonia Gandhi in turn, called the then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Shri Rosaiah and ordered the cancellation of this event. Shri Rosaiah in turn ordered the Executive Officer of TTD to cancel the event and send out Telegrams to all the invited Swamijis. This kind of cancellation in the last minute is happening for the 3rd time in the last 3 years.\\\\\\\\\ TTD is an independently run Hindu religious organization. Neither political nor Government intervention is needed for the administration of this institution. Neither Rosaiah nor TTD officials had the guts to say ‘no’ to Sonia Gandhi, the lady who did not have stomach to digest the very thought that the Swamiji’s may be very powerful to curb the conversion. With her Christian agenda following the dictates of her “jealous” God, Sonia Gandhi ORDERED Sri Rosaiah to cancel the meeting. Poor guy, what else can he do? For that matter which Congress leaders would dare and defy their MADam? These are little people with little vision with little brains. \\\\\\\\\\\ Sri Kamal Kumar Swami\\\\\\\\\\ Undaunted and fearless Sri Kamal Kumar Swami is heading to Tirupathi and is holding a News Conference on November 28, 2010 along with few other Swamijis and local people demanding answers to a set of questions: Who is responsible for the cancellation of Dharma Sadassu? Who prompted the cancellation? What was the reason to cancel? Is TTD planning to have another Dharma Sadassu? Why no official of TTD or Sri Rosaiah objected to the cancellation? Is the agenda inconsistent with the mission of TTD? Why this silence on the part of Specified Authority? What is the difference between Specified Authority and the earlier Board if it would blindly follow the dictates of Sonia Gandhi?\\\\\\\\\\\ He will be heading to Chennai to attend the Dharma Rakshana Samithi meeting on 29th. Swamijis are meeting in Chennai\\\\\\\\\\ In the meanwhile, Dharma Rakshana Samithi headed by Sri Dayananda Saraswathi has taken up this sacred task of inviting and holding a meeting with all these Swamijis in Chennai on November 29, 2010. We are hoping that they would discuss about preservation, protection and propagation of Hindu ideals, morals and principles; and also address the broader issue of curbing CONVERSION of vulnerable Hindus. All Hindus should be proud of this effort by Dharma Rakshana Samithi to address the issue and come up with a plan to execute the policy recommendations. Mere passing the resolutions would not have enough strength. An action plan has to be developed to make sure that the sinister conversion efforts by other faiths are thwarted. \\\\\\\\\\\ Donations\\\\\\\\\\\ We need your assistance to continue our mission of abolishing Endowment Act and free Temples from the government control. If we have to make an impact on our movement to bring changes to preserve our culture, we need you financial support. Your generous donations to continue our efforts to free Hindu Temples from government control, awaken the Hindus about the plight of Hindu Temples and the impending danger of illegal conversion techniques are essential. We are requesting all the individuals and organizations to support financially to continue our movement to free Hindu Temples from the government control and stop these conversions. \\\\\\\\\\ NOTE: GHHF is exempt from federal income tax under section 501 ( c ) 3 of the Internal Revenue code. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Our tax ID # 41-2258630 Please send your tax-deductible donations to: Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, 14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco, Texas 75035 You can go to savetemples.org and pay by PAYPAL For more information \\\\\\\\\\\ Please visit our website: http://savetemples.org\\\\\\\\\\ Cables expose Putin's 'mafia state'\\\\\\\\ Kremlin relies on criminals and rewards them with political patronage, while top officials collect bribes 'like a personal taxation system' • \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Moscow mayor presided over 'pyramid of corruption'Moscow mayor presided over 'pyramid of corruption' \\\\\\\\\\\\\ • Russian government 'using mafia for its dirty work' • Cables link Russian mafia boss to EU gas supplies • Chechnya's ruler, a three-day wedding and a golden gun • http://www.guardian.co.uk/ US embassy cables: Rajapaksa shares responsibility for 2009 Sri Lankan massacre \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ • Article history guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 1 December 2010 19.10 GMT Friday, 15 January 2010, 12:23 S E C R E T SECTION 01 OF 03 COLOMBO 000032 SIPDIS \\\\\\\\\\\ DEPARTMENT FOR SCA/INSB EO 12958 DECL : 01/15/2020 TAGS PGOV , PREL , PREF , PHUM , PTER , EAID , MOPS , CE SUBJECT: SRI LANKA WAR-CRIMES ACCOUNTABILITY: THE TAMIL PERSPECTIVE\\\\\\\\\\\ REF: A. 09 COLOMBO 1180 B. COLOMBO 8 COLOMBO 00000032 001.2 OF 003 Classified By: AMBASSADOR PATRICIA A. BUTENIS. REASONS: 1.4 (B, D) Summary\\\\\\\\\\\\ 1. US ambassador to Colombo said that the main reason there will not be a Sri Lankan enquiries into the mass killings that marked the end of the war with the Tamil Tigers last year was that President Mahinda Rajapaksa, bears much of the responsibility, along with his government, generals and some of his family. Key passage highlighted in yellow. 