Date: 11 Jan 2011


SECURITY OF ISRAEL \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Please note that the growing Muslim population in Israel, especially JERUSALEM, poses a lethal threat to Israel's very existence. \\\\\\\\ Israel is the LAST haven of peace on earth for the Jews as opposed to FIFTY ONE Islamic republics that wish it DEAD. Hence please WATCH demography. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Learn lesson from BROKEN BHARAT (Partitioned India) that could NOT solve her fundamental "MUSLIM" PROBLEM that is lodged in her stomach like a liece of hard indigestible rock. \\\\\\\\\\\ The Muslim majority areas proved to be GANGRENE that had to be amputated. And when we thought that the Kafir Killer (Man-eater) Muslim BEAST had been fed enough TERRITOY (one third of India), they invaded KASHMIR for MORE. \\\\\\\\\\\ The State of Jammu & Kashmir was being ruled by a Hindu ruler in 1947. To accept a non Muslim ruler was IMPOSSIBLE for them due to their MOHAMMED, HADIS & KORAN although they themselves regard it their Divine Right to IMPOSE Muslim rulers on ALL the non Muslims living in every Islamic republic. \\\\\\\\\\\ India has spent TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS fighting and pushing back the invaders, and then rebuilding the devastated areas. She has lost tourist trade in more than SIX DECADES worth even more TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS trying to ENFORCE peace in the State where peace is IMPOSSIBLE. \\\\\\\\\\\ Keeping and tolerating the MUSLIMS back even after deadly PARTITION means that India herself is now sitting on a TIME BOMB. Muslims in the partitioned "HINDU" India are increasing at a higher rate than the Arabs in Jerusalem. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 11.01.11 ============ \\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 11/01/2011 11:51:08 GMT Standard Time, writes: \\\\\\\\\\\\\ New York Times ignores an inconvenient truth\\\\\\\\\\\\\ By Leo Rennert, AMERICAN THINKER\\\\\\\\\\\\\ If the New York Times did some serious journalism about changing demographics in Jerusalem instead of focusing only on new housing for Jews, it would discover that Israelís capital is far more Arab today than it was in 1967 after the Six-Day War when Israel captured East Jerusalem, including the Old City, ending 19 years of Jordanian aggression and occupation. \\\\\\\\\\\\ In the four decades since 1967, Arab population in the unified city has soared from 26 percent to 34 percent. By 2020, it is expected that Arabs will comprise 40 percent of the cityís population. And demographic studies indicate that Arabs may reach population parity with Jews in Jerusalem as early as 2035. Why this Arabization of the capital ? Because of high housing costs and the lure of better jobs for Jews elsewhere in Israel, while hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent by Arab regimes and the Palestinian Authority to bankroll construction of thousands of Arab homes... \\\\\\\\\\\\ 000000000