Date: 06 Jan 2011


In a message dated 06/01/2011 17:28:47 GMT Standard Time, writes:\\\\\\\\\\\\\ see these figures: Country Interest Rate Growth Rate Inflation Rate Jobless Rate \\\\\\\\\ China 5.56% 9.60% 5.10% 4.20%\\\\\\\\\\ Current Account Exchange Rate \\\\\\\ 70500 6.6640 \\\\\\\\\\ and write down Indian nfigures in brackets.\\\\\\\ ----------------------------------------------------------------- Percentage contribution to growth in real GDP (1960-1990)\\\\\\ Country capital labor human capital technical progress Hong Kong 63 20 17 -\\\\\\\\\\\\\ South Korea 61 20 19 -\\\\\\\\\\ France 24 1 8 67\\\\\\\\\ Germany 37 -7 9 61\\\\\\\\\\ Japan 45 6 4 45\\\\\\\\ UK 37 4 9 49\\\\\\\\\\ USA 24 31 7 38\\\\\\\\ India ---Sorry no one cares about us But we can assume India to be like Hong Kong source Kim Jong and Lawrence D 1995\\\\\\\\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------- India's ICOR ratio at best can be 2.5\\\\\\\\ Corporate ICOR 0.6\\\\\\\ This ICOR rate will go up once real GDP rate is taken into account as India is seeing huge price rise in economy almost @ 20% per annum cross sectoral.\\\\\\\\\\\ Inflation rate (sarkari) in India 12% ( since MM Singh has taken over) Average growth rate 8.5% ( with lot of noise in press and self patting by Singh and his cronies) Effective growth rate -3.5%\\\\\\\ MM Singh and Mukherjee talk nonsense that inflation is cause of growth.What about above Chinese figures as above and that also in Russia,Brazil and Singapore?No leading country in world has ver had inflation more than 5.5% PA.India comes in bracket of countries like venezuala,nigeria and such types. --------------------------\\\\\\\\\----------------------------------------- If we just see above data we observe many interesting things and how India is making empty noises using corrupt media for publicity and self patting calling themselves super power.At best India can be called super corrupt and a third rate country.By launching rupee symbol ( very sore looking to eye)you cant fool people.No one gives a damn to Indian currency except Bangladesh and Nepal.These are diversinary and self satifying pranks. \\\\\\\\\\\ The manner in which this rotten and corrupt government which is completely boneless and arrogant headed by Sonia ( having no credentials) and MM Singh a spent force seat hugging and fraudulent economist, is matter of great concern.The central government officially lies every 100 days about progress of country and assuring control of prices in next 100 days.This is going on since 1000 days.No shame .No guilt.\\\\\\\\\\\ The RBI babus suffer from 200 year old theories that by inching interest rate up and down by 0.5 % they can regulate economy.It is matter of laugh. \\\\\\\\\ If we take into account the consumer price(retail outlet) as on 1-1-2003 and 1-1-2010 in 8 years the general prices cross sectoral have risen by 150-300% and in property from 500-800%. This is nothing but sheer mismanagement and loot going in the country in name of development. While MM singh can be called economic joker, Mukherjee a financial joker and Sonia Joker of the pack.They keep talking and claiming anything without any rationale and logic just to befool the country.reckless and multiple taxes are levied since last 7 years which is main cause of inflation besides huge luxury spending and babus salaries and perks.In fact India has been rapidly made non competitive by raising labor component of product and services by 300% om private sector and 100% in public sector.\\\\\\\\\\ In 8 years babus salaries have gone up by 80% or 10% per year and inflation is 20% per annum.The Domestic resource cost ratios are rapidly rising making domestic production unattractive \\\\\\\\\\ By reckless property scams and price rise, agriculture land prices have been raised to almost 3-4 lac per acre across country and with output per acre of maximum Rs 40,000 per acre it is not at all attractive for farmers to engage in agriculture.India's ICOR for agriculture is very high at more than 7.No wonder more agitations like Gujjars will take place and more armed rebellion will follow in country.\\\\\\\\\\\ Only 5% people work in government and organised private sector and also taking out 1% corrupt and profiteering traders,what about 94% population of India( 108 crores)?.They have gone in huge negative income with no old age benefits ,no insurance and no rising income.There is huge concentration of wealth in India similarly with USA as this stooge of americans government is blindly and half heartedly aping western model without even understanding it. \\\\\\\\\\ If we talk of structural and radical changes in last 8 years MM Singh comes cropper and a big failure.He has done nothing to increase arable land in country (which is only 1500 sq yards per person),enhance water resources, generate employment except for fraudulent and corruption ridden NREGA scheme wasting 60000 crores every year,expand judiciary and change criminal laws and improve environment (Lavasa and so many scams).On the contrary blindly lacs of acres of fertile land has been handed over to corrupt and greedy businessmen to set up malls and computer punching centres. \\\\\\\ In gist not only MM Singh, Mukherjee and Sonia are big fraudulent experts and administrators but they are patrons of rampant corruption,siphoning off of national wealth and gross mismanagement in country raising false slogans through corrupt media to divert attention of people.The face of our corrupt media we have already seen in Media type leakages. \\\\\\\\\\ This completely corrupt,brainless and third rate government should be dismissed in national interest. \\\\\\\\\\\\ There is nothing e can talk about it,.But there is mile long list of charges against it.India was never so badly governed with laissez faire and free loot going on.It will boomerang very soon in huge problems for Indian public.India will face food shortage and civil unrest in next 10 years time.Forget about about super power we shall be called super beggars and a banana republic like Tata said( But we dont even have banana to export) \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ It is shame that MM Singh government is conniving with ministers,babus and industrialists to siphon off almost 12-15% of Indian GDP out of the country every year as flight of capital and bribe money. This is besides 1 lac cores looted by MNCs and FIIs of which MM Singh is Deewane. Every one knows that expectations of MNCs in india is at least 25% return on investment p[er annum and that of FIIs at least 15-20% per annum .Whereas international loans are available at 5% to 10% per annum.The ballooning of property prices have fattened balance sheets of corporates and big landlords who are raising more loans from banking system .Thus there is spiralling inflation effect in economy with paper money all around.\\\\\\\\\\\\ Add to this almost 10% currency being fake in circulation.\\\\\\\\\\ The only answer to handle all these problems specially when credit cards and cheque systems are well developed in india now thanks to ECS and computerise national banking grid.Why India needs Rs 100 and above notes now? Why this government is not demonetising the Rs 500 and 1000 notes immediately to hit two targets with one arrow.Remove fake notes from system and crush black money stashed away in bathrooms of businessmen ,babus and politicians.\\\\\\\\\\ This UPA government is busy giving caste reservations,womens reservations to divide people and fool them.Have they doine anything to put judiciary in order that is snail paced and shameless and corrupt setup.It takes 5 to 15 years for trial court and another 15 years for appeal ( High courts are buggest culprits).It is clear cut and naked denial of justice.But MM Singh has done nothing in 8 years.\\\\\\\\\\\\ I wonder what Singh,Sonia and Mukherjee are busy with in last 8 years?\\\\\\\ In short this Nikammi and baimaan governmnent needs to be dismissed.\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ Prof R K Gupta IndiaFORCE \\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000