Date: 09 Jan 2011


Manmohan Singh, Sonia Maino's Voice, is over looking everything:\\\\\\\\\\ -worsening law and order\\\\\\\\\\ -extremely third rate and corrupt non delivering police and judicial system\\\\\\\\\\\\ -unprecedented and unabated price rise started by his foolish policies\\\\\\\ -huge rise in property prices which is not economics but greed and mafia operations\\\\\\\\\ -deterioration in environment\\\\\\\\\\ -vanishing social services\\\\\\\\\\\ -reckless taxation and wastage of government revenue\\\\\\\\\\ -rampant and record high corruption in country and flight of capital from India\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\ Can we say there is any government existing in the country? Not at all.India is today worse than Brazil,Venezuela and even countries like Nigeria and Uganda. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Like parrot, MM Singh,Mukherjee and Chidambaram sing every morning GDP growth rate but forget to tell inflation rate ( which is actually 20% PA on consumer counters).They try to fool people. Who has given MM Singh this target of double digit growth rate? His Wahe Guru? or like Mohammad sahib he got inner revelation? \\\\\\\\\\ How this third rate government can keep fooling the country for so long and help mafia,capitalists,MNCs and FIIs to rob this country. \\\\\\\\\\\\ MM Singh Government should immediately act on following lines: \\\\\\\\\\\\ 1.Peg bank PLR at 5.5% pa\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 2.Bring down prices to maximum 6% inflation per year\\\\\\\\\ 3.Aim at more sensible and practical growth rate of 6% only out of which 2.5% should come from agriculture\\\\\\\\\\\ 4.Stop conversion of agricultural land and promote projects in semi arid and wastelands.Why he is not asking for projects to be set up in Kuchh,western Gujarat ,western rajasthan and far eastern states?\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 5.Ban property purchase by NRIs and Foreigners for next 5 years\\\\\\\\\\ 6.Release a land bank of 100 million square yards in India through state agencies in next two years. 7.Double judicial strength in next 5 years and put limits for criminal investigations, trials and appeals and civil cases time limits to 2 years and 5 years maximum respectively. 8.Tone up state run universities and schools to provide cheap and good quality education.Private institutes are simply profiteers and passing of right to education bill is self defeating. 9.Total salaries and perks freeze in public and private sector for next 5 years. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ The list is long but let us see if this over-hyped stooge of capitalists and Sonia madam can do something in above points only.\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000