Date: 13 Dec 2010


Bhaarat and Hindus\\\\\\\\\\\ (From Veer Savarkar’s literature on who should be called Hindus) \\\\\\\\ The most ancient of names of our country of which we have a record is Sapta-Sindhu or Sindhu. This is because the river Sindhu was the cradle of our culture. Hindu is same as Sindhu as pronouncing ‘Sa’ as ‘Ha’ is common. Vinaayak Daamodar Saavarkar, the great patriot, poet and a sage-like figure formed the definition of Hindutva as follows: \\\\\\\\\\ Aasindhu sindhu paryantaa yasya bhaarat bhoomikaa Pitrubhoo punyabhoo shcha sa vai hinduriti smritaha \\\\\\\\\\\\ A Hindu is one who looks upon this land from Singhu(River Sindhu) to Sindhu(Indian Ocean) as the land of his forefathers(Pitru-Bhu),who has inherited the culture of that race as chiefly expreesed in their common language Sanskrit and addresses this land as his holy-land (Punya-Bhu), the land of his prophets, gurus, the land of piety and pilgrimage. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ ( The following shloka from Vishnu Puraana defines our position as people in Bhaarat Varsha: \\\\\\\\\\\\ Uttaram yat samudrasya Himaadeshchaiva Dakshinam Varsham tad Bhaaratam naam Bhaarati yatra sanatatihi \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The region which is to the north of Indian ocean and to the south of Himaalayas is called Bharat Varsh and people there are known as Bhaarati.) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The tie of common holy -land has proved stronger than the chains of common mother-land. Look at the Mohammedans! Mecca to them is a sterner reality than Delhi or Agra. Some of them. Some of them do not make any secret of their desire to “sacrifice all India” if that to be to the “glory of Islam.” Look at the Jews! Neither centuries of prosperity nor sense of gratitude for the shelter they received, can make them more attached to the several countries they inhabit. Their love is divided between the land of their birth and the land of their prophets. The crusades again attest to the wonderful influence that common holy land exercises over the peoples widely separated in race nationality and language to bind them together. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Mohammedans or Christians of this country are not and cannot be recognized as Hindus. For, though Hindustan to them, is a land of birth (Pitru- Bhu) yet it is not to them a holy-land (Punya-Bhu). Their holy land is far off in Arabia or Palestine. Their mythology and god-men, ideas and heroes are not of this soil. Take the case of a patriotic Bohra or a Khoja countryman of ours. He loves our land of Hindustan as father-land (Pitru-Bhu) which undisputedly is the land of his fore fathers. He possesses pure Hindu blood. Bohras and Khojas as a community worship great ten avatars of Lord Vishnu only adding Mohammad as the eleventh incarnation. A Bohra or a khoja is actually, along with his community, subject to Hindu-law, the law of his fore fathers. He has the three essentials out of four to be qualified viz. Raastra, Jaati and Sanskriti to be qualified as a Hindu; but he does not consider this land as a holy-land (Panya-Bhu). Consequently their names and their outlook smack of foreign origin. They set their holy land above their father-land. That is but natural. We are not condemning nor are we lamenting. We are telling the facts as they stand. Therefore Mohammedan or a Christian of our country are not and cannot be recognized as Hindus even though they possess all the essential qualifications of Hindutva except one and that is they do not look upon Bhaarat as their holy-land. \\\\\\\\\\\ So long as ye, oh Hindus, look upon Hindustan as the land of your fore fathers and as the land of your prophets and cherish priceless heritage of their culture and their blood, so long nothing can stand in the way of your desire to expand. The only limits to Hindutva are the geographical limits of the earth!! \\\\\\\\\\ Yes! This Sindhustan, this Bhaarat bhoomi, this land of ours that stretches from Sindhu (River Sindhu) to Sindhu (Indian Ocean) is our Punya Bhoomi (Holy-Land). For it was in this land that the founders of our faith and seers to whom the Vedas were revealed lived. From Vedic seers to Swaami Dayaanand, from Jina to Mahaavira, from Buddha to Naagasen, from Naaanak to Govind Sing, from Bandaa Bahaadur to Basaveshwar, from Chakradhara to Chaitanya, from Raamdas to Raam Mohan- our Prophets, our Gurus and our God men, were born and bred here. The very dust of its paths echoes the foot falls of our Prophets and Gurus. Sacred are the rivers, hallowed are its groves for it was either on its moonlit ghaats or under their eventide long shadows, that deepest problems of life, of men, of soul and god, of Brahman and Maya were debated and discussed by a Buddha or a Shankara. Ah! Every hill and dell is infused with memories of a Kapila or a Vyaasa, or a Shankara or a Raamadaas! Here king Bhagiratha ruled! There Kurukshetra lies! Here Raamachandra made his first half of his exile. There Jaanaki saw the golden deer and fondly pressed her lover to catch it! Here the divine cowherd played on his flute that made every heart in Gokul dance in harmony as if in a hypnotized sleep! Here is Bodhi Vriksha! Here the Deer park! Here Mahaavir entered Nirvaan! Here stood crowds of worshippers amongst whom Naanak sang the aarati: “Gagan Thaal, Ravi-Chand deepak bane..” Here , Gopichand, the king, took the vows of Sannyaas, the jogi, and with a bowl in hand knocked at the sister’s door for alms! Here the son of Bandaa Bahaadur was hacked to pieces before the eyes of his father and the young bleeding heart of his son was thrust in to the father’s mouth for his fault of dying as a Hindu!!!** Every stone here has a story of martyrdom to tell! Every inch of soil oh, Mother! Has been a sanctified ground!! Not only where the Krihna Saar (black buck) is found, but from Kashmir to Sinhal it is- “Yajneeya Bhoomi” sanctified by Jnaana yajna or atma yajna. So to every Hindu from Santaal to saadhu this Bhaarat Bhoomi, this Sindhustan is at once Pitru Bhoomi and Punya Bhoomi. \\\\\\\\\\\\ **More than 50% of Muslims and Christians are forcible converts to their religion. In India the fact that, “Islam is not a religion of peace but it is the religion of Cruelty, a religion of murderers and marauders.”, is confirmed by the cruel killings of Chhatrapati Sambhaaji and a Sikh General Bandaa Bahaadur when they refused to embrace Islam!! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000