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In a message dated 11/01/2011 02:19:56 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXX.com writes: Dear friends,\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ In this connection, please see my following reply to Babu Susheelan ji. Let me also add that in the Shanti Parva of the Mahabharat, while educating Yudhishthir on ,Raj Dharma, Bhishma Pitamah says that the Sanatan Dharma had come to an end several times in the past and every time Kshatra Dharma revived it spread it. This is a lesson that needs to go to every Hindu activist. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Ram Gopal \\\\\\\ _______________________________________________________ Dear Babu Susheelan ji,\\\\\\\\ Please refer to the following para of your article and your conversation with the unnamed Swami: "Recently I had a conversation with a Hindu Swamiji of repute with large followers all over the world. This reputed Swamiji was not interested in knowing about the perennial conditions of Hindus including coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, corruption, Chinese and Pakistani border infiltration, massacre of Hindus in Kashmir by Islamic terrorists, looting of temple wealth and Hajj subsidy. He listened to my questions with care. But he was not interested in any vigorous discussion with the utmost seriousness. We differed on all points. He disagreed with my statement that the prevailing mood of Hindus is frustration, denial, bewilderment and despair". \\\\\\\\\\ The truth is that the political questions of the Muslims are decided and pursued through the mosques & madrasas, those of the Christians are decided and pursued from the Churches and Vatican city, of the Sikhs from the Gurudwaras. All of them are highly successful in India. Hindus alone are the creatures who won't allow their temples to be used for any Hindu cause, saying: :"Please don't bring politics in this relious place", and they suffer in their own land. \\\\\\\\\\\\ It reminds me an important event of the Mahabharata. After the great war, the Pandavas came victorious over the Kaurava forces and became entitled to occupy the throne of Hastinapur. The eldest brother, Maharaj Yuddhishthir, also called Dharmaraj because of his profound knowledge of Dharma, was to be coronated, but he refused. All his brothers (Bhim, Arjun, Nakuk & Sahdev) and even Queen Draupadi pleaded with him to occupy the throne, but to everyone he said, "I will not occupy this bloodsoaked throne. To hell with this kingdom and all that is connected with it. Sanyas is the greatest Dharma. I will follow it and will go to the forests". Even Lord Krishna failed to bring him around. He took the help of Maharishi Ved Vyas. They both told Yudhisthir to think of his responsibility towards the oppressed masses, the need for preserving Raj Dharma, and ensure law and order in the State and his own Kshatra Dharma. Reluctantly, Yudhishthir got coronated, but soon thereafter Shri Krishna took him to the great patriarch Bhishma Pitamah, who was still lying on his death bed, to get him the lessons in Raj Dharma. The largest Parva of the Mahabharta, the Shanti Parva, is mostly the dialogue between Yudhishthir and Bhishma Pitamah on Rajdharma. Unfortunately, the present day Hindu religious preachers don't read this most important part of the Mahabharata and think that Hindu Dharma consists of matters relating to Atma and Parmatma only. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ It has been my persistent feeling that unless Hindu religious places - the temples and the Gurukuls - and Hindu religious preachers take keen interest in political and social matters also, the fate of Hindus will go on from bad to worse. A time will come when temples themselves will be found in text books only and even these swamis Bhagwans will either get killed or get converted to Islam or Christianity. Sincerely yours, Ram Gopal \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ From: XXXXXXXXXXoo.com> \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Subject: Re: {UnitedHinduFront} THE ROLE OF RELIGIOUS LEADERS IN OVERCOMING HINDU CATA... Sanatan dharma is eternal, because the truth is eternal. If any dharma is based on lies, and hypocrisy, it will perish. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ We all have seen in history, that many religions have perished now, which existed in past. \\\\\\\\\\ The truth of sun, air, fire, etc. will always live, like truth in any dharma. