Date: 29 Dec 2010


CORRUPTION\\\\\\\\ An excellent analysis of situation in India with regard to Corruption. \\\\\\\\\\\\ In order to keep a strangulating hold on his Indian "COOLIE COLONY" Pandit Nehru devised a unique strategy of action. \\\\\\\\\\ The aim was to deny victory to any other person or party, in order to turn the rule of democracy into rule of dynasty. For this he had to IMPOVERISH and INTIMIDATE the people and KEEP THE MASSES IGNORANT. Corruption is a great weapon to destroy a nation. \\\\\\\\\\\ When the people are ruined through corruption then they become dependent and scared. This is the case with the Indians. They are light years away from the self-esteem and level of awareness of a Briton or an American. This is exactly the first thing a patriotic prime minister would have done, that is, to clean up the residual stains of slavery, reform the old colonial system of administration and give the people FREEDOM from corruption and PRIDE in Bharat and themselves. Nehru started the ball rolling in the OPPOSITE direction. We see the results. \\\\\\\\\\\ Very significantly in the LAST line you mention: "They should be cornered, contained and a force continuum shall be applied to save India."\\\\\\\\ The word "FORCE" clearly points to the Armed Forces if the people are confused, divided, impoverished, timid and compliant who would rather wash the feet of Sonia or Rahul that ask them to declare the Bofors commission. \\\\\\\\\\ Sixty-three years is a very long time, nearly THREE GENERATIONS of Indians born and dead. Yet corruption has only INCREASED and none can handle the situation except the LAST RESORT, i.e., the army. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ But the question is, "Can a demolished, impoverished and exploited third class "coolie" nation produce an upright first class army?" \\\\\\\\\\\\ To most Indians living abroad the Indian Army looks like any other corrupted civil service or department in Bharat, hollowed by timidity and subservience of the generals and the motions of "going along with the system". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ But nature has its own way. Where even the army is "going along with the system" REVOLUTION comes that sweeps away both the Civil and the Army. India is likely to end up with this scenario. \\\\\\\\\\\\ 28 Dec 10 ============= \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 27/12/2010 04:01:54 GMT Standard Time, writes: India was a rich country. Muslims from Arabia, Christians from Europe and criminals from all over the world flocked to India for grabbing our wealth. India is still a rich country. Now our corrupt politicians are looting our wealth, misdirecting our public and mismanaging our economy without any strong opposition and public backlash. One of the most complicated problems facing India is how to wipe out corruption and promote national spirit and national authority. Does the government have the authority to override the wishes of its citizens? How we force political rulers to conform to higher standard of justice? Political leaders think that law does not have to be obeyed? Political leaders who disobey the law in India think only of his own wealth and freedom. Key point is that under the present circumstances it is virtually impossible to secure unanimous agreement on how to punish corrupt political leaders and bureaucrats. Laws are applied arbitrarily in India. Indian political rulers lie and cover up their looting. Political lies are like snake bites: Unless their poison is speedily removed, remedial efforts may be of interests only to coroners. As long as the political lies, and corruption are not exposed and the guilty punished, the same cycle will continue. If it is not exposed, people's attention wanders. The congress party is trying to cast aspersions on the motives of critics to insulate corrupt politicians. The Sonia gang is now devoting a good deal of its time to attacking Hindus and Hindu organizations to secure their positions and to continue looting public money. Politicians in India are not honest. They are like a salamander growing back a lost tail. Hindus should organize and mount a serious attack on the Corrupt politicians. We cannot count on the media. The media always treat the corrupt politicians like statessmen. Why do the majority ignore political frauds and swallow pervasive lies from the Congress Party leaders year after year. It is national malady. We are we indifferent to facts, incapable of judging when our nation's wealth is depleted? It is time for the general public to get out of the delusion that the Congress party represents Hindu values. Citizens should not support or endorse corrupt politicians who who abuse them. Politicians are deceiving the public through manipulation and magic. Remember: criminal politicians have no fear, guilt or remorse for their anti national-corrupt practices. They loot without fear of retaliation. They should be cornered, contained and a force continuum shall be applied to save India. 000000000