Date: 21 Dec 2010


This is a deliberate extension of anti-Sikh(Hindu) attitudinal policies. A few years ago most of the transport servioces were operated by the Sikhs in Delhi and surrounding areas, but these have been reduced to a TRICKLE due to MASSACRE of the Sikhs in 1984. The Law and Order was effective under the dedicated and disciplined Sikh IPS and IAS Officers, what is the situation now?\\\\\\\\\\\ And now with the Muslim takeover in East Punjab Security issues will certainly jeopardise our regional and national interests. \\\\\\\\\\\\ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: MUSLIM POLICE IN EAST PUNJAB \\\\\\\\\\ IT IS SHOCKING. Hindus and Sikhs will be wiped out in EAST Punjab, too. How many Hindus or Sikhs are in police in WEST Punjab?\\\\\\\\\\\ Here is a line from an e-mail received: "Besides, most IPS Police officer in Punjab are now Muslims. A lot of Muslim migrant from Bihar and UP now live in Punjab." \\\\\\\ It is the worst news we ever heard. Muslim police in 1947 fired their bullets straight into Hindu and Sikh demonstrators but they PROTECTED their fellow Muslims. Nehru was ONE OF THEM who looked at us through the eyes of the author of KORAN while Bapu Gandhi went silent. The Hindu nation was "fatherless, defenseless and helpless" in 1947 and had to surrender vast Indian territories ("dharti mata") unconditionally. IT STILL IS. \\\\\\\\\\\\ We feel that the Sikhs, too, are now being deliberately reduced to serving slaves ("nishkam sewaks") of MAFIA DYNASTY under their definition of Secularism in which Muslims get five provinces of Bharat (PAKISTAN) and can retain even NORTH KASHMIR while the Hindus and Sikhs (and "Akhand Bharat") must not even appear in Constitution for any special PROTECTION from this oncoming flood of mosques, churches and even MUSLIM POLICE OFFICERS in East Punjab that is now ONE FIFTH of its original size due to strategy of MAFIA BRIGADE with a FOREIGN "Rashtramata" ON TOP OF ALL. \\\\\\\\\\\ There is no such DEGRADED SLAVE NATION anywhere on earth heading straight for its complete slavery. What glory can its armed forces boast of who could not defend Lahore nor recover North Kashmir? \\\\\\\\\\\\============= 000000000