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Lal --- On Mon, 1/3/11, SXXXXXX.com> wrote: \\\\\\\\ Dear Dr. Babu Suseelan\\\\\\ Namaste and thanks so much for your profound posting. I also find it shocking that such gurus as you mention seem to be so out of touch with the reality of things around them. Do they not care for the future of the Vedic traditions, the ancient culture of India? To me such gurus are actually misleading us. Why? Because they may know so much of spirituality, but if they accept that the main goal of life is merely to meditate and avoid all that goes on around them, then they are misleading us into an appalling state of unconcern and apathy. That means unconcern on whether the Vedic tradition goes on at all for generations into the future. Such inaction is but a prescription for a slow extinction of the Vedic culture. \\\\\\\\ Do they not realize that Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-gita because the Vedic culture at the time was disappearing, and that he encouraged Arjuna to engage in defending Dharma, which was the actual focal point and purpose of the Kurukshetra war? \\\\\\\\\\ Such gurus may speak as they like, but if they do not also fulfill their duty of defending the Dharma, we may see a future where the Dharmic culture fades away completely, at least from the face of the earth if not elsewhere, because of the rise in undharmic forces, many who would like to see the complete demise of Hinduism and the Dharmic traditions. Such a guru may be ever so popular, but of what use is he to the future of our civil freedom to continue to practice the spiritual process of meditation and the Vedic culture when all around us, for those who can recognize it, the undharmic forces are gaining momentum, status and influence to take away our privileges and rights to engage in the Vedic process? Or even to teach our future generations to do the same? Yes, yes, we have all heard that Sanatana-dharma is eternal, but that does not mean that it will always be prevalent or that it will be accessible to all who live on this planet. And if we do not do our part to protect, preserve, and promote the true understanding of the Vedic tradition, and to defend it from those who work against it, then how will we continue to have the freedom to pursue it? \\\\\\\\\\\ Hari Om, Stephen Knapp (Sri Nandanandana dasa) \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a message dated 1/3/2011 11:01:10 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, XXXXXXXX.com writes: \\\\\\\\\\ THE ROLE OF RELIGIOUS LEADERS IN OVERCOMING HINDU CATASTROPHE\\\\\\ Dr. Babu Suseelan \\\\\\\\\\\ Hindu’s contribution to world in philosophy, psychology, music, literature, life sciences, art, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, algebra, and physics can never be underestimated. The extent of our spiritual influence and the practical blessings to the world can never be disputed. Hindus have developed a distinctive system of philosophy, logic, epistemology, Ayurveda, wealth creation, and spiritual system for transcendence.\\\\\\\\\\ The aim of Vedas and Upanishads, Puranas and Darsanas were to achieve control of our life, to seek freedom and means to seek Godhead. Specific philosophical systems about how to achieve control on life and seek freedom differ. In spite of differing schools of thought, Hindus enjoyed a prosperous, harmonious and peaceful life. Men were active in promoting our culture and wealth was accumulated. Indian culture reached its zenith. Foreign travelers like Megasthenes and Fa-hsien had noted the peacefulness of Hindus, the rarity of crime and how people lived in social harmony. Slowly Buddhism and Jainism had appeared on the scene and the passive, tolerant and negationism of Buddhism and Jainism had influenced Hindu thought and life. As a result, our Kings have dismantled armies and Ahimsa was practiced. The goal of life has become liberation from bondage. Attempts were made to reconstruct our society and dilute our philosophy. The strange doctrine of Buddhist thought of tolerance, passivity, ahimsa, and avoidance has heavily influenced our philosophers, kings and rulers.\\\\\\\\\ As a result Hindus have become passive and tolerant and the Islamic invaders rapidly overran the fertile northern part of India. Altogether, Muslim invasion was brutal and millions of Hindus were slaughtered and our culture was destroyed or deconstructed. Islamic rule was established and Muslim empire in India continued until European Christian Colonialists succeeded in establishing their control over Hindus. The world famous historian Will Durant has written in his STORY OF CIVILIZATION that “the Mohamedan conquest of India was perhaps the bloodiest story in history”. Under the colonial rule a dramatic change of education, concepts and ideas has occurred. The colonial education system has profoundly changed our world view and Hindus were unable to defend Hindutva, their basic language and culture. The problems were not merely intellectual but amounted to blindness to social, economic and political reality. Today, after several years of independence, India is ruled by the Congress Party headed by an uneducated Italian born Catholic lady unaware of India’s culture and social-political