2. Read related article \\\\\\\\\\\ 1. (S) SUMMARY: There have been a few tentative steps on accountability for crimes allegedly committed by Sri Lankan troops and civilian officials during the war with the LTTE. President Rajapaksa named a committee to make recommendations to him on the U.S. incidents report by April, and candidate Fonseka has discussed privately the formation of some form of "truth and reconciliation" commission. Otherwise, accountability has not been a high-profile issue -- including for Tamils in Sri Lanka. While Tamils have told us they would like to see some form of accountability, they have been pragmatic in what they can expect and have focused instead on securing greater rights and freedoms, resolving the IDP question, and improving economic prospects in the war-ravaged and former LTTE-occupied areas. Indeed, while they wanted to keep the issue alive for possible future action, Tamil politicians with whom we spoke in Colombo, Jaffna, and elsewhere said now was not time and that pushing hard on the issue would make them "vulnerable." END SUMMARY.\\\\\\\\\\ ACCOUNTABILITY AS A POLITICAL ISSUE -----------------------------------\\\\\\\\\\ 2. (S) Accountability for alleged crimes committed by GSL troops and officials during the war is the most difficult issue on our bilateral agenda. (NOTE: Both the State Department Report to Congress on Incidents during the Conflict and the widely read report by the University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna) also detailed many incidents of alleged crimes perpetrated by the LTTE. Most of the LTTE leadership was killed at the end of the war, leaving few to be held responsible for those crimes. The Government of Sri Lanka (GSL) is holding thousands of mid- and lower-level ex-LTTE combatants for future rehabilitation and/or criminal prosecution. It is unclear whether any such prosecutions will meet international standards. END NOTE.) There have been some tentative steps on accountability on the GSL side. Soon after the appearance of the State Department report, President Rajapaksa announced the formation of an experts' committee to examine the report and to provide him with recommendations on dealing with the allegations. At the end of the year, the president extended the deadline for the committee's recommendations from December 31 until April. For his part, General Fonseka has spoken publicly of the need for a new deal with the Tamils and other minorities. Privately, his campaign manager told the Ambassador that Fonseka had ordered the opposition campaign to begin work planning a "truth and reconciliation" commission (ref B). 3. (S) These tentative steps notwithstanding, accountability has not been a high-profile issue in the presidential election -- other than President Rajapaksa's promises personally to stand up to any international power or body that would try to prosecute Sri Lankan war heroes. While regrettable, the lack of attention to accountability is not surprising. There are no examples we know of a regime undertaking wholesale investigations of its own troops or senior officials for war crimes while that regime or government remained in power. In Sri Lanka this is further complicated by the fact that responsibility for many of the alleged crimes rests with the country's senior civilian and military leadership, including President Rajapaksa and his brothers and opposition candidate General Fonseka.\\\\\\\\\\\ THE TAMIL PERSPECTIVE ---------------------\\\\\\\ COLOMBO 00000032 002.2 OF 003\\\\\\\\\\ 4. (S) For different reasons, of course, accountability also has not been a top priority for most Tamils in Sri Lanka. While Tamils have told us they would like to see some form of accountability, they have been pragmatic in what they can expect and have focused instead on securing greater rights and freedoms, resolving the IDP question, and improving economic prospects in the war-ravaged and former LTTE-occupied areas. Indeed, while they wanted to keep the issue alive for possible future action, Tamil leaders with whom we spoke in Colombo, Jaffna, and elsewhere said now was not time and that pushing hard on the issue would make them "vulnerable." 