Date: 10 Dec 2010


Bharat needs patriots. Imagine we have destroyed over the past six decades the best we could have given to the people and made it so empty of opportunities for growth and flowering of own potential at home . This should be an indicator of criminalisation of our society and the nature of democracy planted on us by Quislings under the Gandhi-Nehru nexus the fruits of which we are reaping. Indians have sold their soul to the devil the pursuit of money their only predilection today . How can such society challenge the pestilence of Islamic jihadist?You will notice that lust for money and greed the moral decay this brought in society saw an exponential rise over the past three decades or so with a concomitant hype in ritualism and symbolism , a sudden spurt which was absent anytime earlier! One could make out that it was a ploy a plank for riding a new band wagon not a normal social behaviour among Hindus . And mark you I come from very traditional and conservative family we never thought of imaging religious symbolism on the streets . Good Hindus always had a small temple at home !! So this sudden surge was clearly connected with power brokering not faith ! Ask a Hindu who wields the gada in these BAJRANG dal rallies as to what is written in the Gita he wouldn't know !!We are peddling fraud ! Its a business this Hinduatva . For where truth is dismissed nothing else can rally for a righteous cause. I have annoyed many of these keyboard Hindu firebrands by blasting truth at them Truth transcends everything will burn down everything but truth! They ofcourse have no answer then . We have to revert to the spirit behind our Aryan legacy! Become noble in our ways . It is a spiritual concept . Every ACTION AND THOUGHT MUST SPRING FROM THIS FLOW TO CREATE AN ARYAN SOCIETY! I was invited to an ashram near Rishikesh where children had been mobilised to chant in Sanskrit ! GOOD but then I asked the management what have the children learnt about conduct in day to day life as inscribed in Gita ? Blank. You will notice that Gita is avoided by Hindus ! Why because Hindu conduct is diametrically opposed to what Gita says! EXAMPLE . Gita stresses that one must act with power of conscience and not look for results ! We don't act , have no conscience calculate for results first ! and so on . Gita should be transcribed into a youth handbook and made compulsory in all schools .Will BJP do this? Never. It will calculate what reaction others will have and the effect of this on votes!!! we must DEMOLISH this British model of British planted with great thought ! What did Britain know about democracy even for home consumption any way ! It was ever a trading nation its ways and thought captive to amassing others resources ! If you study how parliamentary democracy ws born in England under Cromwell you will notice the role of trading companies! We have to build our democracy from panchayats and on values not votes ! We have to demolish multiparty system ! demonise role of money and control of human spirit by greed and profiteering Did you get my study on this in Garhwal? \\\\\\\\\\\ more later \\\\\\\\\\ jai hind \\\\ 000000000