problems. India is in deep crisis. Jihadi terrorism, looting of public money, Maoist violence, separatism, poverty, starvation, suicide, inflation, border disorder, rising wave of crime and violence, coercive religious conversion, and energy crisis are rampant. We can read about its numerous manifestations every day in the newspapers. These crises are essentially a crisis of our perception, our reality orientation, apathy, indifference and attention deficit of elected officials and cognitive disorder of our religious leaders. Pakistan and China are exploiting our national malady. Our citizens are indifferent to facts and our religious leaders are increasingly incapable of judging the depth of national crisis created by corrupt politicians, Marxists and Jihadis. Their myopia has serious consequences for India’s future and our eternal Hindu culture.\\\\\\\\\\ DELUSIONAL AND NIHILISTIC THINKING\\\\\\\\ It is time for us to uncover emotionally besotted, delusional thinking perpetuated by few Hindu swamis. Delusional thinking, ignoring reality, apathy and indifference have become a hallmark of Hindus. In spite of many challenges we face, many Swamis have already given up on their community and relapsed into comfortable, passive life. This has created a negative loop that continues to add to the larger psycho-social-political problem. Recently I had a conversation with a Hindu Swamiji of repute with large followers all over the world. This reputed Swamiji was not interested in knowing about the perennial conditions of Hindus including coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism, corruption, Chinese and Pakistani border infiltration, massacre of Hindus in Kashmir by Islamic terrorists, looting of temple wealth and Hajj subsidy. He listened to my questions with care. But he was not interested in any vigorous discussion with the utmost seriousness. We differed on all points. He disagreed with my statement that the prevailing mood of Hindus is frustration, denial, bewilderment and despair. My questions with this Hindu Swami and his answers will astonish all serious Hindus worried about the rising ignorance of Hindu religious leaders and phony secular politicians. *Question: Did you hear that Islamic terrorists have killed hundreds of innocent Hindus recently in Varanasi, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Kerala.\\\\\\\\\\\\ *Swamiji: “Oh”. Muslims are terrifying people now. Why Hindus are afraid? How funny. Did you know that meditation can make you strong?\\\\\\\\\\ *Question: Jihadi terrorists are kicking out all Hindus from Kashmir and do you have any suggestion to stop ethnic cleansing in Kashmir?\\\\\\\\\\\ *Swamiji: You know that we are not real, our body is not real. Read our Vedas and Upanishads. It might be a good time to check it out.\\\\\\\\\ *Question: Congress Party headed by Italian born Sonia is looting our wealth by corrupt means. Do you have anything to say?\\\\\\\\\ Swamiji: People are after money and material wealth. You can join our meditation group for peace and tranquility.\\\\\\\\\\ *Question: Today our life is hard. We are faced with Jihadi terrorism, Maoist Violence, deceptive religious conversion, people are being robbed, alcoholism and drug abuse are on the increase. What is the hope? Where did our glorious past go? What will be our future as a nation? Swamiji: All civilizations function like a human being, that both will continually die, when the time is up. We must learn to appreciate the horrors and dangers of life, to move past them and look beyond something greater. We can make it if we use the power of our soul, and realize that you are part of Brahman. Help fight your inner frustration, emotions and feelings. I pledge alliance to my Guru. Please join our meditation group.\\\\\\\\\\ *Question: Government of India spent a staggering sum of 2,891.77 core rupees (Rs28, 920, 000,000) (US $672,558,140) for Muslim Hajj pilgrimage where Muslims are required to behead innocent animals. Hindu temples are managed by atheists, Marxists and phony secularists and temple wealth is looted. Do you have any suggestion to stop this evil practice? *Swamiji: You concentrate on realizing the real self, seek the ultimate truth. Why do we have to speak up on such matters? Jump starts your spiritual progress and experience an abiding sense of peace.