Date: 01 Jan 2011


Quote: "Solving the dispute between India and Pakistan is vital to achieving a broader regional peace." Unquote.\\\\\\\\\\ India's response must be, "NONSENSE!" \\\\\\ It is solving the PAKISTAN DISPUTE that will ensure peace in South Asia.\\\\\\ Firstly, Pakistan is a BOGUS "Homeland of Indian Muslims in India" if MUSLIMS are still seen in India. \\\\\\\\\ Secondly accepting Pakistan means that ANY part of India that has a Muslim majority or attains Muslim majority in the future has the right to secede. \\\\\\\\\ Where will India end up if the Muslims concentrate on REPRODUCTION through four wives and the Hindu/Sikh/Christian "girl friends" seduced and raped, to outpace the rate of growth of the Hindus five to ten times? \\\\\\\\\\\ To accept Pakistan WITHOUT expelling all the Muslims was India's suicidal mistake due to one man alone, and he was Jawaharlal Nehru. \\\\\\\\\\\ His Dynasty still has suffocating HOLD over Hindusthan. Hence the question is upside down and we regard Kashmir but not Pakistan as the issue of dispute. \\\\\\\\\\\ 1.1.11 ======================= ANOTHER REBUTTAL OF PAKISTANI CLAIM:\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 01/01/2011 18:47:13 GMT Standard Time, writes: The root cause of Indian-Pakistani problem and the Kashmir issue is Islam. Its inability to practice democracy, live in peace with non-Muslims, allow pluralism and secularism with in Islamic state boundaries are the real reasons for Pakistani Muslims hostility against India. \\\\\\\\\\\ Western nations have a vested interest in keeping Kashmir boiling. They supply arms, ammunition and millions of dollars to Pakistan and Pakistan divert the money for establishing Jihadi terrorism factories producing millions of Jihadis and sending them in all infidel countries. India-Pakistan problem will not be over by giving the entire Kashmir in a plate to Pakis. Pakistan Muslims want to take over the entire India for Allah. They are serious of making India into a Dar-ul-Islam. The west and China have vested interests in keeping India at its toe. India has never attacked any other country, destroyed any other civilization, practice democracy and provide special privileges to Muslims and Christens that is denied to Hindu majority. The west hates India not because India is a military threat, but we are posing a great intellectual challenge to Christianity and western parochial thinking.\\\\\\\\\\\\ They know Islam is the root cause of India-Pakistan-kashmir conflict. But they are hiding the fact and want the flare-up to continue for reasons. The media play games using the word Human Rights etc for mental misdirection and to psycho program the western public against India. 000000000