Date: 07 Jan 2011


A curse to the nation\\\\\\\\ Webster's New Dictionary of synonyms defines secular as Profane. Profane means not sacred. In the Chamber's Dictionary secular means not spritual, concerned with religion. Secularism - the belief that state, moral, education, etc, should be independent of religion. The nearest Sanskrit equivalent of secularism is Nastikvad [atheism]\\\\\\\\\ This single word and its use, misuse and abuse by Indian politicians from Gandhi to Nehru and to this day has done enormous and incalculable harm to India and its majority Hindu population. This word should be rejected because politicians have been fooling the masses by false promises and policies under the umbrella of secularism. This is a fact that self styled secularists in India use the concept of secularism against Hindus and anything related to Hindus and Hinduism, Hindu traditions, Hindu heritage, Hindu customs, Hindu culture, Hindu civilization, Hindu great men and women, Hindu religious leaders and priests and Hindu symbols. This a very strange situation. This utter madness.\\\\\\\\ The educated and experts in law who wrote the Indian constitution must be held responsible and be denounced for this grave mistake of using this word in the constitution. The scared duty of present younger generation is to denounce these idiots of first order who introduced this vulgar concept of "Secularism" in the Indian constitution and politics They did not care to see its meaning in the dictionary and imposed on majority Hindus who are Dharmic (Religious) because their life begins with Raam and ends with Raam so Hindus are not secular they are Dharmic people.\\\\\\\\ It was a black day for the Hindus and India, when this word was introduced in Indian constitution and it will be a golden day when this will be thrown out of constitution by true patriots. This single word has lead to the deplorable condition of India in administration, law and order, education, judiciary and now in military because General Rodrigues has messed up in the country's old traditions of air force, Army, Navy by introducing "Secularism" in Indian defences. The present conditions of India could be described with Cuba before Castro because corruption is visible from president to panchayat, and prime minister to chaparasi, chief justice of India to the judges at district level all over the country. The country's borders are not safe, more than twenty millions of illegal Bangladeshis (Muslims) have entered openly with help of Communist government of West Bengal as Muslim vote bank for them and these Muslims are seen from Kolkota to Mumbai to Jaipur to Kanpur to Guahati to Delhi to Hydrabad. The drug trafficking, crimes of all types, kidnapping of girls, smuggling of arms, production of fake Indian currencies and smuggling of arms and ammunitions across the borders is going on uninterruptedly with collaboration of politicians, police and people in film industry. The people involved in these activities are Muslims which is clear when they are caught red handed .There is foreign hand in these activities. No body is safe anywhere whether in homes, jails, school, buses, trains, and in police custody, towns, cities, or even in parliament or president's palace. Parliament in New Delhi , State assembly in Srinagar and recently IIT in Banglore attacked by Muslim Terrorists. The Muslim terrorists are active in different parts of India and can hit any target at anytime at will , this is the situation of India and it is due to secularist mentality.PREVENTION OF TERRORISM ACT [ Pota] has been abolished by Sonia Maino Gandhi-Khan’s Congress and Communists is an anti India step to appease Muslims terrorists.\\\\\\\\\ This has proved the impotency of Nehru and his successors since 1947 to the present time that they are spineless when it comes to deal with Muslims.\\\\\\ Hindu is a Hindu and they are religious, they are not secular, enough is enough, the coward and opportunist secularists must stop labelling them as secular or else. " To label India a secular county is the biggest crime committed by Gandhi and Nehru. and a SCAM, is the root cause of all the evils in India". Benoy Mukherjee describing J.L. Nehru as imagining secularism to be panacea for all the centrifugal and divisive tendencies. He chose to forget that there was such a thing as pan –Islamism, that Islam called upon all its followers to unite regardless of nationality, that Allahu Akbar was not merely a religious slogan but a political; exhortation as well.\\\\\\\\\ England is a Christian country but has multicultural and multiracial society, it is not secular so should India be a Hindu Rashtra with Hinduism as a state religion and people living there are all Hindus first i.e., Hindu -Muslim, Hindu - Christian, Hindu - Sikh, Hindu - Buddhist as in England people are British - Hindu, British - Muslim, British - Asian, British - Chinese, British - Hungarian etc, etc.\\\\\\\\ The Hindus and Hindu leadership must take lessons from the past and unite against the evil forces and remove the secularism from India and send lovers of secularism to Andaman Islands (Kala Pani) for good and save Hindu (Native) culture, civilization, heritage, traditions and above all the glorious Hindu way of life by establishing Hindu Rashtra and Hinduism as state religion on the principles of one law for all, equality and justice and that is Raam Rajya where everybody will live without fear for ever.\\\\\\\\\ I request you to read and think over the following and see what is your view. Is it secularism? 1. To invite Pope on state visit and give him 51 gun salute in New Delhi by Robert Rajiv Gandhi.Is it secularism?Pope has come three times to India so far why? 2. To subsidise Muslim to go to Mecca for Hajj.Is it secularism?