Date: 08 Jan 2011


The "sadhus and sants" and all Hindu religious preachers see only what is under their noses. They lack national perspective and international perspective totally. In other words they are ILLITERATE in worldly affairs and have NO clue to the ideological conflicts and wars on earth that smash frontiers overnight (like Partition of India on Aug 15, 1947) when the frontier crashed down from Khyber to WAGAH near Amritsar and East Bengal vanished out of map altogether.\\\\\\\\\\\ Unfortunately they are in millions, politically and ideologically a NEGATIVE force in Bharat, pulling her down towards SLAVERY once again. We have not yet fully emerged from slavery for ONE THOUSAND years. \\\\\\\\\\\ They do not seem to realize a simple fact that in ONE THIRD OF INDIA they were savagely exterminated along with their following. What hope now of re-introducing Sanatan Dharma in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, North Kashmir and East Bengal? \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ They also do not realize that THEY THEMSELVES were the cause of India's greatest defeat and surrender and her worst ever GENOCIDE when two million Hindus were KILLED and over 15 million forced to vacate LAND and HOMES for good. \\\\\\\\\\\\ What is serious and criminal omission on their part is not to feel attached to DHARTI but clinging to abstract view, beliefs and faith. Therefore DHARTI (TERRITORY) is slipping away from beneath our feet and going to Realm of intolerant separatist and Kafir-Killer Mohammed. \\\\\\\\\\\ The role of Hindu religious leaders has been disastrous in history if we see the rate of conversion to ISLAM & Christianity right around them. They only see the donations and lavish hospitality offered to them but not the mushrooming mosques and churches all over where CORRESPONDINGLY the mandirs and gurdwaras are VANISHING. \\\\\\\\\\\\ How will their followers defend Delhi if they could not defend Lahore and cannot re-claim the city of Guru Arjun Dev? Who will tell these sadhus and sants that their fate will be the SAME as that of Guru Arjun Dev ji in LAHORE and Guru Tegh Bahadur in DELHI? \\\\\\\\\\\\ "Blind bats" cannot see their own following adoring and admiring ITALIAN BORN import of BOFORS CHOR without batting an eyelid and with the ease of breathing. Most HINDUS, and even Sikhs like Manmohan Singh, see themselves through HER tainted Catholic eyes. \\\\\\\\\\ And what SONIA thinks of Hindus is what Jawaharlal Nehru & Indira "Gandhi" thought of them and what RAHUL and his future wife VERONICA FROM VENEZUELA think of the Hindus, and what the Pope and Mohammed think of them. That is REALITY that we need to comprehend ourselves and then tell our sadhus and sants. \\\\\\\\\\\\\000000000