Date: 14 Jan 2011


Proposed letter to Mr Jack Straw, MP. \\\\\\\\\ Sir, \\\\\\\\\\\ You showed remarkable courage to state your mind on child / girl grooming by some Pakistani MUSLIMS who not only devalue the victims but also inflict on the young minds permanent scars of being abused and degraded. For Mr Keith Vaz to deny any cultural link to the problem is like the friend who can score a cheap point with his Muslim voters. He does not know, or cannot realize, the hurt he has given to the Hindus and Sikhs in his constituency. Is he in touch with them?\\\\\\\\\\\\ These are the communities who are suffering the most from Muslim “predators ” of their girls.\\\\\\\\\\\ This is a CHRISTIAN country whose tolerance & morality are according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Muslims, on the other hand, regard Mohammed of Mecca as their role model. So we need to look at Mohammed’s very own idea of females.\\\\\\\\\\ He married more times than Mr Vaz can count on the fingers of his two hands. He had many more females captured in battles, concubines and slave girls in his harem. To make life of his followers, too, "worth living" he allowed them to have up to four wives simultaneously and in order to renew the supply of sex objects he permitted divorce by saying the word “divorce” three times. He had "virgins waiting for them in paradise" as a reward for killing the infidels.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Does Mr. Vaz find the similar promiscuity and license in his own church congregation?\\\\\\\\\\ Mr. Vaz is said to be the “man of people” like most other politicians but one wonders if he has really gone to people to find out the grief and hurt suffered by the parents of innocent and naive girls who are seduced and degraded by Mohammedans.\\\\\\\\\ The Brown girl is a lot more vulnerable to the Muslim predators who speak the same language, have the same colour of skin and approach them with more confidence and daring. White girls, on the other hand, are not immigrants but live on their own turf. They have no inferiority complex and can look the man in the eye and even give him a slap if provoked. They are not like shy Brown girls whose culture tells them to submit. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Muslims are brainwashed at home, madrassas and mosques to struggle, and even fight & kill, for the sake of Islam. It is called JEHAD. When it takes a violent turn we see towers and trains blown up and when it is in its peaceful phase it goes on “hunting” and targeting non Muslim girls for thrill, fun and procreation.\\\\\\\\ A few years ago leaflets were being distributed in the Midlands, asking Muslim men to target Hindu and Sikh girls and to convert them to Islam..These communities took a serious note of the offensive poster and approached the authorities to deal with the "Muslim" problem.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ The most notorious among such organizations was HIZB-U-TAHRIR. Does Mr Vaz find any Christian priest or pastor, or any Hindu or Sikh priest, preaching the sermon of hate and asking the men in congregations to target the girls of other faiths with a view to reproduction or conversion? We note that the “flood of refugees” is only coming from ISLAMIC lands ravaged by violence that is primarily inflicted by the MUSLIMS upon fellow Muslims. Governor Salman Taseer of Punjab was not assassinated by a Hindu or a Sikh. But when they come to the West they do not leave KORAN and MOSQUE behind but resume the same “way of Islamic life”.\\\\\\\\\\ Since Mr Vaz has many Hindus and Sikhs living in his constituency he may have been invited to visit a Gurdwara. Did he not see the Sikh girls “wearing ” kirpans (short daggers) on their bodies? Pity, if he does not know why . During the long Muslim rule over India Hindu girls were a “game” for the Muslim masters. It was then that carrying the “kirpan” day and night was made mandatory for self defence. Female molestation was tackled in this way. There was NO “Mr. Vaz” to fool the victims or their families to call it the same culture!\\\\\\\\\\ Political correctness cannot be confined to our frontiers if the immigrants are coming from beyond those frontiers bringing their own cultures, beliefs, politics and religions with them. There is no way that the UK Border Agency will confiscate copies of Koran although as Mr Vaz knows that he cannot travel to Saudi Arabia carrying a copy of the Bible. And he will know about the Pakistani culture if he goes to enjoy a week’s holiday in LAHORE where Governor Salman Taseer was assassinated. Then he can come back (if alive) and tell us that there is NO cultural difference between the Whites and the Browns in this country.\\\\\\\\ ===================== 000000000 ========.