Date: 09 Jan 2011


AAMIR KHAN;S BROTHER WEDS ANATIKA \\\\\\\\\\ ---------------------------------------- \\\\\\\\\ ONE-WAY INTER-RELIGIOUS (SHEEP & WOLF) MARRIAGES.\\\\\\\\\\ Every time a SLAP in the face of HINDUS. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims “go hunting” as part of their JEHAD any non Muslim (infidel) girl, especially those at the top in wealth, fame or beauty. \\\\\\\\\\ There are many cases of such marriages in the West, too, e.g., JEMIMA Goldsmith, later J. KHAN. This way the "good for nothing" Muslim predators enrich themselves with enough wealth to last them generations. \\\\\\\\\ But they cannot tolerate even for a moment a Muslim girl walking with a non Muslim boy, God forbid, marrying him. The unfortunate girl will be KILLED by her own close relatives. \\\\\\\\\\\ It is amazing that a fair minded country like Britain has not been able to pass legislation so far to ban a Muslim marrying a Hindu, Sikh or Christian girl unless Mohammed (the groom) converts to his bride’s religion. Britain has become "soft" (appeasing and conceding) on this and many fear her fate like India's in 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In India a Muslim enjoys the thrill of his "conquest" like his Prophet Mohammed on wedding a Hindu maiden. Their appetite for Hindu girls is insatiable. Most parents of the unfortunate girls spend the rest of their lives grieving for their daughters perceived to have been "killed by savages". \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Archaic laws in Partitioned India (PI) are derived from the British Penal Code of colonial era and are in sheer contrast to the Sharia Law in Pakistan and all Islamic countries. \\\\\\\\\\\ Thus Western governments and India are blind to the reality on ground. For example a Muslim can walk with a Hindu or Sikh wife like a proud cock in Amritsar while only 30 miles away in Lahore Hindus and Sikhs are EXTINCT. They perished in the ethnic cleansing of 1947. \\\\\\\\ We all know what BOLLYWOOD stands for, but most of us do not know what a rich "preying / hunting" ground it is for Muslim MEN- workers, visitors and actors alike, to meet, seduce, take to bed, or marry HINDU girls whose abundance is compared to Muslim paradise for Jehadis. \\\\\\\\\\ Here is the latest instance. \\\\\\\\\ A correspondent writes, “To the list of Hindu women marrying Khans, please add the name of Avantika Malik. She married Imran KHAN, brother of twice-married (to Hindu virgins, of course!) Aaamir KHAN. \\\\\\\\\\ When the title says, "Gotcha!" (“Got You!”) , is this a "Gotcha" to the one billion plus Hindus of the planet? \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Here are some pictures of the celebration: \\\\\\\\\\ Gotcha! Imran and Avantika's D-Day celebration http://ibnlive.in.com/photogallery/3083-0.html#view_start Imran-Avatika's mehendi (hena) ceremony\\\\\\\\\\\ http://photogallery.indiatimes.com/articleshow/7246812.cms \\\\\\\\\\\ "Why is there NO reaction or RETALIATION from the Hindu world?" The answer: "HINDU WORLD WAS "BEHEADED" IN 712 AD and never recovered or managed to throw out the predator, lock, stock and KORAN thereafter." \\\\\\\\\ It does seem that the Hindus are now CONDITIONED (like Pavlov's dogs) to think and act like the sheep who are, now and then, mauled, savaged and ravaged by a pack of hungry wolves sharing the same pastures. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Sheep can never realize the NATURE of the beasts but only believe in co-existence and keep chanting, "Let us live like ONE family. After all, we are all animals". \\\\\\\\\\\\ It is astonishing that the Hindus have never recalled LAHORE or DHAKA at any time since 1947 although till then they were inside India like Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. Which other people on earth would be so fearful of Islam? \\\\\\\\\\\\ Luckily, the British have begun noticing the sex predators in their midst. One needs to watch the media and ministers passionately involved, while some cowards like KEITH VAZ, MP, deny that it is a cultural issue. To such despicable political personalities Islamic and Christian means the same for fear of losing Muslim votes! \\\\\\\\\\\\ 9 Jan 11. 000000000