Date: 05 Jan 2011


The writer ARIF SHAFI VANI (below) ought to thank his lucky stars that he is not a "trembling HINDU IN BANGLADESH" or a "dead SALMAN TASEER" in Pakistan but a MOHAMMEDAN in Bharat, feeling safe, bold and separatist.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ INDIANS (especially Hindus and Sikhs) HAVE BEEN DEPRIVED OF FREE & FACTUAL EDUCATION by the rulers for centuries. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Her rulers since 1192 AD have been either "HINDU BASHING" or "HINDU KILLERS". Since 1947 she is in the tight grip of an autocratic DYNASTY that is functioning ruthlessly and consistently according to the grand ANGLO-ISLAMIC strategy of dividing, weakening, intimidating, plundering, degrading, insulting and destroying the Hindu nation through fragmentation of Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\\ To discover the deep rooted cause that brings us DEFEAT after DEFEAT, one needs to go back to the day when India had an arm and a leg amputated by "Sword of Mohammed", and NEVER retaliated or counter attacked but subsided/ collapsed. \\\\\\\\\\ One should ask the crooks ruling this "INDIA", "What are the MUSLIMS doing in "BROKEN BHARAT" (Partitioned India)?" \\\\\\\\\\ One should ask further, "What was that PARTITION OF INDIA about, if the Hindus on that side had to be EXTERMINATED while the Muslims on this side had to be pampered, protected and pleased?" \\\\\\\\\ Also, what is happening on "SONIA FRONT" is disgusting. One could say, "One billion sheep terrified by ONE she-wolf from Italy." \\\\\\\\\\ Look at our brave Jawans of Indian Army. If their Prime Minister, who can command their generals and superiors, is himself taking instructions, advice and guidance from ITALIAN BORN Sonia, then she (SONIA) would be seen as their Supreme Commander! Won't she? Is that honorable or disgusting? \\\\\ None of this rotten POLITICAL set up at the top in India, Lok Sabha included, is capable of repealing Article 370 of Constitution, permitting the INDIANS to buy property in Srinagar or settling Gurkhas and Sikhs there. Do we not know how the brave British moved the Indians to FIJI, UGANDA, KENYA and SRI LANKA?\\\\\\\\\\ One ought to look at the QUALITY of the MAJORITY COMMUNITY and compare it to the quality of Americans, Germans, even the British, and do the impossible, that is, IMPROVE it. \\\\\\\\\\\ For this one is compelled to look towards VHP, SGPC, RSS and all the (millions of) able bodied "sadhus and sants" who need to take up MARTIAL ARTS like the Japanese monks. Today these IGNORANT MASSES of sants and sadhus do not even know if Lahore is IN or OUT of India and whether North Kashmir exists or not.\\\\\\\\ All one can pray is, \\\\\\\\\\\ "O HINDU MOTHERS, PRODUCE LIONS, NOT GOATS any more." \\\\\\\\\\\\ 5 Jan 11. ==========\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 05/01/2011 14:48:58 GMT Standard Time, writes:\\\\\\\\\\ ARIF SHAFI WANI \\\\\\\ Srinagar, Jan 4: The Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (M) Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Tuesday warned that Kashmiris will be again forced to take to violence if India continues with its “oppressive” policies to suppress the ongoing movement for right to self-determination and delays resolution of the Kashmir dispute. \\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000