Date: 04 Jan 2011


NEWS:\\\\\\\\\ Rejecting violent jihad in India\\\\\\\\\\ In 2002, Rubina Sandhi's home burned down by Hindu mobs during anti-Muslim riots. Instead of turning to violence, she is one of India's many Muslims who are fighting back against extremism. \\\\\\\\\\\\ COMMENT:\\\\\\\\\\\ Please study the news item carefully. It is planted by the ENEMIES of Hindus. We read about "violence by Hindu mobs". The reader will think so bad of the Hindus! \\\\\\\ One does not get any idea of the INITIAL MISCHIEF & PROVOCATION of Muslims that brought about RETALIATION. \\\\\\\\\ The Truth is that as always the initiators of violence were the MUSLIMS. But dishonest media cover it all up nicely. Let us move on: \\\\\\\\ This Rubina Sandhi's presence and "crusade" against Hindu extremism should be eye opener for the HINDU victims of Islamic aggression since 712 AD. If she loves her fellow Indians so much then she ought to have gone to Pakistan to throw some water on the FIRES OF HATRED AND VIOLENCE from which even the Christians are not safe. Further, please note: \\\\\\\\ Firstly, after PARTITION when the Muslims VIOLENTLY BROKE UP India, disregarding all the Rubinas, and captured one third of India's area to establish Pakistan there was no place after that for any Muslim in BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned India).\\\\\\\\\\ Secondly, while the Muslims in PAKISTAN did a thorough ETHNIC CLEANSING of Hindus there was NO retaliation by the Hindus. They continued to receive the BLEEDING SURVIVORS (refugees) from Pakistan while clinging to the MUSLIMS calling them "brothers and sisters". \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The Hindus were and still are under the suicidal spell of GANDHI and his teachings which are in total CONTRAST to the teachings of KORAN for the Muslims. The latter advances with the Sword, the former promptly kneels down willing to be BEHEADED.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Thirdly, Let us look away from India at another country: Had the Muslims in AMERICA got away with their PARTITION not one would have dared to stay back in Partitioned America.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please recall the start of war against Japan in 1941. America INTERNED all the Japanese living in that country. This is how MANLY countries react to threats to their territory and people. This contrasts with Indian leaders' weakness, lack of patriotism or plain STUPIDITY. \\\\\\ In contrast the INDIANS have neither any TERRITORIAL SENSE nor any wish to IDENTIFY the enemy. The Muslims KILLED two million Hindus on their side of border while Hindus continued to embrace the Muslims. Even today there is NO memorial anywhere in India to the Dead of 1947. The Hindu nation is being kept totally IGNORANT about its deadly ENEMY. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Fourthly, if Rubina Sandhi is so touched and moved by Hindu violence what better for her than to go to ISLAMIC PAKISTAN and plead there with people, government and the TALIBAN to accept the non Muslim as "brothers" or even as fellow citizens. Who is to tell her that violence NEVER starts from the Hindus but only OCCASIONALLY, as retaliation. Don't the Hindus have the right to self defence and survival? \\\\\\\\\\\\ She could embrace Hindu religion to atone for the barbarity of her fellow Muslims at Partition. She could speak up in Pakistan (the homeland of INDIAN Muslims) to tear up the ISLAMIC Constitution there which makes the non Muslims INFERIOR as per her Koran. \\\\\\\\\\ The lesson to be learnt here is that a Muslim will NEVER leave the Land of Infidels but start influencing them to drop guard and arms and to be ready for the next ISLAMIC onslaught that may well start from WITHIN India like the most devastating one in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\ Another hidden motive of this woman is to go around putting GUILT COMPLEX in the Hindu minds so that they continue to become VICTIMS for the sake of their "saintly" image. \\\\\\\\ Finally, one could well ask, "Why did Government of PARTITIONED India not define the Muslims as ENEMIES or aliens in Constitution at the time of Partition?" \\\\\\\\\\\ Let us all (i.e., the whole world) ask, "What else, besides capturing vast territories and slaughtering, abducting and raping millions of Hindus could they have done to be identified as ENEMIES by the Hindus? What else and what more?" \\\\\\\\\\ The reason for Hindu collapse is that the Government of India is not the Government of the people of India or the MAJORITY community in India who happens to be HINDUS. \\\\\\\ It is the Government by ONE Dynasty since 1947, now with an unvetted Italian woman holding the reins, and it is the Government by "Italy, Islam and Camp follower Hindu" who are actually in favor of keeping Kashmir as a MUSLIM MAJORITY State and in favor of further dividing, confusing and weakening the HINDUS to finish them off.\\\\\\\ A brave and patriotic people in India would have GOT RID of Rubina Sandhi and every other Muslim at PARTITION, or agreed to accept as many Muslims in Gujarat as there are Hindus in Sindh. Seems common sense? Seems logical? Seems decent and honorable? Seems brave? Seems patriotic? 000000000