Date: 21 Dec 2010


Subj: Woman's position in Islam\\\\\\\\\ 1. Quote: Harry Potter actress was 'beaten and branded a prostitute by her family after dating man who was not a Muslim'\\\\\\\\\\ Read more: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ COMMENT: This is a perfect example of Islam's treatment of its women. This treatment has been part of Islam for 1400 years. Look into the face of Islam, and you are looking into the face of evil. Most Moslems accept the teachings of Islam, without questioning, but Islam's teachings are out & out bizarre & brutal. Islam is full of barbarism. \\\\\\\\\\ 2. What was the crime of Harry Potter actress, Afshan Azad, a 22 year old Moslem girl ? Answer: She dated a Hindu boy, a Kafir, and her Brother Ashraf & her Father Abdul Azad did not like it. They beat the tar out of her, and threatened to kill her. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Afshan fled through ther bed-room window, little did she realize that this was her window of opportunity, because her Brother & Father had threatened actually, to kill her. \\\\\\\\\\ 4. Afshan stayed with friends in London, and reported to Police. But despite her harrowing experience, she would not voluntarily come to court. Strange but dumb. Islam tears into, not only the body but also into the soul of its victim. It is not only lethally-effective, but also psychologically-successful. It blocks the cognitive powers of the victim. \\\\\\\\\\ 5. Islam's treatment of its women is pitiful & doleful. After Islam took over Arabia, the position of women became much worse. The old rituals & practices of Un-Civilized Bedouins, became the revealed commands of Allah. \\\\\\\\\\\\ In the world of today, the social position of Islamic women, is depressed. The source of this dejection & deprivation, is the depressed theological position of women in Islam. Women in Islam can neither receive any honor nor any justice, from Islamic Sharia law. Quran talks again & again, about man's unquestioned superiority over women. Under the compulsions & impulses of Islam's theology & its Sharia law, the fate of Islamic women is sealed. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000