Date: 04 Dec 2010


PASS THE RESOLUTION \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We have read such pathetic accounts of assaults by minority people on majority people (below). \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ To boot (to add salt to injury), the minority already bullied and threatened the majority people and forced them to vacate five provinces and surrender vast territories to them where the majority people have a dog's status or simply kicked out in the most savage and brutal manner. It should certainly be mentioned that this enemy behaved perfectly well while under the British BOOT till 1947 but suddenly became audacious and violent, sensing power vacuum and Hindu weakness and disunity from March 23, 1940 onwards. \\\\\\\\\\\\ All this did happen even if your Government or even the school never told you about how the Hindus were deceived and "licked & kicked" by none else but the celebrated Head of a Dynasty called Jawaharlal Nehru. \\\\\\\\\\\ He knew that the Hindus, trapped in the newly established Pakistan, will be liquidated. Yet he kept the treacherous Muslims in Middle India close to his chest. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The reason: NEHRU WAS THE SON OF A MUSALMAAN and thus the arch enemy of Hindus. But being a clever barrister-at-law, he launched such propaganda offensive as to brainwash the Hindus into regarding him a patriot. In reality he was the agent of the British and the best friend of the Muslims. He assured Jinnah not to worry about the Muslims in Middle India that would go under his SECULAR constitution immediately while West Pakistan went under brutal murderous "MOGUL RAJ" once again and East Bengal went back to Islam even after its capture by Indian army in 1972. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Gandhis have one strong principle, that is, "MUSLIMS CAN TAKE A MILE OF HINDU TERRITORY BUT THE HINDUS CANNOT RECOVER EVEN AN INCH." \\\\\\\\ If the Hindus in Bharat do not realize even now that they are constantly being hammered, bashed and squeezed, and thus programmed to become slaves or extinct very soon, then whose fault will it be? Ignorance is no excuse. So how to REACT and RETALIATE? \\\\\\\\\\\ First, INFORM YOURSELF of Muslim aggression and Nehru's High Treason. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Two, get into PHYSICAL TRAINING. Learn martial arts to defend and protect even the Sikhs who are a tiny minority and are being killed, demoralized and decimated under Government & Congress design. Lahore and Sri Nankana Sahib were LOST to the ENEMY due to lack of support from the HINDUS in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\ Three, you (all the Hindus) must believe that it is righteous to KILL the enemy and it is SUICIDAL and STUPID to follow any "mahatma" like MK Gandhi and become non violent when facing the savage followers of Mohammed of Mecca. When threatened, bullied or under attack it is best to follow the examples of Sri Krishna urging Arjun to KILL the Kauravas, Sri Ram FIGHTING the evil King Ravana. Guru Gobind Singh ji, Banda Singh Bahadur, Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, General Hari Singh Nalwa, even Rani of Jhansi. They all FOUGHT and KILLED for the survival of Hindus on sub continent. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Four, meet daily or weekly to do drills and exercised with replica swords and guns that can become real weapons when warranted. \\\\\\\\\\ What a shame that since 1192 AD when Delhi went under the filthy foot of ISLAM no Hindu has recalled what Sri Krishna said to Arjuna although a Muslim is told to KILL THE KAFIRS from the moment he is born. Just see KORAN to discover how many times the word KAFIR appears in it. He regards it not only mandatory Truth but literal "word of God". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Five, can some 50 to 100 Hindus assemble and hold a meeting in that danger zone where the Hindus are getting BEATEN UP? INFORM THE MEDIA. \\\\\\\\\\ At this meeting the following Resolution ought to be presented and PASSED:- "We..................hereby declare that since India was forced to concede a separate HOMELAND to the INDIAN Muslims in 1947 there is no legal or moral provision for the Muslims to continue to live in Hindusthan among the Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ "We believe that if no condition was imposed on the INDIAN Muslims then Partition itself was nothing but UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of India. Partition without population transfer CANNOT be accepted by the PEOPLE of India. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ (NB: It must be understood that Nehru Dynasty is PRO ISLAM and ANTI HINDU and the government of India is the servant and stooge of Nehru Dynasty. It (Government of India) is NOT (NOT) the government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE of India. This must be understood by all the Hindus across Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\\ The said Resolution should continue: "We pass this Resolution to urge the Government of India to require the expulsion of all the Muslims from Bharat unless Pakistan is dissolved forthwith by the ENEMY." \\\\\\\\\\\\\ If we cannot get even 50 or 100 Hindus to meet and pass such a Resolution then it is clear that the Hindus are not serious about their dignity or image and are simply waiting to be beaten up and, finally, EXTERMINATED even in Middle India. \\\\\\\\\ 5 DEC 10 =============\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslim Rowdies Drag, Beat Hindu Youth at Taki Mercilessly \\\\\\\\\\\ Situation in the social life of Bengal is turning from bad to worse. It is becoming evident that all it takes is a minor altercation between two individuals for a incident to become a alibi for Muslims to attack Hindus. Such an incident was perceived again on 18th November, 2010 at Ward no. 8 in Taki Municipality, PS: Hasnabad (Dist: North 24 Parganas, West bengal, India) at 1.30 pm. when a Hindu youth named Anup Rishi Das was virtually dragged by a gang of Muslim youth and beaten mercilessly. \\\\\\\\\\\ In accordance with sources, during the recent procession of Goddess Jagaddhatri, a Hindu festival, a Muslim van driver pushed and shoved some people to get in line. Afterwards, the same van driver brought some Muslim goons in the scenario. This gang became instrumental in dragging Anup and beating him. \\\\\\\\\\\ The gang consisted of all local ruffians including Kenamal, Bapi Gazi, Teoar Ali, Sufiyan Mondal, Rabiul Gazi, all Muslims. \\\\\\\\\\ Hindus are apprehensive of the danger that awaits them. As a mark of protest, Hindus blocked the road and lodged FIR in the local police station. (FIR: 71153/10 dtd. 18/11/10). \\\\\\\\\\\ None of the Islamic assailants have been arrested yet. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ -- Hindu Samhati Media\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000