Date: 14 Dec 2010


Islamic Terrorism and Public Fear \\\\\\\\\\\ Dr. Babu Suseelan \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Our lifestyle has changed drastically to accommodate fear producing, life threatening criminal culture of Jihadis during the past 20 years. We experience deadly Jihadi terrorism in New York, in the Middle East, London, Paris, Mumbai and Madrid. Last week several innocent Hindus, Christians, and Kafirs were murdered in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Indias and Bangladesh. The Islamic criminals and Jihadi terrorists are terrorizing innocent citizens in every democcratic nations in every nook, cranny, peak and valley. And why not? Innocent people are being robbed, raped, assaulted, murdered, battered, stabbed and maimed and the average arrest clearance record of these Jihadi criminals by Islamic government is shameful. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Gone are the days when our culture, and liberal tradition which, was a trademark of the great democratic nations. The social problem, fear and anxiety caused by Jihadists and Muslim criminals is a fallout tragedy of our compromising attitude, indifference, apathy and passive lifestyle. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Marxist-phony-liberal intellectuals are in a hurry to accuse infidels suffering from Phobia. Yes, we are afraid of Jihadi-terrorists and Muslims with apocalyptic criminal ideology. Fear is natural, warranted and necessary for human survival from violence, dangerous animals and calamities. Phobia is an unnatural and irrational fear. Anxiety is unnecessary anticipated worry about the unknown. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Because of the criminal culture of Jihadis, we have become a nation that is wary of Jihadis next door. We are afraid to associate with their apocalyptic culture. Our fear is warranted. \\\\\\\\\\\ The public has natural, rational genuine fear of Islamists hiding in our communities with hidden agendas. Muslims in general are phobic and paranoiac towards Kafirs. Islamic irrational paranoia and phobia are projected skillfully on to infidels by Jihadis. \\\\\\\\\\ Fear created by Jihadis through terrorism and violence is clear and alarming. jihadi terrorist acts and their scare mongering preachers can electrify infidels with fear. There is a logical reason for our fear of jihadis living next door. our fear and paranoia cannot easily be undone unless Muslims are willing to reform Islam and change their fear producing Jihadi terrorism. Fear of Islam is nothing new.It is thousands of years old. Islam promotes fear, and deviant amplifying jihadi communities around the world repeats and repeats fear producing heinous crimes. Recently jihadis have created a self-sustaining cycle of fear because of their irrationality and paranoia of infidels. \\\\\\\\\\\\ To protect our life, limbs and liberty from jihadi terrorists, from the petty sociopath leaders of Islamic terrorist groups who violate our lives, and those mullahs who amplify our fears, it is natural and rational to express our fear against Islamists living in our communities. \\\\\\\\\\\ jihadis want psychologically devastate us and our children. Infidels are venerable, as individuals and as a population. Those who are in denial, ignorant or indifferent, will deny their fear of Jihadis. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Throughout history, non-Muslims have been intrigued by the deviant behavior of Muslims. Islam wants to establish Dar-ul-Islam around the world and want to make non-Muslims as Dhimmis. Violence and terrorism are justified and used as an Islamic legitimate ways to conquer infidel lands and subdue non-Muslims and collect Jaziiya (religious Tax) from those who refuse to convert to Islam. The Islamic doctrine indoctrinates Muslims at an early age that infidels are evil and they should be either converted or slaughtered in the name of Allah. The purpose of Muslims is to correct this evil infidels and strive toward Dar-ul-Islam. Since Muslims used Allah's dictates in the Koran as the criteria for judging others, infidels who did not conform to Islamic standards was considered "bad". \\\\\\\\\\ For many centuries this concept was part of Islamic dogma and so was given additional authority by Islamic religious leaders and rulers. Even today the Islamic principle of hatred against kafirs and infidels are bad are accepted by Muslims in all walks of life, including Islamic professionals. \\\\\\\\\\\ The concept that non-Muslims are evil make Muslims consider the world as a battle ground for Dar-ul Islam against Dar-ul-Harb. Jihadis constantly resort to violence, terrorism, homicide bombing and all destructive means for supremacy over infidels. \\\\\\\\\\\ The concept of duality in Islam can be found deeply embedded in Islamic tradition. It exists in the Koran, Hadith and Sura. If we fail to understand this Islamic mindset, we are doomed to eventual defeat against Islamic violence and Jihadi terrorism. Jihadis hiding in our communities must be regarded with suspicion. Law abiding non-Muslim citizens and law enforcement personnel must always be on guard for signs of violent Jihadi activity and ready to head of such tendencies as they appear. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The methods required to deal with such perverse Islamic tendencies must be powerful ones. Saving citizens from Jihadi terrorism calls for vigorous measures. Every time we bargain with our deadly criminals, we are compromising with our enemies, every time we show leniency we are compromising with terrorists. Our corrupt political leaders and phony intellectuals appease the masses with political rhetoric and empty slogans year after year, but criminals march ahead with their murder mayhem and the causalities increase. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000