Date: 06 Dec 2010


TIME CAPSULE OF 1940 - DEMAND FOR PAKISTAN. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We cannot regard Kashmir to be disputed territory. The REALITY is that Pakistan itself is a disputed territory. She herself is an illegitimate State and if we accept Kashmir to be disputed then we grant legitimacy to Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan is DISPUTED because it came about due to British pressure and Muslim bullying. It was an ATTACK on India’s integrity and unity and has yet to be REPULSED and the aggressor punished. \\\\\\\\\\ We ought to recall the punishment the Allies inflicted on Germany after repulsing the German invasion. The majority community in India was held to be “blind, dumb and deaf”, or simply IDIOTS, who would not react, retaliate or fight back, or think of a single condition in return. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Muslims found ready allies in our British rulers and got away with capturing ONE THIRD of India overnight without referendum or transfer of populations. LUCKY DEVILS! Lucky Mohammed of Mecca! \\\\\\\\\ In 1947 most Indians (and ALL Hindus) were committed to "AKHAND" (UNITED) Bharat. All-India Congress Party did not consult the PEOPLE while accepting the surrender on their behalf. Many are still committed to Akhand Bharat but they are being disregarded. Only the cowards agreed to Partition while Pandit Nehru, our autocratic leader, prevented the patriots from having their say. He increased his personal security and escaped assassination. On the other hand, MK Gandhi, who moved among the people freely without security guards, paid with his life. \\\\\\\\\\\ All-India Congress Party, that agreed to BOGUS Partition, is still in absolute power, keeping the patriots at bay. They still regard the Hindus “blind, dumb and deaf”. \\\\\\\\\\ As a result of that defeat India emerged MUTILATED & bleeding, licking her wounds. She was forced to accept and settle tens of millions of refugees pouring in from Pakistan- East and West. \\\\\\\\\\ It is a great pity that India had a traitor to lead her into defeat, and even now, SIX DECADES later, the traitors have got India in their firm grip. There is NO "MAN" who would claim what is eternally our own. All the former refugees have nightmares, seeing their ancestral homes, lands and cities under the murderous "Mogul Raj" once again. \\\\\\\\\\\ "Pakistan Resolution" was passed by All-India Muslim League on March 23, 1940. To understand the Muslim separatist mind and their FEARS in March 1940 we need to see India in the world context at that time. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Everyone, even our British masters, felt insecure after the start of World War 2. Therefore we must look at the beginning of 1940 when the Indian Muslims decided to STAB INDIA IN THE BACK and get out. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ England entered World War 2 on 3rd. September 1939. She had to throw everything into war effort in order to survive. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Food rationing was introduced in England on 8 January, 1940 (France on 11 January). Ration cards were issued to the population for butter, sugar, bacon and ham. By March, 1940 German armies were advancing unchecked. The Germans were poised to invade Norway. As a precautionary step Russia invaded and occupied Finland in mid March 1940. \\\\\\\\\\\ 12 March 1940, \\\\\\\\\\ Finland signed a treaty with Russia, giving up large territories. \\\\\ 18 March 1940, \\\\\\\\ Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini held a conference at Brenner Pass; Italy joined the war with Germany. \\\\\\\\\\\\ That was the time when Mohammed Ali Jinnah fore-saw the Germans occupying England within weeks and the withdrawal of all British troops from India to defend their motherland. He imagined great bloodshed and anarchy to break out in Hindusthan where the Muslims would be decimated and become slaves of the Hindus.\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Two weeks after the Pakistan Resolution, i.e., on 9 April 1940, German troops were to invade Denmark and Norway in a quick as lightning action. And a month later (on 7 and 8 May 1940) the House of Commons was to debate the disastrous Norwegian campaign. The Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain was widely criticized and members of his own Conservative party were to vote against him and elect Winston Churchill as the new Prime Minister on 10 May 1940. \\\\\\\\\\\\ On the same day (10 May 1940), German troops invaded the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Three days later (13 May 1940) Winston Churchill gave his "Blood, Sweat and Tears" speech to a very gloomy House of Commons in London, looking death or slavery in the face. \\\\\\\\\\ 27 May 1940, the admiralty gave the start for Operation "Dynamo"; Nearly 350,000 British, French, and other allied troops were rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk. \\\\\\\\\\\ Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, reminded the country that it was a defeat which would need strong determination to overcome. He emphasized the threat of an imminent German invasion, that the Allies had been pushed out of Europe \\\\\\\\\\ Let us now imagine ourselves to be in early 1940 when German armies were advancing rapidly and German invasionh of England and advance to Suez Canal and India seemed imminent. Mr Jinnah assessed the British predicament shrewdly and expected the British troops to be withdrawn and sent to Great Britain for the defence of motherland. \\\\\\\\\\\ He fore-saw an alarming power vacuum in India that would suck in millions to their deaths. He saw the Muslim minority outnumbered by the Hindus. To him the only way out was to make a claim for a separate Islamic homeland inside India where the Muslims could live away from their enemies. \\\\\\\\\\ We know the rest. But one thing most of us do not know or dare to contemplate, is this: WE CAN REJECT that ILLEGAL State even now. \\\\\\\\\\ Traitors Nehru and Jinnah had collaborated to CREATE the Kashmir dispute deliberately. HERE IS THE SCENARIO: The logic was that Jinnah was to capture 10 miles (i.e., five provinces) in a lightning strike (BLITZKRIEG) and before India could recover in order to retaliate, Jinnah was to leap forward another mile (Kashmir). \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thus all attention would be focused on that extra ONE mile with nobody recalling the previous 10 miles. SIMPLE? \\\\\\\\\\ How foolish we really are, to accept Pakistan but think of Kashmir as "disputed"! We are still "BLIND, DEAF & DUMB", thanks to our enemies on top who are still ruling, fooling and BASHING us with the help of Sonia and her corrupt Mafia brigade. \\\\\\\\\\ \ 6 Dec 10 \\\\\ ==========