Date: 31 Dec 2010


REPUBLIC DAY is approaching. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ On this day in 1953 Jawaharlal Nehru became the first prime minister of PARTITIONED India that was re-named Bharat by Constitution. It is necessary to get an eye witness account of Partition, Nehru and his VIDHAN. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Partition was the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of India's five provinces (States were then called provinces) to the savage Muslims who "killed" India that was regarded AKHAND BHARAT by the top leader of that time called Mahatma Gandhi. It ought to have been conceded only after holding REFERENDUM to get the approval of PEOPLE OF INDIA in a democratic way. \\\\\\\\\\ It was the first time ever that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was exposed as a MUSLIM AT HEART since he did what only a Muslim could do to Bharat. Only a Muslim could attack the land of his birth which the Hindus call Bharat Mata (MOTHER India). Only a Muslim goes out to KILL fellow humans while the Hindus regard life as sacred. \\\\\\\\\\\ 1947 was the year in which the sheep seemed to welcome and entertain the wolves to the extent that CONTRARY TO ALL EXPECTATIONS New Delhi did not come in HINDU RASHTRA while Lahore went in ISLAMIC Republic. \\\\\\\\\\\ Young Hindus have to be told that GENERAL (WIDESPREAD) massacres of Hindus had started nearly a year before the departure of the British rulers. Hence all responsibility for protecting life and property in the British colony rested squarely with the British rulers but they had become weak at the end of World War 2 and also selective or PARTISAN, in order to help the Muslims who were as ALIEN in Hindusthan as the Europeans. Feeling insecure as FOREIGNERS the British made allies with the Muslims against the Hindus. \\\\\\\\\\\ The great Massacre of Hindus in Noakhali District of Bengal took place during British rule and so did the other Great Massacre in Rawalpindi District that took place in March 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ Widespread massacres of Hindus across Pakistan that went on AFTER 15th. of August, 1947, the date of Transfer of Power, were the direct result of Pandit Nehru’s personal contempt of Hindus and hatred of Sikhs. Nehru never asked Jinnah to STOP THEM or fear retaliation. They can be regarded as MOPPING UP operations, that is, finishing off the few surviving Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan in order to complete the ethnic cleansing. \\\\\\\ We can imagine how the HINDUS felt becoming victims of the two ideological “brothers” called JINNAH and NEHRU. One killed the Hindus by SWORD, the other "killed" the HINDUS by “Vidhan”. \\\\\\\\ Whether you kill a person by poison or by bullet the end effect on the victim is the same. In both cases he is DEAD. So, on the sub continent in South Asia the Hindus DIED in 1947 by Sword as well as by Constitution. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hindus, young and old, ought to take an active interest in their survival and start an open discussion to enlighten the masses. \\\\\\\\\\\ 31 December 2010 ================================== 000000000