Date: 05 Jan 2011


GRIEVING FOR SALMAN TASEER, GOVERNOR OF PUNJAB (WHICH PUNJAB?)\\\\\\\\\\\ On 4th January 2011 GOVERNOR SALMAN TASEER was shot dead in RAWALPINDI (where earlier Liaqat Ali Khan and Benazir Bhutto were assassinated) by a Muslim FANATIC. He was buried in Lahore (once the seat of Maharaja Ranjit Singh) the following day, on 5th. January. \\\\\\\\\\ Television camera showed thousands of mourners, among them his grown up sons, daughters and wife grieving and mourning. One woman actually fainted and later beat her breast in anguish while wailing.\\\\\\\\\ An elderly Hindu, who was a teenager when the MUSLIMS carried out bloody ethnic cleansing in Pakistan during 1947, recalled seeing grieving Hindu and Sikh widows who were wailing for their murdered husbands and sons, IN THE SAME WAY. IN THAT YEAR THE MUSLIM FANATICS MASSACRED NEARLY TWO MILLION HINDUS AND SIKHS ACROSS PAKISTAN.\\\\\\\\\ He said today, 5th January 2011, "YOU REAP AS YOU SOW." He meant the followers of restless, separatist and violent MOHAMMED who wanted all the KAFIRS either converted or killed.\\\\\\\ 000000000