Date: 10 Jan 2011


http://www.shehjar..com \\\\\\\\\\ Dear Editor,\\\\\\\\\\\\ We welcome the latest issue of Shehjar, the beautifully illustrated magazine of the Kashmiri Hindus who are still in wilderness despite the so-called Independence under Nehru Dynasty since 1947. \\\\\\\\\\\ After over SIX DECADES of close watch of the Government, Dynasty and the Muslim presence in PARTITIONED India, we have come to the conclusion that there exists a grand Imperial Design, concealed from ALL Hindus and Most citizens of world that-\\\\\\\\\ "NON MUSLIMS & NON CHRISTIANS on earth ought to be CONVERTED or KILLED."\\\\\\\\\ To us it seems preposterous and ruthless and against the grain of our upbringing but to Christians and MUSLIMS degrading the others, abducting, raping, converting and killing comes naturally like the ease of breathing. This is due to their INDOCTRINATION from birth onwards. The Christians conqurered other nations with utmost brutality and exploited the natural resources of the enslaved lands, leaving the natives impoverished. About the Muslims, the less said the better. \\\\\\\\ Until 1947 they were our own fellow citizens but still living in a totally separate mental environment in which each one imagined himself to be the right hand of MOHAMMED OF MECCA and a descendant of Emperors Akbar, Shahjehan and Aurangzeb. Shameless insensitive filthy "PIGS" fly their ISLAMIC flag over Nankana Sahib, the birth place of Divine Guru Nanak while threatening to KILL a Hindu or Sikh who tries to enter MECCA where Mohammed was born! \\\\\\\\\\ The ENEMIES of Hindus are expert in DECEPTION. Feroze KHAN became Feroze GANDHI overnight. One third of Hindusthan was surrendered overnight to the socalled indigenous Muslims. Sri Harimandir Sahib, the holy Golden Temple was attacked on the occasion of religious festival where a huge congregation could be surrounded and killed. Was it any less brutal than Jalianwala Bagh massacre in 1919?\\\\\\\\\\ Rajiv's expedition to Sri Lanka gave him golden opportunity to kill the Tamils of INDIAN origin and of Hindu Faith although the RULING Dynasty did not lift a finger when Idi Amin kicked out the Indians from Uganda and Col Rabuka destroyed the Indians in Fiji. \\\\\\\\\\\ East Bengal was captured and then promptly returned to Mohammed. Thereafter the rulers shut their eyes to millions of illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh. Article 370 was specially put in Constitution to benefit the MUSLIMS in Kashmir. \\\\\\\\\\\ Pratibha PATIL, the Supreme Commander of the brave Indian Armed Forces, has NO self-esteem or self-respect since AS AN INDIAN she is no better than a "BITCH" if she cannot buy even an inch of land in Kashmir. How can she lead the troops to victory? She accepts her own degradation with the ease of breathing. How can she ensure the safe return of Kashmiri Hindus to their homes? For TWENTY years they have waited patiently for all the useless and cowardly Supreme Commanders of BROKEN BHARAT to act for their safety in the Valley. But to no avail. \\\\\\\\\\\ They could ARM THE HINDUS. They could bring in Gurkhas and SIKHS to settle in the VALLEY. They could move the rebellious MUSLIMS to Pakistan or "PARTITIONED Indian Secular State". North Kashmir is now beyond recovery since it is part of the savage Islamic World. Bharat's SUPREME COMMANDERS and PRIME MINISTERS take orders from the Italian born ex au pair (house maid) SONIA and their Muslim vote bank. To them Hindus do not exist in Hindusthan. \\\\\\\\\\\ All this, and a lot more, proves beyond doubt that the Dynasty and the Rulers wish to hand over DELHI to the ENEMY as they handed over LAHORE. \\\\\\\\\\\\ With the media controlled or owned by Government and Dynasty it is very difficult to pass the benefit of such discoveries to common man in Bharat. Hence we need to provide each Hindu and Sikh family with access to Internet, the only free medium that can bypass the treacherous rulers to get direct to the HINDUS across Bharat. \\\\\\\\\\ 10 Jan 11 ============ http://www.shehjar..com ================== 000000000