Date: 15 Dec 2010


PAKISTAN IS DISPUTED, NOT KASHMIR. Dear Editor, .................... \\\\\\\\\\ Please note that it hurts to be deceived by treacherous politicians who accepted the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of one third of India to create a special and separate HOMELAND for the Indian Muslims in 1947. Although those entrusted with final say over india’s fate and frontiers were barristers-at-law they left more questions open than answered. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Can any part of India be ISLAMIC? And if Lahore is allowed to go “ISLAMIC” what about Delhi going “HINDU”, Amritsar going “SIKH” and Nagaland becoming CHRISTIAN? Was it not logical to NIP THE EVIL IN THE BUD? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ And if we concede separatist breakaway Pakistan then why is KORAN not banned in Partitioned India? Why were the Muslims not KICKED OUT while India watched the Hindus and Sikhs EXTERMINATED in Pakistan? \\\\\\\\\\\\ The so-called leaders who could even sell their mothers had NO mandate from the PEOPLE OF INDIA to negotiate the greatest surrender of history. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ There had been previous INVASIONS and OCCUPATIONS of the “lax and limp” India but never were the natives so thoroughly wiped out as in 1947. Nor were the people in their TENS OF MILLIONS forced out of their ancestral homes for good. \\\\\\\\\\ While praising Jawaharlal Nehru for getting us Independence and Mohammed Ali Jinnah as the “Father of Pakistan” one ought to ask, "How could both of them who were educated in multi-ethnic, multi-racial and secular ENGLAND to become barristers, agree to a provocative and offensive ISLAMIC republic in any part of India where the dignity of NON MUSLIMS and WOMEN would be so drastically reduced? \\\\\\\\\\\ While there was a proper case to try the aforesaid individuals, BOTH BORN IN INDIA, for HIGH TREASON, we suddenly had the Kashmir DISPUTE in order to fill columns of newspapers and waste hours of everybody's time at UNO. Was this something praiseworthy, commendable and to be proud of for India and the Indians? \\\\\\\\ We Indians do not seem to have any shame, self esteem or sense of patriotism left to feel the disgust of accepting Pakistan on our soil without throwing the Muslims OUT. At present neither Pakistan WITHOUT REFERENDUM is legitimate nor India looks decent confined within her disgusting map outline. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Have we ever pondered over the fact that both the great countries, the USA and the UK, are UNITED? What has BROKEN BHARAT and STARVING PAKISTAN got to boast of? \\\\\\\\\\\\ We, therefore, believe that- PAKISTAN IS DISPUTED, NOT KASHMIR! \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We cannot regard only Kashmir to be a disputed territory when in REALITY Pakistan itself is disputed. She is an illegitimate State and if we accept Kashmir to be disputed then we grant legitimacy to Pakistan! \\\\\\\\\\\ Pakistan is DISPUTED because it came about due to British pressure and Muslim bullying, blackmail and the threat of civil war. The first warning shot was fired in NOAKHALI in August 1946 that was as unexpected, sudden and devastating as the Al Qaida attack on WTC Towers in New York in September 2001? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Partition" was a beastly ATTACK on India’s integrity. unity and all the NON MUSLIMS living there. It must, therefore, be REPULSED and the aggressor punished. We ought to recall the punishment the Allies inflicted on Germany after repulsing her aggression in 1919 and 1945. \\\\\\\\\\\ The majority community in India was held to be “blind, dumb and deaf”, or simply IDIOTS, who would not react, retaliate or fight back, or think of a single condition in return. \\\\\\\\\\\ Indian Muslims found very willing allies in our British rulers and got away with capturing ONE THIRD of country overnight without referendum or transfer of populations. LUCKY DEVILS! \\\\\\\\\\\\ Prior to 1947 most Indians, including the likes of traitor MOHAMMED ali Jinnah, at one time President of "All-India Congress Party" and a champion of Secularism, were committed to "AKHAND" (UNITED) Bharat. Yet All-India Congress Party did not consult the PEOPLE while accepting the surrender of territory on their behalf. Many are still committed to "Akhand Bharat" but they are being disregarded or ridiculed. Only the cowards and the traitors agreed to Partition while Pandit Nehru, our autocratic leader, prevented the patriots from having their say. He also kept the powerful Indian Army in barracks thus covering them in eternal shame. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Nehru, fearing his assassination at the hands of a patriot increased his own personal security manifold and thus escaped death. On the other hand, MK Gandhi, who moved among the people freely without security guards, paid with his life. