Date: 19 Dec 2010


THE MOST DANGEROUS HINDU IN HISTORY WAS CALLED JAWAHARLAL NEHRU WHO SURRENDERED FIVE PROVINCES OF INDIA TO THE ENEMY WITHOUT LAYING DOWN A SINGLE CONDITION OR EVEN INSISTING ON REFERENDUM. \\\\\\\\\\ LIKE INDIRA, RAJIV AND RAHUL HE WAS THE GREAT FRIEND AND ADMIRER OF MOHAMMED OF MECCA BUT A SWORN ENEMY OF SRI KRISHNA OF MATHURA AND SRI RAM OF AYODHYA AND EVEN OF GURU NANAK OF PUNJAB. BUT FOR THE "BRAINWASHED ONE BILLION DEMOLISHED" HINDU "SHEEP & GOATS" THEY ARE FRIENDS WHILE FELLOW HINDUS AND SIKHS ARE ENEMIES. =========== Only in Bharat a stupid and dangerous politician like Rahul Gandhi is tolerated by a billion Hindus. It is our weakness and confused restraint that produce people like Rahul Gandhi and Digvijay Singh,who can roam unchecked and unharmed. If the current democracy is producing snakes like these,I would opt for the military rule in Bharat for 5 years that can help bring the real democracy.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ============== Rahul on terrorism\\\\\\\\\\\ Tavleen Singh Tags : Tavleen Singh,\\\\\\\ indian express columnists, indian express \\\\\\\\\\\\ 0ped Posted: Sun Dec 19 \\\\\\\\\\\\\ You cannot be a political columnist in India today and ignore the man who could be our prime minister tomorrow if he wants. But, for those of us obliged to pay careful attention to Rahul Gandhis political career, one big problem is that he seems never to have any views on anything. He spends long nights in remote villages but returns with no insights on improving rural living conditions. He befriends farmers widows in Vidarbha but has no views on what can be done to stop farmers suicides. He tells the adivasis in Niyamgiri that he will be their sipahi in Delhi but does not tell us if by this he means he would like them to continue being primitive, marginal communities. He tells us that he thinks that SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) is just as bad as the RSS but does not explain why. So it makes it that much more curious that he should have made his first serious policy statement to the American ambassador. \\\\\\\\\\\\ He was lunching in the American Embassy, we hear from WikiLeaks, and when the subject of Indias security concerns came up, he said that he believed radicalised Hindu groups were more of a threat to India than the Lashkar-e-Toiba. As someone who has always laughed indulgently at Rahuls rural field trips and other foibles, my first reaction was to laugh. And, then I stopped myself. Rahuls comment is too serious to laugh at. Not when we know of the Lashkar-e-Toibas role as the organiser of 26/11. \\\\\\\\\\\ Perhaps, nobody told Rahul Gandhi about the origins of the Lashkar and the reasons why it is such a powerful terrorist organisation. Perhaps, nobody told him that it was created by the Pakistani Army and that its founder, Hafiz Mohammed Saeed, was seen last week in the company of high officials at some event in Islamabad. Can Rahul name one Hindu radical group that has the backing of the Indian Army? Can he name one Hindu radical group that has the protection of the Indian state? So, for the man who could be our future prime minister, to believe that radical Hindu groups are more of a threat than the Lashkar-e-Toiba is not just bizarre, but very scary. \\\\\\\\\\ There are those who dismissed Rahuls comments as stupidity but to do this is to absolve him of responsibility for what he said. Besides, there seems to be more to what Rahul Gandhi told the American ambassador if you keep in mind what another Congress general secretary, Digvijay Singh, recently said about Hemant Karkares tragic death. He later clarified that he had not meant that the terrorist attack on Mumbai was the work of Hindu terrorists but has not explained why he was releasing a book called, RSS ki saazish26/11. This absurdly titled book has been written by a Muslim journalist and if Digvijay Singh was not sympathetic to the idea mentioned so explicitly in the title, what was he doing at the books release? \\\\\\\\\\ When Rahul Gandhis comments to the American ambassador became public last week, he responded by saying that all terrorism and communalism was dangerous for India. This goes without saying but what does not go without saying is why senior leaders of the Congress Party are playing such dangerous games with these two evil cousins. Is it because the drubbing in Bihar has caused temporary insanity? Is it because Rahul is so unnerved about reducing (despite his best efforts) the Congress Partys seats in the Bihar legislature to four that he is listening to old type advisors? The kind who believe the only way for the Congress to revive itself in northern India is by exploiting those ancient divisions of caste and creed? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If this is so, Rahul Gandhis future looks very bleak. If there is a lesson he can learn from Bihar it is that even in our poorest, most backward state, it is no longer possible to fool voters (either Hindu or Muslim) into being misled by false divisions of caste and creed. Nitish Kumar won a second term because people could see the roads, schools and hospitals he built. But, I digress from the main point of this piece which is to assert as firmly as I possibly can that national security is sacrosanct. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If at the highest levels of the Congress Party there are people who believe that the Lashkar-e-Toiba is less dangerous for India than homegrown Hindu radical groups, then Pakistan has won not just on the terrorist front but on the propaganda front as well. Lets stop sending Islamabad those dossiers and lists of jihadi terrorists. They are meaningless now. Meanwhile, let the Congress Party try persuading the people of India that Hindu terrorists are the biggest threat to national security and see how many seats they win in the next election. \\\\\\\\\\ Follow Tavleen Singh on Twitter @ tavleen_singh\\\\\\\\000000000