Date: 09 Jan 2011


A WARRIOR BE !* *(Dedicated to the Indian Army, Navy, Airforce)* *A Warrior ! _ _ _ who is he ?* *Sure, one could well be she !* *Of yore was Chattrapati Shivaji ;* *And so was Rani, Jhansi ki.* *Is he made or is he born ?* *A riddle, in which are torn –* *All the kings’ men - and sages;* *Not since yester, but since ages.* *He has no caste, nor a creed ;* *Neither lust nor a fancy need* *To him matters - just his deed* *To honour - his mother’s seed.* *He be in armour or a rugged sack ;* *On his two feet or a tall horse back;* *With a clanging sword - or without ;* *To defeat his enemy, he has no doubt.* *He gets his warmth from sleet and snow; hits his enemy, like an arrow, from its bow.* *And, in the rhyme of gun and mortar fires ;* *Enemy bolted, to a coffin, he happily retires.* *Dolphin is he, in the sea - dark n deep;* *Vigil - day and night - - he has to keep;* *Nurses the little fish with love n spark; * *And vanquishes his enemy like a shark.* *He is like a sparrow - - and he loves to fly;* *Dance, jive and romance, in the blue sky;* *But only till his enemy, dare - passes by;* *On whom he pounces with a vultures eye.* *Who is he ? We have yet to see -* *Could be you – could be he;* *Born of a womb - and not a tree -* *Its all about Valour - A Warrior Be!* 000000000