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ All-India Congress Party, that agreed to BOGUS Partition, is still in absolute power, keeping the patriots at bay and refusing to debate or discuss Partition. They still regard the masses “blind, dumb and deaf”. \\\\\\\\\\\ As a result of that defeat India emerged MUTILATED & bleeding, licking her wounds. She was forced to accept and settle tens of millions of refugees pouring in from Pakistan- East and West, while NOT forcing out an equal number of Muslims to leave for their cherished "Pak" (holy) land. \\\\\\\\\\\ Partition has labeled the Muslims living in India "traitors" for a good reason. They were ALL for Pakistan except a few. Now they are all living in Partitioned India, apparently calm & happy among the same (hated) INFIDELS (Kafirs). They are India’s biggest security risk or death trap. \\\\\\\\\\\\ The editors and journalists ought to reprint Mr. Jinnah's fiery speeches in which he made mockery of Hindu-Muslim unity and their co-existence. The ongoing violent separatist movement in Kashmir proves him right. \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is a great pity that India had a traitor to lead her into defeat, and even now, SIX DECADES later, the traitors have got India in their firm grip. There is NO "MAN" who would claim what is eternally our own. All the former refugees have nightmares, seeing their ancestral homes, lands and cities go under the murderous "Mogul Raj" once again. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ "Pakistan Resolution" was passed by All-India Muslim League on March 23, 1940. To understand the Muslim separatist mind and their FEARS in March 1940 we need to see India in the context of world events at that time. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Everyone, even our British masters, felt extremely unsafe and insecure after the rapid German advance and victories at the start of World War 2. Therefore, we must look at the beginning of 1940 when the Indian Muslims decided to STAB (their “Motherland”) INDIA IN THE BACK in order to create a new sovereign ISLAMIC State called Pakistan. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ With her very survival at stake England had to throw everything into war effort in order to survive. Food rationing was introduced in England on 8 January, 1940. Ration cards were issued to the population for butter, sugar, bacon and ham. By March, 1940 German armies were advancing unchecked. The Germans were poised to invade Norway and then England. \\\\\\\\\\\\ That was the time when Mohammed Ali Jinnah, fore-seeing the Germans occupying England within weeks and the withdrawal of all British troops from India to defend their own motherland, decided to press ahead with his demand for Pakistan. He had imagined great bloodshed and anarchy breaking out in India where the Muslims would be decimated and become slaves of the Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. Jinnah saw an alarming power vacuum in India that would suck in millions to their deaths. To him the only way out was to make a claim for a separate Islamic homeland where the Muslims could live in safety away from their Hindu enemies. In the event the Muslim safety in Pakistan was translated into the bloody extermination of the non Muslims there within days. Inder Kumar Gujral, a refugee from Jhelum, explained, “Our Muslim neighbours became “beasts” in no time and set about loot, arson, murder, abduction and rape on an unprecedented scale.” \\\\\\\\\\\ It is astonishing as to how, or why, the previous centuries of savage Islamic rule were so completely forgotten or overlooked by the Hindu leaders. They considered the Muslims normal human beings like themselves. But in reality those brought up on the teachings of Koran, and brainwashed in mosques into regarding non Muslims as loathsome infidels, are poles apart from those who pay heed to the teachings of Bible or Guru Granth Sahib. \\\\\\\\\\\ No nation SURRENDERS its territory without a good reason or condition. Hence the unconditional surrender of India after those Independence talks is totally incomprehensible. \\\\\\\\\\\ Given the fact that the Hindus are dead as dodo in Pakistan while the Muslim rate of reproduction in Partitioned India outnumbers that of the Hindus, is a cause for great concern. \\\\\\\\\\\ The PEOPLE of India saw the betrayal of their country in 1947. They must now assert the view that Partition was grand deception to conquer vast territories of India. It MUST be rejected. \\\\\\\\\\\ We believe that immediately after Partition Nehru and Jinnah collaborated to CREATE the Kashmir dispute. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Their treacherous logic went like this: “Brother” Jinnah was allowed to advance five miles (i.e., capture five provinces of India) in a lightning strike (“BLITZKRIEG”) and before the Indians could even recover in order to retaliate, Jinnah was to leap forward another mile (go for Kashmir!). \\\\\\\\\\\ Their clever logic was that all attention would be focused on that extra ONE mile with nobody recalling the previous five miles. SIMPLE? \\\\\\\\\\ How foolish we really were, to be hoodwinked by the two “dirty” barristers, to accept Pakistan but think of Kashmir as "disputed"! \\\\\\\\\\\ We are still "BLIND, DEAF & DUMB", thanks to our rulers (Dynasty & Congress) on top who are LOOTING and BASHING us, and our editors & professors who are FOOLING us while betraying “Akhand Bharat”. \\\\\\\\\\ 15 Dec 10 \\\\\\\\\\\ ========== 000000000