Date: 27 Dec 2010


WHY MANDIR WILL NOT BE BUILT! \\\\\\\\\\ Please note that while we are spending so much time and nerves the ENEMY is fast asleep, having rest. \\\\\\\\\ He said this only once: "HINDUS CANNOT BUILD THE TEMPLE HERE," and set all the Hindus RUNNING AROUND IN CIRCLES, giving speeches, writing articles, proving the existence of Sri Ram and paying advocates and barristers. The ENEMY is enjoying all this. We acknowledge his strength. \\\\\\\\ Is it not better to study THEIR ways of getting ahead? \\\\\\\\ Brother, you may not know that when our Bapu Gandhi said, "India will be cut on my dead body," the Muslims did not go to any supreme court or consult a lawyer. \\\\\\\\\ They suddenly took out knives, daggers and swords and MASSACRED thousands of Hindus in NOAKHALI sending shock waves across Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\ Seeing our Bapu Gandhi still dilly dallying on the issue, they UNLEASHED another brutal MASSACRE- this time in Rawalpindi district- TEN TIMES more beastly, ferocious and bloody. \\\\\\\\ Gandhi, Nehru and the whole of India immediately conceded their demand, KNEELING DOWN, and totally forgot to ask for even ONE condition in return. \\\\\\\ So, what is stopping the MAJORITYI COMMUNITY from doing likewise to the Muslims what they would understand well and proper? \\\\\\\\\ Now think of this seriously: After Partition they even do not have the constitutional or statutory right to live and procreate in PARTITIONED India! \\\\\\\\\ They did our ETHNIC CLEANSING in Pakistan and the "SWINE" have the bad manners to call us "infidels". \\\\\\\\\\ 28 Dec 10\\\\\\\\\\\\ ========= In a message dated 27/12/2010 04:00:13 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxx writes: With appeal in SC when will the Ayoddhyaa Mandir be built? \\\\\\\\\\ (Supreme Court bench deliberated for 7 months in 1994 and said, “We will not answer.”) \\\\\\\\\\\ We, secular by nature, Hindus, should say that the structure which was demolished on 6-12-1992, was theTemple of Baabari structure. The Communal Congress and Communist secularists who have scant respect for Hindu sentiments as well as TRUTH, and who do not shy away from showing admiration for violent criminal history of Islam and Christianity, call this structure as Baabari Mosque. We know that in the West some old Churches are used as temples. And if Hindus want to give a proper shape to the temple demolishing old structure hue and cry is not raised that a Church is destroyed. \\\\\\\ Before 6th December 1992, when the temple of Baabari structure was demolished, it was used as a temple for 43 years. Well before the event of 1992 The courts of our country (SC & HC) had ample evidences that Baabar built a mosque by destroying a huge temple of Raam. (Anybody will wonder why any evidence is required. It is well known that it is an Islamic duty for Muslims to destroy temples and Idols and Kill non-Muslims or convert them forcibly. This is truth of Islamic History. Even the Kaabaa Mosque was built in this way. Only thing is that there is no Hindus to claim their rights in Arabia! Thus it becomes the duty of the Muslims to prove that that their mosques are not built by demolishing Hindu-Temples and till then hand over all the disputed mosques in India to Hindus and retain only the pure ones.) Now coming back to the subject, the Muslim historians themselves called this Mosque built by Baabar at Ayodhyaa as “Janmastaan Mosque.” But whose birth place was it? Was it of Baabar? Or of Mohammad? Or of Karl Marx? No! It was referred to Lord Raam’s birth place.\\\\\\\\\\ The judge of Faijaabaad on 3rd March 1951 wrote in the written evidences that, “The Muslims of Ayoddhyaa have given to the court on oath and in writing, “The Baabari Structure-temple was not used as Masjid(Mosque) at least from 1936. Nobody offers Namaaj there.” The judge further confirmed that there was nothing to prove what the Muslims of Ayoddhyaa gave in writing. A mosque where Namaaj is not offered for decades does not remain a mosque in the real sense. From 1949 Hindus started offering poojaa in that Baabari structure installing idol of Raam-lalla (Child Raam). Therefore it was a temple for 43 years till the demolition. It was but natural that Hindus wanted to give a proper and magnificent shape befitting one of holiest places of Hindus. But our big, big news papers and TV channels highlighted that a mosque was demolished. None told the truth to the people that a temple was demolished for constructing a proper larger temple. It seems that all these honest and fearless journalists have sold their souls to Islamic and Christian money which flows into the country for conversion and terror activities!! Who cares for the truth?