\\\\\\\\\\ THE DARK SIDE OF THE SOUL CHASERS\\\\\\\\\ I found this Hindu Swami with millions of followers around the world as profoundly spiritual but devoid of any reality orientation. Is he intellectually exciting…I doubt. His avoidance of real threatening issues astounded me. In his incredible arrogance, the Swami imagined himself entirely sufficient unto himself. He claims that the present crisis is only an illusion fostered by ignorant Hindus. Salvation of our soul and self-realization are the catch word for him. It seems that he is worshipping his own power and enjoying his luxury and worldwide followers. My encounter with him was appalling, and its consequences could hardly have been otherwise. Horrors which we all believed has been banished since independence, missionary rule, Islamic terrorism, and torture of Hindus in India have come back in the most virulent form. Are our Hindu religious leaders concerned about our torturous life, the all-absorbing problem? Can these Swamijis join the distinguished group of statesmen like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Aurabindo, Swami Ramdev, Shivaji Maharaj, Subbramanya Bharathi, Sravrkar, Hedgewar, and Guru Golwalkar? We can learn from them, appreciate them and we can go beyond delusional thinking, and see things what they really are. These great men offers the way, if we care to use it, and unlock our shackles and open our mind kept closed for thousands of years. \\\\\\\\\\\ The illusion, nihilistic philosophy and denial of reality and inward looking for external problems has created conflicts, encouraged Jihadis with full of hate to continue their terrorism and destruction of our culture. Such Swamis with their nihilistic, illusory philosophy are forcing Hindus to ignore reality, tolerate corruption and to bypass social intervention for corruption, coercive religious conversion, Jihadi terrorism and Maoist violence. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ These Mayavadi Swamijis force Hindus to believe in nothingness and compel them to believe that oppression is a step towards salvation. As a result our citizens are unable to recognize foul play, and political assaults on citizens go on unchecked. In spite of many challenges we face Our modern generation shackled by this illusory philosophy must find a way out. But one thing Seems to be emerging as the foundation of the new Hindu consciousness; the realization, plunder, Looting and the collapse of our will power, the disasters of our time, are somehow the fruit of the fatal\\\\\\\\\\ Illusory philosophy of nihilism, and avoidance of reality. \\\\\\\\ OVERCOMING DENIAL AND AVOIDING CATASTROPHE\\\\\\\\ We need to fashion our life, our culture entirely in human terms and explicit denial of any social political reality should be avoided. We need Hindu leaders capable of articulating our Dharma’s timeless and essential insights into functional concepts and action strategies as a response to complex issues confronting Hindu society. To stand witness to our present predicament, and try to communicate a sense of its meaning and reality is at the bottom of all Hindus can do. If we fail, we are falling into delusion and cognitive disorder. Hindus have to accept our whole existence, past and present and chart out a new direction. Apart from Dhyana, and self-realization, there is something more in life. Our psychological and physical power has to restore which was diluted after years of Islamic rule and colonial education, to improve the pathetic condition of Hindu society. CHENGE OUR MIND, CHANGE OUR WORLD It is time for us to have a belief analysis to pinpoint our limiting beliefs and the mechanisms that shackle us in apathy, indifference and passivism. Upanishad says that everything that happens in our world is a reflection of how we think: “One’s own thought is one’s world.\\\\\\\\\\ What a person thinks is what he becomes—\\\\\ That is the eternal mystery”. (Maitri Upanishad)\\\\ Ralph Waldo Emerson said that what we think is what we create, and he called this principle the “Law of Laws”. We are taught that all thinking is in terms of abstractions, universals. How then shall we grasp the real “I” of my existence, the concrete, individual persons that I am? If we cannot grasp it in objective thought, how shall I ground its existence? It is not the “I” who is in peril. It is the whole society that is in peril. Both are concrete and real. We owe much to such philosophy. It is not our thoughts under attack, we as humans are under attack. We still have the capacity to make decisions, to make a choice. It also means responsibility. Our phony secular and corrupt politicians are making us insecure. Every move we take to overcome our insecurity must protect our freedom, culture and our nation. The philosophy of nihilism, nothingness and illusion cannot protect us. We have to overcome semi-illusory subjectivity and relativism. Without a secure foundation based on reality, our Santana Dharma will be doomed. Hindus will face deprivation of sense and meaning leading to catastrophe. \\\\\\\\ =============================== LIBERATE LAHORE\\\\\\\\ *Lahore is under cursed Mogul Raj again despite countless sacrifices to liberate it. We must resolve to LIBERATE the city of Guru Arjun Dev that was founded by Luv, the son of revered SRI RAMA. It was unconditionally surrendered by Traitor NEHRU to (home grown terrorist) JINNAH for a song.\\\\\\ ======== 000000000