Date: 01 Jan 2011


It stands to commonsense that Kayani will not go all the way with the Americans. (SEE BELOW).\\\\\\\\\ Firstly, the Taliban are the creation of Pakistan.\\\\\\\ Secondly, they will be needed to INVADE Kashmir eventually.\\\\\\\ Thirdly, crushing them more will bring about REVOLUTION against the Govt of Pakistan. They enjoy POPULAR support there.\\\\\\\\ Fourthly, they are FELLOW MUSLIMS.\\\\\\ Fifthly if they are finished then there will be no more "trillions of dollars" coming in from the USA.\\\\\\\\\ 1/1/11\\\\\\\\\\ ==============\\\\\\ In a message dated 01/01/2011 05:43:56 GMT Standard Time, writes:\\\\\\\\ U.S. EFFORTS FAIL TO CONVINCE PAKISTAN'S TOP GENERAL TO TARGET TALIBAN\\\\\\\ Posted by The Himalayan Voice:\\\\\\\\\\ [Kayani, who as Pakistan's army chief has more direct say over the country's security strategy than its president or prime minister, has resisted personal appeals from President Obama, U.S. military commanders and senior diplomats. Recent U.S. intelligence estimates have concluded that he is unlikely to change his mind anytime soon. Despite the entreaties, officials say, Kayani doesn't trust U.S. motivations and is hedging his bets in case the American strategy for Afghanistan fails. ( Read more)] \\\\\\\\\\ ============== 000000000