Sonia and Quattrocchi

Date: 09 Jan 2011


Sonia and Quattrocchi were close buddies and regular visitors to each others homes, reveals Advani. Quattrocchi received a very handsome commission in Bofors deal. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Congress government refuses to bring back money stashed away in foreign banks, because these corrupt looters don't want to lose their own monies in foreign banks, that is further revealed by Advani. We are not talking about an ordinary amount, but according to Advani, the amount is Rs 300,00000, 0000000. Can you imagine this number? \\\\\\\\\\\ This is why the country is in utter poverty or 50% of of Indians are poor. Our country is defesely weak and China has grabbed a large mass of India, but Congress never cared except looting. Sonia is there to loot Indian largesse and run away, while poor people of India are starving. Sonia is leading an extraordinarily luxurious life in Delhi for years as a guest on the back of Indian people. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Published: January 9, 2011 18:29 IST | Updated: January 9, 2011 18:29 IST \\\\\\\\\\\\ Senior BJP leader L. K. Advani on Sunday said Congress president Sonia Gandhi had a close association with Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi, who was a “regular� at her house.\\\\\\\\\\\ “Congress president Sonia Gandhi had close association with Quatrochhi, who was a regular at her house. Though I am not making an allegation against any person, but people should know the details as our image has been internationally tarnished,� Mr. Advani told an NDA rally at the conclusion of the BJP national executive meet.\\\\\\\\\\\\ “It is common knowledge that the Bofors issue was suppressed by the government. Even the Income Tax Tribunal had pointed out Quatrochhi had taken commission from Bofors and be taxed accordingly, but the CBI suppressed it,� Mr. Advani alleged.\\\\\\\\\\\\ “Our image has been tarnished. I appeal to the Prime Minister to either protest or order further investigation,� he said.\\\\\\\\\\ On corruption in Congress-ruled Assam, Mr. Advani said he was told by rights activist Akhil Gogoi that Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi had acquired five houses in the U.S. “If this is wrong, Gogoi should take action and if he does not then the public has full right to accept that this a fact.� Advani slams UPA govt for failing to bring back black money Agencies Posted online: Sun Jan 09 2011, 17:19 hrs Guwahati : BJP veteran L K Advani on Sunday slammed the UPA for not being able to bring back "black money" stashed in foreign banks, asking if this was because "some people" in the government were involved in it. \\\\\\\\\\ "Why is this money not being brought back? Is it because they are aware that some people in the government and their friends are involved in siphoning off money to foreign banks?" he asked at a rally on the concluding day of the BJP National Executive meeting in Guwahati.\\\\\\\ "Since independence more than Rs 300 lakh crore in black money has been deposited in foreign banks. I and other senior BJP leaders have sent a signed letter to the Prime Minister urging him to bring back this money and utilise it for the development of the nation," Advani said. As the resources with the government are not enough to provide electricity, clean drinking water, hospitals, schools and colleges in villages, the funds stashed abroad should be brought back and utilised, he said, claiming that the BJP-ruled states had shown that if there was sincerity, despite limited resources, basic amenities could be provided to the people. The BJP leader also blamed the Congress for its wrong policies and rampant corruption, which are leading to spiralling prices of essential commodities. "The price rise and corruption is due to the misrule and wrong economic policies of the Congress."\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Sonia had close association with Quattrocchi: Advani PTI 000000000