Date: 13 Jan 2011


WHAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH HINDUS? ALWAYS CONCEDING, RETREATING, PERISHING & CREMATING THE DEAD! Why can’t the Hindus, too, “GO” for sovereignty like a dog will go for a cat and a cat will go for a mouse, a Believer will go for an Infidel and a missionary will go for a Pagan? Why do the Hindus seem to shrink back from the words, “HINDU RASHTRA” while seeing, acknowledging, accepting and even (secretly) admiring the ISLAMIC Rashtras (Republics) all over the world? Why? Does anyone have an answer? YES, HERE IS ONE. Please put it among the thousands of answers you will gather from Hindu thinkers, preachers and scholars. It is this:\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ “HINDU (mindset) is DEFENSIVE.” \\\\\\\\\\\ COROLLARY 1:\\\\\\\\\\\ We will DEFEND and defend, and defend, for ever and ever. \\\\\\\\\\\ COROLLARY 2.\\\\\\\\ We will always be VICTIMS of invasions, attacks and aggression, decade after decade, CENTURY AFTER CENTURY.\\\\\\\\\ . COROLLARY 3:\\\\\\\\\\ We will create a WORLD RECORD in the duration of slavery and the number of killed & martyrs. \\\\\\\\\\ Some say, “Individual Hindu heads are very smart and clever but the Collective Hindu Head was severed by the Sword of Mohammed Bin Qasim in 712 AD and was never put back in place. Hence the BILLION strong nation can only advance one at a time and get killed one by one. \\\\\\\ Without COLLECTIVE CLOUT neither Sonia and her Muslim allies will leave us alone, nor Lahore and Chittagong will be back in Bharat, nor, indeed, Sri Ram Mandir will be re-built. Spare a thought for Sri NANKANA SAHIB, back in Muslim Raj, under the Flag of Mohammed. \\\\\\\\\\ Hindus have only two ways ahead. Shout “ATTACK!” and ADVANCE. Keep advancing and never look back. Our goal is the RECOVERY of all that land polluted by MUSLIMS deranged by the Mohammed of Mecca till it is once again “AKHAND BHARAT2. \\\\\\\\\\\ 14 Jan 11. ========== 000000000