Date: 22 Dec 2010


Will Honor Killing Threats Keep Harry Potter Actress in Permanent Hiding?\\\\\\ by Phyllis Chesler\\\\\\\\\ NewsRealBlog\\\\\\\\\\\ December 21, 2010 \\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\\ Afshan Azad, 22, the high-profile Harry Potter actress remains in hiding after refusing to appear in a London court. Ms. Azad had been seeing a non-Muslim man, a Hindu. Her family, specifically her father, Abul Azad, 53, and her brother Ashraf, 28, called her a "prostitute" and tried to force her into an arranged marriage with a Muslim man. Her brother also beat and her father threatened to kill her in May of this year. She escaped her family home and has been in hiding ever since. According to the Telegraph, she refused to testify against her family, saying that doing so would endanger her further. Apparently the British police tried but failed to persuade Ms. Azad to testify. \\\\\\\\\\ Read the complete original version of this item...\\\\\\\\ Related Topics: Honor Killings, Islamic Gender & Religious Apartheid\\\\\\\\\\ ================\\\\\\\\\\\ ANY MOHAMMED WITH A JEWISH, CHRISTIAN OR HINDU GIRL IS REGARDED A HERO, A CONGUEROR, LIKE HIS PROPHET AND ADORED BY THE WHOLE COMMUNITY. BUT GOD HELP THE "DAUGHTER OF MOHAMMED" WHO MAY DARE TO WALK OUT WITH A JEW, CHRISTIAN OR HINDU BOY. THEN THE HELL CRASHES ON THE PAIR. THE WORLD MUST MAKE SURE THAT FOR EVERY MOHAMMED SEDUCING AND RUNNING OFF WITH A NON MUSLIM GIRL THERE ARE TEN, EVEN HUNDRED NON MUSLIM BOYS WHO TAKE OUT MUSLIM GIRLS AND HAVE FUN WITH THEM. THE WORLD MUST TEACH MOHAMMED EQUALITY OF RELIGIONS AND SEXES.\\\\\\\\\ 000000000