Date: 14 Jan 2011


An esteemed reader has written his views on "Burqa" to the "Organiser", New Delhi, as follows:- (Quote) Burqa: A symbol of subjugation (Organiser, 14-11-2010); \\\\\\\\\\\\\ In a democracy, Ms Fatima is entitled to have her views on burqa. But this cover i.e. burqa, has been used by anti-socials including jehadis to commit crimes and atrocities and then with its help they escape. This poses a great security problem. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The clergy cannot impose burqa on all Muslim women nor the leading lights like Nazma Heptulah, Mohsina Kidwai, Shabana Azmi can liberate their Muslim sisters from burqa, since Islam is based on fanatism. \\\\\\\\\\ I would like to ask a few questions on Islam: \\\\\\\\\\\ Does Islam respect other faiths including Hinduism?\\\\\\\\ Is ridiculing, mocking, desecrating or destroying an idol civilised or worshipping it as a God or Goddess? \\\\\\\\\\ Does Islam permit its adherents to pay respect to their non-Muslim parents and ancestors? \\\\\\\\\\ While non-Muslims have the freedom to become Muslims, why Muslims have no such freedom to embrace another faith? (Unquote). \\\\\\\\\ At the time of Partition Bharat faced three calamities due to her separatist, intolerant and violent Muslims who do NOT respect any other Faith. \\\\\\\\ 1. They took away one third of territory by threatening civil war and great bloodshed. Having NO faith in democracy and no love for the Hindu/Sikh neighbours they could not even think of Referendum to find out what PEOPLE of India thought about the country's break up. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 2. Being savage "beasts" through indoctrination and Jehadi mentality they had no qualms or hesitation in massacring millions of Hindus and forcing tens of millions out of their homes while we Hindus had regarded them as our good neighours. Gandhi was even preaching to us, "Muslims are your brothers and sisters." Nehru was assuring the nation of the Muslims' patriotism. \\\\\\\\\\\\\ 3. Being dishonest and dishonorable to the core they also stayed back in Partitioned India among the same hated HINDUS & SIKHS whom they had massacred, looted, abducted and raped before. \\\\\\\\\\\\ Simple and gullible Hindus may believe whatever they are told by Congress and Dynasty but the FACT remains that in the case of Muslims, anywhere in the world, including Bharat, it is the SAME Koran that is full of hatred and poison against the Kafirs and Infidels. \\\\\\\\\\ Therefore, in view of their KORAN, HADIS & SHARIA from Saudi Arabia, that constantly indoctrinate the Muslims against Secularism, Democracy and Respect for women, we ask the final question: \\\\\\\\\\\\ "What (the Hell) are the Muslims doing in PARTITIONED India?" \\\\\\\\\\\ In our view their very existence in SECULAR India is questionable and undesirable. They were rewarded twice over by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, while conceding them one third of India territorially, and allowing them to stay back in what was left of India. The day of reckoning for TREASON against "Akhand Bharat" cannot be postponed indefinitely. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ 14 Jan 11. ========== 000000000