Date: 08 Jan 2011


Challenges Facing India\\\\\\\\\\ Dr. Babu Suseelan \\\\\\\\\\\ Historically India had the best of times and worst of times. India was once the leading country in the world in economic productivity, wealth creation, philosophy and life sciences. Hindus have provided an opportunity for everybody to pursue happiness to people than any society in history. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ After independence (read “devastating PARTITION”), we thought we could bring back our past glory. Somehow, indoctrinated Hindus elected atheists, nihilists, agnostics and phony secularists to lead the nation. As a result, corruption, appeasement of Jihadis and anti national elements became a norm. Now our country, our civilization, way of life, Dharma and public morality is decaying. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Corruption is rampant in India. There are riots, Jihadi terrorism, Jihadi infiltration, and looting and murder in Maoist infected areas. Foreign intelligence agencies are working freely for destabilizing India and tear apart communities by creating fear. \\\\\\\\\\\ We can now look around with our delusional thinking, and dream about our past glory. While Hindus were able to defeat Christian colonialists, in our country leaders are deserting us destroying our country from within. For the last 54 years, we have been told to abandon our eternal Dharma by corrupt, anti national politicians, our core values, traditions, education, institutions and our civilization. The media is cohort with our enemies. India's pseudo intellectuals, phony secularists, third rate corrupt politicians, and bogus religious leaders propagate unreasonable compromise, phony secularism, dangerous tolerance and destructive multiculturalism. Now it has been threatening Hindus in their ability to teach our next generation to be Hindus. We have sent satellite, made missiles, atom bomb, sent our students all over the world to develop computer technology, yet we have allowed our educational system to decay and our students spent more time learning and absorbing Mogul Empire and islamic contributions, profit making, and phony secularism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ We have an Italian born uneducated lady sitting at the throne to mange the big country. The corrupt ministers, Supreme Court judges, state chief ministers are looting national wealth without any fear, shame or guilt. The idealism, Dharma values and ethics propagated by our Rishis and practiced by majority Hindus are ridiculed and devalued. The Marxists are in collusion with Jihadis, anti national elements and miscreants attempting to deconstruct our society with apocalyptic ideas. Whatever the real motivations behind our enemies, the results are real. But our Hindus are resorting to denial, insular complacency. And instead of facing the challenges, they withdraw like a turtle withdrawing in to their shell when faced with external threats. As Arnold Toynbee said once "It is not the nature of the challenges , but the quality of our response to them that will determine our future."\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The decay of our civilization is due to our passivity, inability to distinguish between friend and enemy. tolerance of intolerance, unreasonable compromise with our enemies and inward looking attitude for external threats. The silent majority certainly know the corruption at our government, judiciary, police and bureaucracy. The benign silent masses that form the bulk of the Indian populace would not demand any positive changes . The mass media and the television is projecting consumerism and devious lifestyle that sidelines repugnant realities. The massive delusion, apathy and indifference have become costly. The third rate, anti national, and corrupt politicians are able to project an obstinate delusion of national affairs. It enables the covering majority retreating into unreality shows at home while the criminal politicians loot public wealth, Jihadis bomb their way into the heartlands making the public fearful and deeply confused. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Lack of assertive and forceful action against corruption rewards deviant politicansand and reveals the fragility of the public position. Never before has the country so urgently needed to rise up against the Sonia regime. The public knows the current calamity facing the nation. But knowledge of the problem alone is not enough to overcome the dangers. Where is the character, conscience, values required to fight against the dangerous system. Our very existence depends on our effective, moral actions. 000000000