Date: 04 Dec 2010


RETIRED INDIAN MILITARY OFFICERS LIVING ABROAD ARE FRUSTRATED AND ANGRY. \\\\\\\\ ANGRY INDIAN PENSIONERS DEMAND, "REFORM THE ROTTEN COLONIAL SYSTEM FOR THE PENSIONERS. DON'T TREAT US LIKE “SLAVES OF NEHRU DYNASTY OR HIS CORRUPT CONGRESS PARTY” \\\\\\\\ (FROM A RETIRED INDIAN OFFICER NOW LIVING IN THE U.K.) \\\\\\\\\\ I relate here my own experience, so that, our friends from the Indian armed forces can get some idea as to how things work there (in Bharat) and here (in the UK). \\\\\\\\\ "I retired after 39 years of service of which 8 years in India and 31 years in the UK (of which the last 24 years in Local government). \\\\\\\\\ "A senior lady Clerk from the pensions dept came to see me ten days before my last day at work and went through my entitlements and asked me to sign the paper if I was fully satisfied, which I did. \\\\\\\\\\ "She also gave me the contact nos of some financial advisers and when I asked her who was the best among them she replied, she could not recommend any as that would mean she was in breach of rules. \\\\\\\\ "I received all my dues in the following month credited to my Bank A/c including the monthly pension on the 1st of the month. Since then the money is always there on the 1st of each month and it is inflation protected. \\\\\\ "I never had to ring or visit the pension paying authority even once regarding my pension. \\\\\\\\ "I never had to POST my pension bills that often got lost in post or misplaced in the lazy baboos' offices, in order to claim my pension month after month till I became too weak or infirm to do the paper work. There is always a ROTTEN THIRD CLASS GOVERNMENT BEHIND EVERY THIRD CLASS PRACTICE that needlessly troubles the citizens. \\\\\\\\\\ "Now let us compare this with what goes on in India. How many Babus and officers, including some military officers, will do any job without bribe or asking you to take out an insurance policy they are running under their wife's name or at least ask you to buy army rum at double the price at the CSD canteen sold by “RUM GENERALS” from ASC (Army Service Corps). \\\\\\\\\\ "I hear from my Army officer friends, that, it is now a common practice to bring some expensive presents for the CO or his wife after the officers return from leave. One friend of mine , a major from a modest background told me he was asked to bring curtains for CO's family home, costing a huge chunk of his one month's salary. \\\\\\\\ "Why the Indian Army has still not got rid of the colonial slavish “BATMAN” culture. Does it exist anywhere in the entire western military? NO, NO, NO, and the Generals know it, too. Do the soldiers join the Army to fight the enemy or to become degraded domestics? \\\\\\\\\\\ "In the last 33 years in UK, I never heard of a “Pay Commission” wheareas it is a permanent department of MAHAN BHARAT and never any group is satisfied with what they get. \\\\\\\\\\ "The truth is, we started off with a bluff to the nation and we have carried on with that. \\\\\\\\\\ "One (Mohammedan) Giasuddin Ghai's grandson was born as Jawahar Lal Nehru and half a billion population breeding like rabbits never questioned, “HOW COME?” \\\\\\\\\\\ "The leader responsible for the Jeep scandal in 1948 remained in power until 1963, and tried to destroy the life of one of the greatest generals of all time, Field Marshal Sam Maneckshaw. It was only another brave General who saved Sam Bahadur. Can we expect that kind of stand from today's Deepak Kapoor & Co? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Only two days ago Lt. Gen. Rawat had to apologise for his honest remarks to “bloody” Omar Abdullah under the order of the weakest corrupt link, MMS, and Gen. V K Singh. WHAT A SHAME! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ "If we don't change with the time nor act and behave like the proud citizens (and pensioners) in Europe or America, and if we don't get rid of the “Baniya and Priest” mentality of greed and "eyes on profits all the time" we will continue to head for total self-destruction. And this time we can't blame either the British or the Mussalmans but only ourselves." 000000000