\\\\\\ 3. To pay mullahs to teach Koran to Muslim boys/girls in Madrassas who teach them to hate and harm all the non Muslims .and this will cause destruction of India in future. Is it secularism? 4. To give Mother Teresa the honour of state funeral who only worked in the interest of Catholicism (Christianity) under the umbrella of humanity/ poverty/ poor. She divided the poor people and converted them in to Christianity by working day and night to destroy native (Hindu) values of life, native culture, native tradition, native heritage, native way of living and native religion of Hindusthan i.e. Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism.Is it secularism? 5. To ban on Hindus who are 65 Years or over for pilgrimage to "AMARNATH" abode of Lord SHIVA.Is it secularism?\\\\\\\\\ 6. To restrict the number of Hindus to go to "Ayoddhya" which is the birthplace of "SHRI RAAM".Is it secularism?\\\\\\\\ 7. To take control of finances of large Hindu Temples.Is it secularism? 8. To reducible Hindus in film songs and by English / foreign media. The secularism must now be destroyed in India to save mother India.\\\\\\ 9.Hindu temples earning is collected which is in MILLIONS OF Rupees and given to Madrasssas where Muslim boys and girls are taught to hate non Muslims, in these places Bin Ladin is their idol and hero so you can imagine what can happen. This has been the secularism of congress, communists, secularists and opportunists of post independent India which has destroyed the life of majority of Indians, this is also the policy of divide and rule plus bribe the Muslims for votes to remain in power. Is it secularism?\\\\\\\\ 10 To allow and open Embassy by Pope to represent Vatican Cty in New Delhi by Mr. Rajiv Robert Gandhi then P.M. was a grave mistake violating all the norms of diplomacy. Is it secularism? 11. A mosque was built secretly in Rashtrapati Bhavan by Jihadi Zakir Hussain while he was president of India a well kept secret by Government of India is violation of all the norms of the post of President. Is it secularism?\\\\\\\\ 12. Is it secularism to declare a University that Aligarh Muslim University as a University for minorities? Universities are for the whole world not for a group of people. We must first change the name of the country officially to Hindusthan and declare Hinduism as the state religion and only then the mentality of slavery will go and a strong, healthy, confident Hindu nation will be born. If you name the nation as Hindusthan then it will bring sense of belonging that may be we have different religions but we are originally all Hindus so people of Hindusthan are Hindusthani or in short Hindu. \\\\\\\ Hindus must dominate to rule and rule to dominate if they want to survive because under secularism India is for everybody except Hindus and they are being slowly but surely destroyed and not only that but everything attached to word Hindu being constantly attacked, defamed, demoralised , diminished and aimed to be destroyed which can be seen all over the partitioned India and there is no trace of ancient or Vaidic or Hindu culture in Pakistan/Bangladesh/ Afghanistan. 13.Burning of temple of Sabari Giri.\\\\\\\\\ 14.Construction of Church by destroying a Shiv Mandir near birth place of Adi Sankaracharya, Kerala.\\\\\\\\ 15. Occupation of Kottiyoor Mandir. 16.Obstrction of Tali Mandir renovation. 17.To give money to Muslims to go to Hajj. 18. To give salary and financial aid to Muslims for Madarassas. There are hundreds of such examples throughout India but secularists keep quiet and always accuse Hindus for everything else.\\\\\\\\\ The secularism must be destroyed in India because it is number one enemy of our culture and religion.\\\\\\\ India’s constitution proclaims the country is a secular state but the government of India and its gutless opportunist leaders do not treat all religions equally and not only that Muslims and Christians are treated well, pampered and favoured or appeased in many ways. Indian state governments seized management of Hindu temples and use the income to appease Muslims by providing travel to Mecca for Hajj and for many other purposes.In Hajj subsidy alone government pays 400 karore rupees every year and cost is rising every year. The government allows Muslims and Christians to control. manage their places of worship. The laws regarding marriage, inheritance, adoption, marriage and family problems are different for all religions .The unequal treatment by the government is the prime source of conflicts and riots in India. This a very serious situation and matter of same on the part of politicians to deprive the majority Hindus from their rights and truly speaking Hindus have fewer rights than the so called minorities.\\\\\\\\ India is not a secular country rather it is leading the nation to become Islamo- Christian country in due course of time.\\\\\ The present madness for secularism by opportunist, selfish political parties including Congress party of India and Communist party of India is not only unpatriotic but suicidal for the country by cheating the people at large on name of secularism . Secularism must end in the interest of people and country because secularism is destroying the very existence of India. The secularists must be removed from power in the interest of the betterment of India only then there will be all round progress which will bring peace and prosperity for all. Is it secularism.?\\\\\\\\ Slay all those who do not accept Jesus.-------Bible Luke19/27\\\\\\\ Slay those who worship other gods than Allah.--------Quran 8/17\\\\\\\\\ 000000000