5. (S) The one prominent Tamil who has spoken publicly on the issue is Tamil National Alliance (TNA) MP , self-proclaimed presidential candidate, and Prabhakaran relative M.K. Sivajilingam. Breaking from both the TNA mainstream and the pro-government Tamil groups, he launched his campaign because he believed neither the government nor the opposition was adequately addressing Tamil issues. Sivajilingam has focused on creating a de-centralized federal structure in Sri Lanka with separate prime ministers for the Sinhalese and Tamils, but he also has spoken about accountability, demanding an international inquiry to get justice for the deaths and suffering of the Tamil people. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\6. (S) Other Tamil politicians have not made public statements on accountability and are generally more pragmatic in their thinking. In our multiple recent discussions with TNA leader R. Sampanthan, he said he believed accountability was important and he welcomed the international community's -- especially the diaspora's -- interest in the issue. But Sampanthan was realistic about the dim prospects for any Sri Lankan government to take up the issue. Granting that governments in power do not investigate their own, Sampanthan nevertheless said it was important to the health of the nation to get the truth out. While he believed the Tamil community was "vulnerable" on the issue and said he would not discuss "war crimes" per se in parliament for fear of retaliation, Sampanthan would emphasize the importance of people knowing the truth about what happened during the war. We also have asked Sampanthan repeatedly for his ideas on an accountability mechanism that would be credible to Tamils and possible within the current political context, but he has not been able to provide such a model.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 7. (S) Mano Ganesan, MP and leader of the ethnic Tamil Democratic People's Front (DPF), is a Colombo-based Tamil who counts as supporters many of the well-educated, long-term Colombo and Western Province resident Tamils, and was an early supporter of Fonseka. The general made promises that convinced him that if Fonseka were to win, ethnic reconciliation issues would then be decided by parliament, not the Executive President. On accountability, Ganesan told us that while the issue was significant XXXXXXXXXXXX accountability was a divisive issue and the focus now had to be on uniting to rid the country of the Rajapaksas.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 8. (S) TNA MP Pathmini Sithamparanathan told us in mid-December that the true story of what happened in the final weeks of the war would not go away and would come out eventually, but she also said now was not the time for war crimes-type investigations. Finally, on a recent trip to Jaffna, PolOff found that local politicians did not raise accountability for events at the end of the war as an issue of immediate concern, focusing instead on current bread-and-butter issues, such as IDP releases, concerns about Sinhala emigration to traditional Tamil regions, and COLOMBO 00000032 003.2 OF 003 re-developing the local economy. COMMENT -------\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 9. (S) Accountability is clearly an issue of importance for the ultimate political and moral health of Sri Lankan society. There is an obvious split, however, between the Tamil diaspora and Tamils in Sri Lanka on how and when to address the issue. While we understand the former would like to see the issue as an immediate top-priority issue, most Tamils in Sri Lanka appear to think it is both unrealistic and counter-productive to push the issue too aggressively now. While Tamil leaders are very vocal and committed to national reconciliation and creating a political system more equitable to all ethnic communities, they believe themselves vulnerable to political or even physical attack if they raise the issue of accountability publicly, and common Tamils appear focused on more immediate economic and social concerns. A few have suggested to us that while they cannot address the issue, they would like to see the international community push it. Such an approach, however, would seem to play into the super-heated campaign rhetoric of Rajapaksa and his allies that there is an international conspiracy against Sri Lanka and its "war heroes." BUTENIS http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/us-embassy-cables-documents/243811?intcmp=239 __._,_.___\\\\\\\\\\\\\ A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history" VANDE MATARAM***JAY HIND***BHARATH MATHA KI JAI YOURS AFFECTIONATELY "BRAMHASTHRA" JOURNALIST E&OE =000000000