\\\\\\\\\\\ It was an old story. Hindus appealed in Allahabad high court in 1951. Four years later in 1955, judge of the court wrote, “It is very sad thing that courts could not give judgment on this all important issue in 4 years.” When Allahabad high court passed the above remark only four years were passed, without giving any decision on the issue. With courts sleeping over the matter 40 more years passed. Judges were complacent and lethargic. They forgot that they get the money out of taxes paid by the citizens of this country. People ask for justice but they did not have any interest in delivering the justice. July 1992 came; the courts were still hearing the case. \\\\\\\\\\\ When Kara-sevaa started in July 1992 to build the proper temple to Lord Raam, the supreme court woke up from the sleep. It informed UP government that if the government can stop the kara-sevaa it would take up the case and give the judgment quickly. Kara- Sevaa was stopped. But the supreme court went back on its promise. It put the ball back in Allahabad high court and instructed the court to give justice quickly. Hindus thought that this time judgment could come quickly. Therefore they fixed the date for kara-sevaa on 6th December 1992. Hearing of the case was finished on4th November1992. UP government (headed by Kalyaansingh) and others requested the court to deliver the judgment immediately. But one of the judges went on a leave. To this judge going on leave was more important than giving the judgment.\\\\\\\\\\ The judges decide punishment for others but when they themselves commit injustice who can punish them? Because of disrespect for Hindu sentiments by the judges the baabari-structure-temple was demolished by the Raam- sevaks on 6th December 1992.\\\\\\\\\\ There is some limit to the patience. Government, media, congress party, communists and the communal-secularists –all want to punish the guilty Hindus who in reality are innocent. But who will punish the courts for their unpardonable delay and inaction? \\\\\\\\ Now the Muslim Leaders told that, if it is proved that if there was temple below the Baabari structure, they would hand over the site to Hindus. The Government of P.M. Chandrashekhar decided that the decision should be based only on this fact, “Was there a temple or not below the Baabari structure?” President of India asked same question to Supreme Court. 5 judges of the supreme court deliberated on the issue from Feb 1994 to Sept 1994 (after 3000 man hours). After hearing the case for some seven months they gave the verdict : “We do not want to answer.” Three of the judges of supreme court –Chief justice Venkatachalayya, Justice J.S. Varma and Justice B.N. Ray wrote their judgment: “With great respect we refuse to answer the query and returning the query back.” They signed the judgment on 24.10.1994. Other two judges –Justice A.M.Ahamadi and Justice S.P.Bharucha replied to the president’s query by their judgment: “We are returning the query to the president without any answer.” Politicians and Governments repeat without tiring that people should respect the judgement. What sort of Judgment is it? Is it not fooling the public in the name of justice? President asked the Supreme Court, “Was there a temple below Babri-structure?” Supreme court told that “We will not answer.” Supreme Court decided That it would not decide. What an inefficient justice system which we get from Christian British Government! Supreme Court could not understand anguish of 80 crore Hindus! Is it not a corrupt justice?\\\\\\\\\\ Now you see how such insensitive judges become extremely sensitive when they are kickedhow hurt they feel.When news papers wrote about many lustful judges (Free Press Journal 29.03.2003) Chief justice told he could not sleep for many days. He started investigations quickly; because he was hit on the face bluntly.\\\\\\\\\\\ Now you decide who was guilty of demolishing Babri Structure Temple? Ram’s devotees? Or these so called secular media, government or judges who were collectively responsible by unbearable delay, inaction and spreading misinformation?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Now after the September HC judgment people are appealing in Supreme Court. Can the court which earlier said that it was unwilling to answer is willing to answer now? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Ref: Maanoj Raakhit. Ayoddhyaa Raam Mandir- The facts that did not reach you. Arun Shouri. The Ayoddhyaa reference and the Supreme Court Judgment. Koenrad Elst. Ayoddyaa the case against the temple. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 19-P M prabhu/ 25-12-2010 000000000